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Spartans Athletics

The Athletic Department at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy is passionate about instilling a commitment to health and wellness as well as a love for fitness in students.  Students are active through a variety of PE classes, intramural games in the evenings, Fitness Fridays, and by joining athletic teams throughout the year. Each coach at RLAA has taken a course on coaching and meet all California guidelines for coaches. RLAA is a proud member of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) in the North Coast Section and plays in the Small School Bridge League (SSBL).

Whether PE students are doing water aerobics, learning the fundamentals of badminton, or the right way to play defense in a basketball game, they learn how to exercise and gain a sense of enjoyment through activities.  Coach Hardesty’s goal is to instill good sportsmanship and a sense of accomplishment into each student athlete. Leadership, hard work, communication, and teamwork, are some of the skills the coaching staff look to develop in their players.

We have had some athletic success in our program, but even more important than winning is the goal for each athlete to grow in their Christian walk. At RLAA, our athletes strive to grow athletically, spiritually, academically and socially.

RLAA’s Athletic Department is a self-supported department which makes most of its money off fundraising events. Without the help of parents and boosters the athletic department would not be successful. Thank you for supporting RLAA. Go Spartans!

Research has shown that students pay attention in class better, engage with classmates, and do better in school when they are physically active on a daily basis.

Kevin HardestyAthletic Director

I love getting to play sports and learning how to trust my teammates throughout each season. My favorite sport is football and as the quarterback, I had to lead my team and think on my feet to reach for the touchdown.

EJ RomeroAlumni, Class of 2021 | Quarterback

Varsity Sports

flag football players huddle to make a play rio lindo adventist academy california boarding school

Flag Football

Sprint a rush, grab some flags, and pull on those short pants-football season is here! This fast-paced sport is a full body workout for the attentive and fit athlete. Rio’s flag football season begins on the first day of school and commences during Rio’s Football Tournament during the beginning of October. 

soccer player kicks a ball rio lindo adventist academy california boarding school


This varsity sport challenges each athlete to work together as a team as well as a high level of endurance in running. Our boys soccer season begins the first week of school and ladies’ season begins in spring. Keep running so you’re ready to play!

volleyball players set a ball during a game rio lindo adventist academy california boarding school


Volleyball is a popular sport at Rio and demands mental strength, high coordination, and the ability to work closely and trust teammates. Girls can try out for varsity or the junior varsity teams, both of which begin training the first week of school and play through November. Boys can try out in the spring and typically have a shorter season.

basketball player dunks ball rio lindo adventist academy california boarding school


Some may say basketball is the king sport at Rio. You can try out for junior varsity or the varsity team, typically in December. Basketball demands a high level of fitness, but you get to train all year long in Rio’s state of the art gymnasium. Rio’s legacy of basketball goes back all the way to the beginning and the men’s team even went to the State Finals in 2017. 

track and field jump

Track & Field

If you love running, you can compete in our annual track and field day in our brand new athletic field. Through this sport you can push yourself to beat your own records, discover a new skill, and make friends with other athletes who love running as much as you do.


PE Classes

The thing you should know about Rio students is that they are ACTIVE. By taking one of Rio’s many Physical Education classes, you’ll learn how to increase your personal fitness level, how to play a variety of sports, and how to work out in a healthy and efficient way. PE Class options include Freshmen PE, Fitness for Life, Lifetime Sports, and Team Sports.

Rio Spartans Have a Long History of Sports

With a campus like this, how can anyone stay inside?

Ever since opening in 1962, Rio’s students have actively been involved in sports and athletics. Track and Field day has been a highlight of the year from the beginning, and students have pushed themselves to polish their skills in a variety of sports. In the 70s, tennis became very popular among students and staff and the campus was improved with the addition of a junior sized swimming pool. Throughout the 80s and 90s, flag football took off as the school competed against other small schools. Rio’s athletes have been known to be some of the best teams in Northern California, and that is due to their ability to trust each other and work as a team.

playing tennis in the 60s

What Does it Take to Be a Spartan?

How To Get Involved?

Tryouts take place throughout the year, depending on the sport and season. The best way to see if you have a Spartan in you is to stay in shape over the year and show up for tryouts. Rio’s coaches know how to help you become your best and your teammates are there to encourage you and cheer you on. So even if you haven’t played sports before, now is a great time to join!