Distance Learning

Information for Distance learning classes at Rio for current Rio Lindo students for March 18 – May 28, 2020.*

*Rio administration will continue to follow recommendations from county and state officials in regards to school closures. We will communicate any updates we receive to all students and parents/guardians.



See class information below for each subject area. This overview will let you know what students will be learning in each class and what books/supplies they need to have. 


Religion 1

Students will mostly be reading through the book of Matthew and reflecting on it. May be adding in Steps to Christ for extra reading. They need a Bible and then they can find Steps to Christ for free either with an app or online. Mr. Henry will be preparing questions from the reading throughout. Once video conferencing starts, there will be a short thought going along with each lesson.

Religion 2

Students need a Bible. And they will need to have the book Acts of the Apostles. They may download the Ellen G. white app to be able to read it. If a student doesn’t have the book and can’t download the app, Dean Pittenger can email you a pdf copy. 

Religion 3

Students are working on a Community Service Project. They have teams they are meeting with and will need to provide evidence of conference calls that happen with their time on their own. If they have not had their proposals approved, they need to meet with me via Meet and discuss what they are going to be doing. All of the materials that they need for their assignments will be posted on the google classroom. Our collective meeting time online with the whole class will be between 20 and 30 minutes. It will begin like we normally do, worship thought, class discussion, reviewing ongoing assignments, and then turning them loose to complete their work.

Religion 4

Throughout the duration of distance learning, Religion IV classes will be administered through Zoom video conferencing with students. Classes will be shorter, but important material will still be covered. Students will be given worksheets through Google Classroom as I have done with them throughout the school year. When they are finished with the worksheets, they will simply do an email submission. Students will need a medium to strong WiFi connection and computer or phone to video call on. They will type responses to worksheets assigned. 



English 1 & 2

Please make sure to have all your supplies when we meet for class.  We will check in on Zoom during class time to take attendance and then provide some instruction.  We will have a journal or vocabulary jam or bell ringer activity every day and then some type of lesson.  I will then provide an opportunity for you to be able to work independently to accomplish your assignments.  If there is a written assignment on paper or one that you are unable to do on your electronic device, take a picture of it and submit it to Google Classroom.  There will also be some opportunities for you to complete work digitally as well.  I try to balance the work between the two as there is value in both.  If you have questions, just email me and I will do my best to help you remotely. 

Mr. Yingling’s English Classes (Reading, Integrated English, English 3, Honors English 3, English 4, English 4, Honors English 4)

All classes will be using Google Classroom, and Mr. Yingling will be available for help during the regularly scheduled times for class. During that time students will check in with Zoom for attendance and to hear an explanation of what students will be doing for the period. All information needed for the class period will be on Classroom, including screencast video clips with further explanation. Students can also use Zoom to ask questions. Quizzes and tests will also be posted on Google Classroom.

For now, the supplies needed are as follows:

Reading: Online access to Google Classroom.

Integrated English: English Grammar and Composition, Step from Heaven, Chinese Cinderella, online access to Google Classroom.

Junior English: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Great Gatsby, online access to Google Classroom, additional paperbacks may be needed later.

Honors Junior English: Great Gatsby, online access to Google Classroom, additional paperbacks may be needed later.

Senior English: Tale of Two Cities, online access to Google Classroom, additional paperbacks may be needed later.

Honors Senior English: Candide, online access to Google Classroom. (If we are out longer than scheduled so far, they will have to purchase additional paperback books.)


World History


US History


Honors US History





Physical Science 

We will be using “Zoom”, watch for invites. Look for simulations on google classroom. Readings and writing assignments from CK-12. Instructional videos. Quizzes as needed.


See notes from Mr. Tamanaha under “Math”.

Biology,  Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology

Mrs. Tonn’s classes will meet at our regularly scheduled times using Zoom Cloud Meetings for attendance, instructions, and group collaboration. We will be using our Google classrooms for posting and turning in assignments. Students were sent home with a small package of supplies to use for upcoming labs and projects. They should also have brought home their textbook. Mrs. Tonn will send out an email with a shopping list for those who left before getting their package, or they can make arrangements to pick it up from me at Rio if you live locally.


We will be using “Zoom”,  watch for invites. Using Pivot Interactives. Readings and some writing. Take home workbook. Look for videos. Current test postponed. Stay current. Perhaps some online quizzes.



Tamanaha’s classes (Algebra 1 and 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Health)

Classes will take place at normal scheduled times. Students will be required to check in through Google Meet at the specified times. If for some reason Meet is not available, a simple “time-stamped” email of “I’m here” can suffice, but do not make a habit of this, students. 

Class time will be similar as “normal” class. Demonstrations will be given of material, as well as important information, but unlike class, there will be a write up posted of the material for that day. Students are to re-write the write up in their own words/notes for themselves so they have it to use. Videos will be posted for students to “review/re-watch” if needed of some lessons.  

