Don Schlotthauer, Baker

Boys dean Don SchlotthauerDon Schlotthauer has a close connection with Rio. While attending Rio in the late 70’s, he met his wife Connie and graduated from Rio in 1979. Mr. Schlotthauer joined the Rio staff in 2009 as a chef and then became the head boys’ dean in 2011 because he felt a calling to give more support to young men. His fond memories and experience of his own dorm life as well as running businesses and Rio’s cafeteria for many years have prepared Mr. Schlotthauer for the excitement of keeping a cafeteria running. Mr. Schlotthauer’s cinnamon rolls have been known to bring people to tears of gratitude because of their perfect balance between flavor and light fluffy texture.

“Working with young people is an amazing opportunity. I believe that respect, integrity, honesty, teamwork, and taking responsibility for yourself are some of the values that will lead to success in life,” says Mr. Schlotthauer.

Dean Schlotthauer and his wife, Connie have three grown daughters; Rachael, Natalia, and Hanna. He enjoys working at Rio because it is an opportunity to have an important ministry in a beautiful setting.

Contact Info

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Phone: Ext. 163

Educational Background

Owned and operated businesses for 21 years

Responsibilities at Rio

Serves as cafeteria pastry ceft, bakes bread, granola, and cooks in the cafeteria

Serves as

Support Staff