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Caleb Privat


Caleb Privat, or Dean Privat, is a Rio alumni who has spent much of his life around Rio’s campus as a member of the Healdsburg SDA Church. As a part of the boys dorm team, Dean Privat brings his expertise to the dorm in maintenance and renovation in updating the dorm’s facilities. He serves on the Student Support Team and aids boys in the dorm with work, tutoring, and supervision. Dean Privat is inspired by the students who strive to do their best in work and school and fellow staff members who work many thankless hours a week to provide the students the education they expect and deserve. He is also inspired by Jesus Christ who gives him the strength to carry out his duties and make a positive impact on students and staff at Rio.

Dean Privat likes the outdoors and enjoy operating heavy equipment as well as helping students achieve a greater understanding of not only their academics but also about God and life. He is most excited for the opportunity to educate students about our faith and the prospect that a student this year could meet Jesus and join the ranks in heaven because of something that he did to encourage them on their walk with God.

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SST Coach, Boys Dean

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