Alumni Weekend

Class of 1995

The class of 1995.

All alumni, former students, and staff are invited to the 54th annual Alumni Homecoming, April 1, 2017.

This year the honor classes are those ending in 7 and 2. If you are a member of an honor class, please use the contact information listed below to let the organizer for your class know if you plan to attend this year. If you are an organizer and would like to have your information listed on this page please email Brad Benson. If you are looking for a place to stay while you are visiting, check out our off campus accommodations page. After the reunion is over see alumni reunion photos. (See 2016 alumni reunion photos.)


 Class Organizers:
Alumni Director, Brad Benson is looking for Class Organizers for 2017’s reunion. If you would like to volunteer to help this weekend become a success, contact Mr. Benson at (707) 431-5100, ext. 121.

1967 – Starr Bowen Piner  ten.s1503005446renip1503005446@rrat1503005446s1503005446,  (707)255-5196, text: (707)974-0378

Alan Abbott  moc.c1503005446am@tt1503005446obba.1503005446nala1503005446  209-765-0789

1972 –  Louise Leer Ceccarelli – moc.l1503005446iamg@1503005446cesiu1503005446ole1503005446  951-227-5539

Brad Benson  gro.o1503005446dnilo1503005446ir@no1503005446snebb1503005446   707-431-5100 ex 121

1977 –Valarie Williams moc.o1503005446ohay@150300544630021150300544641clr1503005446igylf1503005446  909-953-2943

1982 –  Jaime Robison Herman – moc.o1503005446ohay@1503005446namre1503005446h_6xj1503005446  808-658-0480

1987 –  Curtis Crawford moc.l1503005446iamg@1503005446101dr1503005446ofwar1503005446c.sit1503005446ruC1503005446 / cell: 443-655-4899

Christie Thomas Green

1992 – Torry Slaton – moc.e1503005446racht1503005446laehs1503005446ct@no1503005446talst1503005446   530-263-7794

1997 –  Still looking for and organizer

2002 – Sam Nam  moc.l1503005446iamg@1503005446maima1503005446nmas1503005446  213-258-7542

2007 –  Still looking for and organizer

2012 – Emily Lewis  – moc.l1503005446iamg@1503005446efil41503005446kaeuq1503005446s1503005446

Alumni Homecoming Schedule Preview

Friday, March 31
Rio is hosting a Charity Golf Tournament to raise funds for financial assistance and athletics. Come play, sponsor, volunteer or invite others to support. Alumni, Community Members, Faculty, Parents, Pastors, and more are invited to register. More Info.

Saturday, April 1

9:00 am Registration
10:30 am Worship in Music with the Music Department.
11:00 am Church
12:30 pm Lunch provided by Rio Lindo (gym)
1:45 pm Class Meetings*
8:15 pm Basketball Game
Rio Girls’ Varsity vs. Rio Alumni
9:45 pm Basketball Game
Rio Boys’ Varsity vs. Rio Alumni

Sunday, April 2

All Alumni attendees are invited to join the Rio Lindo Trail Run 5k/10k fundraiser race.

The race begins at 9:00 am and participants can register on


Guest speaker: TBD