Men’s Basketball Team Featured in Local Newspaper


January 20, 2017



Our men’s varsity basketball team was recently featured in Santa Rosa’s newspaper, the Press Democrat. Reporter Lori A. Carter focused not only on on the Spartans’ lead in this season’s Small School Bridge League, but on the sense of sportsman-like attitude and positivity the team exudes. (Read the full article HERE)

To head coach and athletic director Kevin Hardesty, winning isn’t the point of playing basketball; instead, he teaches his athletes how to lead each other, play positively, and ultimately lift up the entire team instead of the individual player. After games, Coach Hardesty regularly prays with his team and debriefs the emotions and plays of the game, creating a culture of positivity and respect.

Rio’s focus on teamwork and focus on others is one of the defining facets of the school’s purpose, belief, and call as Christians. To learn more about Rio’s athletic program, visit our Athletic Department page.



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