Retha Bissell, Business Office

Mrs. Bissell has served at Rio for nearly a decade. In the business office, Mrs. Bissell assists families through the financial process and helps the department run smoothly. Her attention to detail in both finances and other matters ensure a stable and organized environment. Mrs. Bissell has a collection of orchids around her desk and somehow seems to keep them alive and blossoming.

“I love seeing all the smiling faces of the students,” says Mrs. Bissell.

When she’s not at work, Mrs. Bissell enjoys camping, bird watching and playing games with friends.  She has a delicious homemade popcorn recipe that she often makes for Rio students.

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Email: gro.o1568733425dnilo1568733425ir@ll1568733425essib1568733425r1568733425
Phone: Ext. 110

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