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Medical Information

What Happens If My Child Gets Sick?

If your child wakes up in the morning and is feeling ill, he/she will let the dean know. The dean will communicate with parents about the severity of the illness. While sick in the dorm, students must stay in their rooms and rest. Food will be brought to their room. Classes are excused for students on sick list.

What Happens If There Is An Emergency?

Healdsburg has a hospital located only 15 minutes from the school and an Urgent Care Clinic about 20 minutes away in Windsor.  If a student gets hurt or becomes ill and it is something that can not wait until morning, then the student will be taken to either the ER or the Urgent Care Clinic. We also have a school physicians assistant on call. They will see our students with no appointment necessary anytime during office hours. If it is something that can’t wait until morning, then the student will be taken to see an on-campus medical professional.

Can staff take my son or daughter to doctors, dentist and orthodontic appointments?

We recommend making these appointments during home leaves or summer breaks. Our staff will work with your family for urgent medical/dental matters, but we don’t have a full-time driver to take all of our students to appointments. 

Do students need a physical before coming to school?

All incoming freshmen (9th graders) are required by law to get a physical before beginning high school. Also, all of our athletes must complete a physical before joining a sports team. Athletes will need to do a physical every year. We do have an on-campus medical team who conducts sports physicals for a small fee.

What Insurance Does Rio Offer?

Rio does not provide medical insurance for students. The student’s family health or international travel insurance plan is the primary coverage for school activity related injuries. Students are covered under a 24-hour accident insurance plan which provides secondary coverage, if needed, for school activity related injuries. This insurance does not cover things such as poison oak, the flu, or self-inflicted injuries. If you have not made arrangements for medical coverage for your student, you may want to consider obtaining appropriate coverage. You may visit for examples of the types of coverage for students studying abroad.

How do international students get insurance?

International students may purchase their own insurance through many difference agencies.  You can contact Rio’s business office for more information about where and how to go about this.

Do you require vaccinations?

As a school in California, we are required by law to ask for vaccination records for all students and do so during the admissions process. 

We don’t require our students to get the COVID vaccine but we do recommend getting it before coming to school.

Read more about CDC recommendations for teens.