Denise Tonn, Science Teacher

Denise Tonn started at Rio in 2013 and teaches biology, chemistry, and anatomy & physiology. During the school year, Mrs. Tonn takes students on several STEM-oriented outings around the Bay Area including the UC Davis Research Lab in Bodega Bay. Mrs. Tonn spent much of her early career researching fisheries and waterways in the Northwest. Previous to Rio, Mrs. Tonn has taught in Arizona, Thailand, and Guyana.

In her spare time, Mrs. Tonn enjoys spending time with her family and dog and exploring the outdoors. She loves learning new things together with her students and her favorite aspect of teaching is learning about students’ hidden talents.

Contact Info

Phone: Ext. 144

Educational Background

B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Biology emphasis on fisheries research

Responsibilities at Rio

Teaches Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and Professional Development

Serves as