Gifts: Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Rio Lindo works with families and provides a consistent and respectful process to determine financial need. Then the school develops a financial plan with those families based on the amount of funding available for financial assistance. The administration whole-heartedly believes in making Rio possible for hard-working students regardless of limited financial resources. It is wise planning, a measure of faith, many blessings, sometimes grants, and often the generosity of donors all help make this philosophy a reality for students at Rio.

Financial Assistance is one of the most important needs of Rio Lindo because it enables a more well-rounded student body and gives students the confidence in knowing their role to receive assistance. Students who are recipients of financial support are required to participate in the work program, maintain appropriate attendance, utilize the Student Services support to achieve academic standards, and exhibit appropriate student behavior. Their families are required to honor the financial plan and maintain communication with the administration regarding special circumstances. This process is completed with dedicated hearts.

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