Linda Chapman, Home Arts Teacher

Linda Chapman is a pro at living at Rio. She and her husband, history teacher Mr. Chapman, have lived at Rio since 1988. Mrs. Chapman uses her vast experience with sewing and Home Arts to teach the popular Home Arts class. She taught Home Arts at Rio from 1988-2000 then became an instructor for a local sewing center in Santa Rosa.

Mrs. Chapman and her husband have two adult children and a daughter-in-law, all who have names starting with “L”. She loves traveling and camping and fell in love immediately with Rio since it resembles a quaint camping spot next to the river.
“Rio is so beautiful and everyone was so welcoming to us and I guess that is one reason we are still here after 27 years. I enjoy living and working in this great Christian school with my friends. I love the energy of our Christian youth and teaching at Rio once again,” says Mrs. Chapman.

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