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At Rio Lindo Adventist Academy, our students are able to participate in experiences that help them develop not only academically, but that allow them to grow personally. We take our students beyond the classroom for academic field trips, community service days, and for weekly outings. Our staff and faculty members forge close relationships with each student to mentor them to become the future leaders of the Church and the world. Through our academic, spiritual, athletic and spiritual programs, we work together with our students to provide them access to quality education and unique extra-curricular opportunities.

Our entire program is made possible by the generosity of our donors and alumni network. When you give to Rio, you are not simply giving to an institution; you are improving the lives of all our students and providing them with more opportunities. We believe in the work that we do, and believe in the possibilities of our students. We invite you to become connected with our campus and our students, and to explore the different ways that you can support Rio and our students.

We’re about people, not profits. The funds that we raise from annual giving go directly into the worthy student funds for scholarships to help students pay their school bills. Each year, over 80% of Rio students receive some sort of financial aid.  You can be the difference in making a student’s experience at Rio successful.

Here are some ways to partner with us.

Current Student Financial Assistance

Each year, we award many families with the financial assistance they need to send their children to Rio. The Rio Lindo Endowment as well as gifts marked “Financial Assistance” fund this continuous need.  

Walter & Gladys Will Endowment

Walter and Gladys Will were some of the first faculty members to serve at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. The Wills valued hard work, attendance, and commitment to preserving even when life is an uphill battle. The interest from this endowment funds the yearly scholarship described below.

Walter & Gladys Will Current Year Scholarship

Awarded at Alumni Weekend to a single returning student with the best class attendance record and an “A” work grade. This scholarship is intended to be independent of students already benefitting from a financial assistance scholarship plan. Over $7,300 have been awarded.
Additional contributions are welcomed, whether for the current year’s award or for future years through the endowment.

Roger Holm Endowment

Awarded at Alumni Homecoming to a returning students who exemplify to their peers, faculty, & staff the characteristics of an all-around excellent student. Funded by gifts for the current year and through the Roger Holm Endowment, this memorial scholarship has awarded over $60,000 to students.

Roger Holm Current Year Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship will exhibit the qualities of Christian character found in Roger’s life and will be highly regarded by both his/her peer group and the academy faculty and staff.  He/she will also, like Roger, be an exemplary leader in the positive treatment of others in the Rio Lindo campus community. In addition they will have a history of being faithful in their class and work attendance. The recipient must be returning next school year.  

Christian Batchelor Scholarship Fund

Awarded at Alumni Homecoming to a student who exemplify’s the kindness of Christian Batchelor, class of 2013. This student is a positive force to the student body and constantly spreads joy and encouragement to all they encounter. This scholarship fundraiser goes toward an endowment, which will begin awarding student scholarships in 2022 if we meet our goal of $30,000 by then.