Pheonix Hardin, Assistant Chaplain

Pheonix Hardin grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Swayed by the voices of the classics, including Austen, Dickens, and Tyler, she found Jesus by reading His Word. Her passion for the Bible flourished, and compelled her to attend Andrews University, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Theology.

After watching the morning fog rise over Fitch Mountain, she spends most of her day organizing events for campus ministries and assisting the girls’ dorm. Our assistant chaplain hopes to encourage a great love for Christ and an increasing thirst for Scripture in the students of Rio Lindo.

Chaplain Pheonix is excitable and social; she loves personal conversation and can typically be found working toward her mastery of hand knitting. She gives names to inanimate objects, including her house plants, enjoys humorous podcasts, and prefers organic, handmade, and local products.

Contact Info

Email: gro.o1561003916dnilo1561003916ir@ni1561003916drahp1561003916

Educational Background

B.A. in Theology

Responsibilities at Rio

Assistant Chaplain

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