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The Northern California Conference uses their expertise and investing power to manage the endowment funds benefitting Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. Disbursements are made to Rio Lindo through a well-thought policy allowing for economic smoothing, which provides greater consistency in the earnings distributed each year and helps to maintain fund value. This enables the funds to continue earning and benefitting future students. Rio Lindo is the recipient of the following endowments:

    • Williams Endowment provides funds for the Rio Student Financial Assistance Program, in loving memory of the students of Rio Lindo and in support of Adventist Education.Mrs. Marion Williams shares her loving memories of her children and their Rio friends. She wishes to see young people have the same benefits from hard work and the environment of Rio Lindo. This family endowment has contributed over $4,500 for financial assistance.

  • Rio Lindo Endowment provides funds for student financial assistance.

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