Homework will be assigned either on Google forms, or a worksheet that students will send back through email or google classroom to my personal email: and get feedback/scores so that they can make changes to their notes/mental memorization for quizzes/test. Tests will be given when school re-opens, so students will be responsible for keeping in their notes/minds all the material, which will be a good exercise for their final exam at the end of the year which is cumulative. Quizzes will be given online through different platforms, but not much weight will be given grade-wise due to uncertainty of the student’s “real” work. 
Students are welcome to contact Mr. Tamanaha during the week through email/google classroom for any questions/aid as they can here when they are on campus. 
Iphone users: to turn a photo into a pdf document, choose the photo, click print, then “zoom” in (expand gesture with two fingers) then a send to icon will appear in the upper right corner, click on it and save it to files or email me direct from there, and the file will email or save as a PDF. 
Android users: Open Google Drive, choose the “+” or add button, and choose “scan”. Then use the phone’s camera to “scan” the document into a PDF. 


We will be using “Zoom”, watch for invites.  We will use the Geometry textbook digital version. Your password will be reset to rio123456. Your username is your Rio email. Look for instructional videos and worksheets on Google Classroom. Be prepared for quizzes over homework. Take home textbook if you have one checked out.


Spanish 1 & 2

In Spanish class, we will meet for 15-20 minutes. During that time there will be instruction over Spanish vocabulary, conjugation, and speaking. We’ll also be speaking about upcoming events in our class. The students will have assignments on the Duolingo and Conjuguemos websites that they will need to do on their own. These websites are both ones they are very familiar with.


Freshman PE, Team Sports, Fitness For Life

Each student will be expected to be on time to class in active wear.  It does not need to be the PE uniform. Students are expected to log into Zoom video conference, so the teacher can see you, and you can see the teacher.  The students are expected to follow the physical activity of the teacher during the class. Each class will have 20-30 minutes of physical activity followed by 20-30 minutes of learning: the rules of sport, the technique in sport, the muscular system, and or taking quizzes/tests online through google classroom. Each student has been given the google classroom ID in an email. 

Varsity 7B

Will not meet. 


All performing Arts classes will be using Google Classroom, Zoom, & Flipgrid.

  • Google Classroom: Students check-in for all assignments, etc
  • Zoom: Realtime small group & ensemble interaction
  • Flipgrid: For Video direction & turning in video assignments

All classes will be required to check in for attendance, post work, group chats & comments.


  • Written Theory

Basic written theory assignments.

  • Oral Theory

Sing from sight singing book a given song.

  • Repertoire
    • Part singing
    • Sectional singing
    • Ensemble Singing


  • Written Theory – advanced

Identify concepts covered in singing – solfa, intervals, tonic.

  • Oral Theory – advanced

Advanced assignment from sight-singing book.  Sing solfa from a selected part of repertoire song. 

  • Repertoire
    • Part singing
    • Sectional singing
    • Ensemble Singing
  • Sight Singing
    • New song – 
  •  Solo Song


  • Written Theory
  • Oral Theory
  • Repertoire – using voice
    • Part 
    • Sectional 
    • Ensemble 
  •  Sight reading


  • Written Theory
  • Oral Theory
  • Repertoire
    • Part playing
    • Sectional playing
    • Ensemble playing
  •  Sight reading


  • Script:
    • Individual lines
    • Scene work
  • Ensemble:
    • Sectional singing
    • Ensemble singing
    • Solo songs
  •  Choreography
    • Ensemble choreography
    • Group choreography 


Video Production

Will continue to use Google Classroom to post/turn in assignments and materials. At the beginning of the class period, everyone will meet for 10 to 15 minutes to go over instructions and projects. The rest of the class period will be used by Mrs. Meyer to work individually with students over the phone or Zoom.

Upcoming projects:

  • 2-minute Spartan News update (teams of 3)
  • Interview story (interview/journalism/lighting/audio skills)
  • 1-minute stop motion animation
  • And start to brainstorm for our final narrative project

Students will use their phones/cameras or desktop computers and free software to film and edit videos.



Art Fundamentals


Art Glass Design




Industrial Arts Classes (Metals, Auto Technology, Woodshop)

Students will be using Google Classroom and Zoom to meet, discuss, and continue to learn. There is no textbook needed. Scans from the textbook will be uploaded onto google classroom with the necessary information.



Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Info about Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

California Dept. of Public COVID-19 Updates

Sonoma County Dept. of Health Services Novel Coronavirus info 

NEWSTART Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Pomodoro Technique – Tool to Improve Studying and Productivity

Digital Safety tips for parents

Parental controls for every device

Parent’s role in online learning

FACTS/Family Portal – For checking class schedule, attendance, assignments, and grades.


How do I sign up for a Zoom account?

What do I do if I am having issues with my Rio email or technology issues with Google Classroom or Zoom?

What do I need to do if I am going to be missing class?

How can I check my students attendance and grades/assignments?

Where can I get a directory of staff and teacher email addresses?

What should I do if my student is struggling?

What about events scheduled during this time?

When will students be able to return to Rio?