Morgan Bautista, Assistant Girls Dean

morgan bautista girls dean


Dean Bautista serves Rio as the Assistant Girls Dean. Dean Bautista, or ‘Dean B.’ loves working at Rio because she is able to engage with students at all times and can support young people as they go through the whirlwind that is high school. Also, she has the opportunity to teach and talk openly about God which is a huge blessing. In the dorm, Dean B. is calm, contemplative, and a steady and wise presence for the young women. During her first year as a dean, she was faced with a myriad of surprising events like fire evacuations and COVID, but enjoyed her year overall.

Dean B. is drawn to youth ministry because she deeply believes they are our next leaders and have endless passion and potential. The moments that bring her joy when working with young people include spending time with and learning more about them, teaching them something new or making something more understandable for them, and seeing them be excited about things they are passionate about. Dean B. also teaches Pre-Algebra to students and breaks down the math concepts to be simple and easy to digest.

At Rio, Dean B. has enjoyed kayaking down the river, hanging out with friends and students, and playing volleyball. Currently, she is a “plant mama” and has over 25 pots filled with various succulents and plants in her apartment. She enjoys baking, watching tv, and going for walks around the loop. She thrives in organization and routines. Dean B. enjoys working at Rio because of the beautiful campus and family environment among staff and students.

Contact Info

Phone: (707) 547-7015

Educational Background

B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry emphasis. A.S. Health Sciences

Responsibilities at Rio

Assistant Girls Dean, math teacher

Serves as