Joanna Bennett, Accounts Payable

Joanna Bennett can be found working in the business office with accounts payable.  Her friendly smile welcomes students, staff and parents and she enjoys working with the business team and creating a warm environment.

Mrs. Bennett is married to Pastor Lyle Bennett and has two sons, a granddaughter, a grandson, and a cat.  She enjoys going to Hawaii, visiting friends, doing puzzles, cooking, and scrapbooking.  Rio is the place Mrs. Bennett’s sons consider home, since this is where they spent most of their childhood. The Bennetts love the peaceful, natural setting and enjoy walking the trails of Rio.

Contact Info

Email: gro.o1561003750dnilo1561003750ir@tt1561003750enneb1561003750j1561003750
Phone: Ext. 108

Educational Background

B.A. in French, Spanish minor. Medical Transcription certification.

Responsibilities at Rio

Accounts Payable, general Business Office

Serves as

Support Staff