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February 24, 2018



Welcome to Academy Days Students!
Students from across California have come to campus to spend the weekend with us, while considering Rio as a future school. Throughout the weekend, prospective students will go to church, worship, socialize, visit classes and meet teachers. It’s always a great way to students to “test drive” the option of Rio. If you know a family or student who might be interested in Rio for upcoming years, it’s not too late to schedule a tour with Izzy. Just email him at gro.o1544910758dnilo1544910758ir@at1544910758larep1544910758i1544910758.

This Week at Rio

Longtime Principal Doug Schmidt will step down this summer after 13 years as principal of Rio Lindo Adventist Academy.

Mr. Schmidt is one of Rio’s longest serving faculty members and has lived and worked on campus for nearly 30 years. As a former teacher and dean, Mr. Schmidt has always believed in the potential of each and every student and has committed his career to mentoring young people.

As principal, Mr. Schmidt has hired a stellar staff, completed major renovation projects across campus, and has started several initiatives to establish regular income in aside from student tuition to make Rio’s program sustainable and affordable for the future. He has worked tirelessly with families to insure that they could afford Rio, no matter their financial situation, firmly believing that Adventist education is possible for any student who chooses it. We are eternally grateful for his many contributions to our school and students and wish him well as he continues from here.Rio’s school board together with the Northern California Conference have begun the search process for a new principal to insure a smooth transition of leadership.

“I have always felt that working at Rio is such a honor and I treasure all of the lives that I have come to know over the years,” said Mr. Schmidt.

International Club Celebrates Chinese New Year

Last Thursday, February 15, marked the beginning of the New Year season. Traditionally, this is the time family eat a meal together. The students of the International Club met in the library – to eat homemade dumplings (like wontons) and glutinous rice cakes served in a special sauce. The meal was prepared by some of the International Club officers and additional helpers. Mrs. Velez assisted and made her home available to prepare the meal. Following the meal, students enjoyed watching some of the Chinese New Year Gala on a big screen. Thanks to translator, Derek Li, those of us who do not know Mandarin were able to enjoy the program as well.

The following Sunday,  30 international students loaded a bus, to attend the Annual Chinese New Year Festival in Santa Rosa.  Students enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet and entertainment performed by local citizens of Chinese descent.

-Mrs. Richards, ESL Teacher

Spiritual Life:

On January 19, Chaplain Zach partnered with PUC Prep to organize a student team who led out in vespers at PUC’s Basketball weekend. Chaplain Zach and Pastor Adam Washington from PUC Prep trained students in worship leading, speaking, drama, art, spoken word, and art. One student who attended this event was sophomore Malaciah Martinez, who performed an original spoken word piece for his peers.

“Last year as a freshman, I was too shy (to perform), but it was good to get out of my comfort zone and do this performance,” said Malaciah.

This last weekend Chaplain Zach and the worship team lead worship at a vespers at Ukiah SDA church. The worship team meets on a regular basis to practice music, learn new songs, and lead the rest of the student body in worship.

Spiritual Life Themes

“A character formed according to the divine likeness is the only treasure that we can take from this world to the next.” (EGW @ COL 332)

Character education is spiritual education. Adventist leaders often spoke of this growth as “practical Christianity.” Instead of evaluating how many prayers are said, how many times God is mentioned, or how many spiritual events are planned, character education focuses on practical outcomes of specific character traits. This is why we are focused on character development in our campus ministries work.

As important as religious programming is, it looks more at the perceived quality and number of events, and less about the individual’s spiritual growth. Character education done well can change the emphasis to spiritual growth for each learner. This month, we focused on the idea of Respect. Next month, as a spiritual community, we are tackling the topic of Kindness; and how to implement this by being kind, showing compassion, and helping people in need. Kindness can also mean asking for forgiveness or forgiving people who were mean to you. Feel free to ask your student about how focusing on these topics help them in growing as a Christ follower.
-Pastor Bennett


Basketball Playoffs

The boys basketball team won their first playoff game this past Wednesday against Patten Academy.  It was back and forth for three periods, but the Spartans were able to pull away in the 4th period.  The Spartans quarterfinal playoff game will be against Jewish Community High School in San Francisco.  That game starts at 8:00 pm and the gym is located at 150 Oak Street, San Francisco. Admission to the game is $10 for adults and $6 for children/seniors/students.

-Coach Hardesty, Athletic Director

Biology Class Discovers Genes in Family Trees

Last week in biology class, biology students were assigned to research traits within their family trees, with the goal of finding out if certain genes are dominant or recessive. Students surveyed various family members about eye color, dimples, face shapes and more. One biology student, Andrea Navarro, found that she had inherited a recessive gene.

“Most of my mom’s side of the family are more flexible and I learned most people on my dad’s side can’t roll their tongues and I can’t either,” Andrea Navarro, sophomore.

Rio Lindo Trail Run Needs Your Help!

The Athletic Department is hosting the second annual Rio Lindo Trail Run which benefits the Spartans athletics program. Last year, we were able to raise just over $4,000. The money was used to buy new bleachers for the gymnasium. The number one thing we need right now is more runners & walkers, no athleticism required.  Please sign up, and get your friends to sign up to raise money for the school. The price is $30 for the 5k, and $40 for the 10k. Act now because on March 1 the price will increase by $10. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, or sponsoring students to run the event, there are sponsorship opportunities that you or your business can use as a tax write off. For all information visit our website.  If you have questions email or call the athletic director, Kevin Hardesty. gro.o1544910758dnilo1544910758ir@yt1544910758sedra1544910758hk1544910758.

Spring Music Tour

Musicians in the touring groups of the Rio Lindo Academy Music Department are working hard to prepare for the annual Spring Music Tour taking place April 24-30, 2018.  This year students will be ministering to a variety of audiences in Phoenix, Arizona.  Lindaires, Orchestra, and Sonare Bells will play for churches, senior centers, and schools including the Holbrook Indian School, while also experiencing the warmth and beauty of the Southwestern desert. Please pray for the success and safety of these young musical missionaries. For donation information or other questions, contact Rochelle White at gro.o1544910758dnilo1544910758ir@et1544910758ihwr1544910758.
-Rochelle White, Music Director

NCC Choral Festival

The Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Chorale will be joining a gathering of choirs from around the conference in the upcoming Choral Festival, March 1-3, 2018.  Participants will have the privilege of learning under Dr. Ariel Quintana and singing a few of his original compositions. Dr. Quintana is the director of choral studies at La Sierra University and is also a published composer with music available in national outlets.  Singers will not only have the opportunity to enjoy creating beautiful music with a large group, but will hopefully have fun learning some new things about music. If you would like to attend the festival concert, it will be held at the Carmichael SDA Church on March 3, 2018 at 4PM.
-Rochelle White, Music Director



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