Lyle Bennett, Pastor

Lyle Bennett has spent over 20 years at Rio, having worked here at three different times in his career.  Mr. Bennett currently serves as church pastor and teaches Geometry and Religion One.  As pastor, Mr. Bennett teams with the Campus Chaplain as well as other staff and students, to create space and opportunity for God to work in hearts and minds.

Mr. Bennett believes that Rio  is more than a scenic campus. Rio Lindo is a beautiful family of students and staff. Rio is an appetizer for eternity. He says, “I like to think of this place as a place to develop and practice  the characteristics and spirit of eternity.”

In his spare time, Mr. Bennett grows tomatoes and trees, and dreams of Hawaii.

Contact Info

Email: gro.o1561003746dnilo1561003746ir@tt1561003746enneb1561003746l1561003746
Phone: Ext. 130

Educational Background

B.A. in Theology and History, M.A. of Divinity

Responsibilities at Rio

Geometry, Religion 1, Rio Lindo Adventist Church Pastor

Serves as