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Food Services

Whether you’re in the mood for some fresh leafy greens from our expansive salad bar, a sandwich from the bakery, or a full course meal, Rio Lindo Cafeteria has a lot to offer.

We understand that no meal can compete with home cooked meals, but we strive to come very close with our Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with vegan options.  We prepare local fruits and veggies, in house breads, savory soups, whole grain pastas, and a well-rounded cuisine from many different genres and cultures: three meals a day, seven days a week, because healthy eating is a top priority in the cafeteria.

We use a four week menu, trying never to duplicate a meal within that month because variety is also important. We always have more than one option to choose from and are always open to any suggestions or ideas when it comes to meal planning.

“The big picture is to keep students healthy,” he says, and education is the best way to ensure students will continue to be conscious about their health.

Scott Higgins

Our Chefs

Scott Higgins
Head Chef

(707) 431-5100 ext. 149

Silvia Reales
Assistant Chef

(707) 431-5100 ext. 149