Meagan Gardner, Task Force Girls Dean

dean gardner smiles, pink shirt

Meagan Gardner, also known as Dean Gardner, is joining Rio’s staff for the 2020-21 school year. She comes from Atlanta, Georgia and is also studying at Oakwood University pursuing by B.S in English/Language Arts Education. Dean Gardner is a kind and compassionate soul who relishes the chance to meet people from all backgrounds.

When Dean Gardner is outside of the dorm, she loves exploring. Whether it’s at a new park, an old museum, or just out on the town, she loves trying new things. She loves to check life out from other people’s perspectives and to see why some things are so well loved by others around her. Coming to California from the South is a culture shift for Dean B., and she is already inspired by the kindness and sense of community here on campus. Everyone she comes in contact with is eager to contribute in some way to making this place the best it can be, even if that’s just by helping the person closest to them.

“The chance to meet people from all walks of life connect in their love of Christ is exciting! That common connection is what bonds all of us, regardless of shape, size, or color. In the spirit of community, I look forward to walking with the young (and young at heart) towards our common goal: heaven!” says Dean B.

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