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Why do we support Rio?

(May, 2016)

“Why I try and donate a little every payday…  Rio is a very, very special place.  My time there as a student some 40 years ago not only gave me a great education and classmates that I still consider to be my closest friends, it had a positive impact that has lasted a lifetime.  The faculty had so much to do with that.  I cannot think of a single person who worked here who was just punching a time clock. I don’t know if someone like my dean (Mr. Marsh) got up in the morning and told himself that he wanted to show a kid how a strong Christian man walks the walk, but he sure did.
I know some of the faculty there, and it makes me happy to know that my school is in good hands.  I also know that it is still a place where a kid feels safe and loved.  This may sound corny, but I want this place to be here in another forty years and still be making a difference in young people’s lives.”

~Sir Anonymous

(January, 2016)

“I choose to send support to Rio because I hope Rio does for other students what it did for me, a positive influence on my life. On a side note, I am especially happy to see Rio support an automotive and industrial arts program as that was important to my Rio experience.”

~Anonymous, Class of 1995

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