Music Department

Music Department

Music Department


Rio Lindo Adventist Academy has four talented groups of performers who provide music for worship services, concerts, and other events. It is our goal to be used of God as ministers everywhere we go and to bring others closer to Christ through our music.  The study of music not only allows students to excel in other academic disciplines, but it fosters a sense of perseverance, teamwork, and community that is valuable in all aspects of life.  Here in the Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Music Department students have an opportunity to be a part of a fulfilling musical experience, whether as singers or instrumentalists, by participating in either Chorale, Lindaires, Orchestra, and Sonare Bells. 

For booking information, please contact Music Director Rochelle White at gro.o1563217554dnilo1563217554ir@et1563217554ihwr1563217554.

Watch all live music performances here, also don’t forget to subscribe to our Rio Lindo Music Department youtube channel to see other performance footage.

Music Tour Fundraiser

Every year students in the music department rehearse for hours learning vocal parts, instrumental techniques, and expressive music-making. Each week they build on their craft and the results are not only rewarding but life-changing! Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the inner joy one feels knowing that their performance of a movement from a Beethoven symphony has caused an Alzheimer’s patient to recall and sing the lyrics in the original German. Maybe it’s the opportunity to sing for a hospitalized patient in their final week of life, or see the looks on the faces of preschoolers when they get to experience a musical performance up close. All these are meaningful and irreplaceable moments that our students have experienced due to music trips. Every year our touring groups (Lindaires, Orchestra, and Sonare Bells) take a week long Spring Music Tour. As you can imagine there is quite a bit of cost involved in taking these trips which are paid for by individual students. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the extra cost of this trip. This is where you can help. The Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Music Department views musicians as missionaries, and tours as mission opportunities to share God’s love using the talents He has gifted. We believe the act of building up a soul is as important as building a physical structure. Your donations to this ministry will enable our musicians to afford this important trip and experience the blessings of service through music. Thank you for your support!!


Help us make it to $1000!! Shop and share!! Shop our fundraiser for the gift that gives twice. Find plenty of amazing Christmas gifts while donating 50% of your purchase to the Rio Lindo Music Department as we raise scholarship money for our upcoming tour. Then share the link with your friends!! Thanks for your contribution to our worthy students!!

Festival of Bells

Festival Of Bells

October 12-13, 2018

Thank you for considering the Festival of Bells at the beautiful Rio Lindo Adventist Academy.  We welcome all schools and students in 5th-10th grade to participate in the Festival of Bells. Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages students to collaborate, complement and build each other up. The Festival allows students to experience the joy and excitement of making music with friends, while learning helpful tips and skills to improve their contribution to the ministry that is music.  If you are interested in bringing your school handbells or chime group, please fill out the link below and RSVP. 

Click the link below to RSVP

Clinician Information

Jason Wells founded Ring of Fire in 1997 in Hillsboro, Oregon. During the group’s active 10-year musical adventure, they performed at two Presidential Inaugurations, multiple NBA basketball games, three times soloing with the Boston Pops in Symphony Hall, and many times on national and international radio and television. Ring of Fire toured 28 US states and shared their passionate musical performance in seven countries. Over 40 musicians aged 11 to 16 performed with Ring of Fire during their decade of touring. Each performance was completely memorized, following in the footsteps of Katsumi Kodama’s Glee Ringers of Japan, who inspired Jason during his early years as a handbell musician in high school. Jason continues to serve as a clinician and director at national and international handbell festivals and symposiums. In 2008 he represented the United States as conductor at the International Handbell Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Jason served for multiple years as artistic director of Distinctly Bronze, a bi-annual national 4-day performance event featuring many of the world’s top handbell performers playing the most exciting compositions on multiple sets of 7-octaves of handbells and chimes. When not sharing his passion for music, Jason spends time with his wife Heather, daughter Sidney (13), son Landon (9), daughter Hayden (7) and professionally serves as Chief Executive Officer of Adventist Health Howard Memorial, a hospital and physician clinic network located at the gateway to the redwoods in Willits, California.



Chorale Singing in Church - sing singing performance music choir chorale rio lindo

The Rio Lindo Chorale is the largest choir on campus. Membership is by audition only. While the majority of the music sung is sacred, a variety of musical styles and genres are taught. Chorale has a number of performances throughout the year on campus as well as at local Churches, and community service events.



Lindaires Singing at Rio - sing choir performance church lindaires music

Lindaires is the select touring choir at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. A high level of singing ability and professionalism is expected of group members. Lindaires performs a wide variety of choral music with a higher degree of difficulty. Membership in this group is also by audition. The group performs on campus and also tours around Northern California performing at a variety of locations. They also take part in the annual Spring Music Tour which has taken them to such areas as Utah, Nevada, Southern California, Chicago, and Texas.

Sonare Bells

Sonare Bells

Sonare Handbells at Church - Rio lindo church handbells perform bells hand students soonerThe Sonare Bell Choir performs on a five-octave set of English Handbells and three octaves of chimes. Members of this group are auditioned and perfect their musical skills and techniques while learning the value of teamwork in music making. The 10-13 students who make up the choir perform a variety of music for church performances as well as non-church functions. Handbells also participates in the annual Spring Music Tour.




The Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble open to students who have taken at least two years of private lessons on their instrument. Repertoire includes sacred music as well as a variety of classical works and pops music. Featuring winds, brass, strings, and percussion, this group performs at a number of on and off campus events throughout the school year including the annual Spring Music Tour. 


Each year Rio Lindo Adventist Academy’s music groups perform at various churches, schools, and community service events around the state of California. We have also had the privilege of traveling outside of California to such locations as Nevada, Utah, Michigan, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois. Please refer to our schedule for information regarding our upcoming performances.  All are welcome to attend any scheduled performance and you may also view videos from some of our past performances on Youtube.

Date Time Event/Place Group
September 15, 2018 11AM Welcome Concert All music groups
October 6, 2018 11AM RLAA – Football Weekend Chorale
October 12-13, 2018 TBA RLAA Festival of Bells Bells/Chimes
October 14, 2018 10AM Spring Lake Village Orchestra
October 27, 2018



Orangevale SDA

Antelope Hills SDA

November 10, 2018 11AM Novato Haitian-Horeb SDA Chorale
November 17, 2018 3PM Parent Weekend Concert All music groups
December 1, 2018 11AM Fremont SDA Chorale
December 15, 2018 11AM RLAA Church Christmas Program All music groups
January 12, 2019 11AM RLAA SDA Chimes
January 19, 2019 11AM Santa Rosa SDA Lindaires/Orchestra
January 27, 2019 10AM Calvary Chapel Lindaires
February 9, 2019 11AM Ukiah SDA Lindaires/Orchestra
February 22, 2019 7PM RLAA Vespers Chorale
February 23, 2019 11AM RLAA Academy Days Orchestra
March 9, 2019 11AM RLAA Church Chorale
March 15-16, 2019 TBA Fortuna Tour Lindaires/Bells
April 6, 2019 11AM Alumni Weekend Lindaires/Bells/Orchestra
April 20, 2019 11AM Antioch SDA Lindaires/Bells/Orchestra
April 30-May 6, 2019 TBA Spring Tour 2019 Lindaires/Bells/Orchestra
May 11, 2019 11AM RLAA Church Chorale/Chimes
May 15, 2019 5PM Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal All Music Groups
May 19, 2019 6PM Spring Concert RLAA All Music Groups
June 1-2, 2019 TBA Graduation RLAA Lindaires/Bells/Orchestra