Gifts: Who were Walter & Gladys Will?

Who were Walter & Gladys Will?

Walter and Gladys Will designed this scholarship during their lives in honor of their years of service at Rio. Walt served as the first Principal of Rio Lindo from 1962-1977. Recognizing the powerful influence students have in affecting the campus atmosphere, Walt and Gladys created an ongoing scholarship to recognize students who most exemplify dependability in areas of academic attendance and work ethic.

A single recipient is selected to receive the Walter and Gladys Will Memorial Scholarship. This student must be returning to Rio the following school year, have the best class attendance record, show a superior work ethic exemplified by an “A” grade in Work, and not currently receiving financial assistance scholarships.

In the event of a tie, the first tie-breaker shall be highest class (Junior over Sophomore, Sophomore over Freshman). The second tie-breaker shall be based on character conduct as determined by a committee of deans and the principal.
Do you have a memory of Mr. and Mrs. Will that you would like to share? Pictures are welcomed too. Please email information to gro.o1539874308dnilo1539874308ir@sn1539874308oitan1539874308od1539874308.

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