Seth Ballance, Task Force Dean

Seth Ballance is the task force boys dean. He is a computer engineering student who likes designing electronics and websites. Seth loves playing sports, focusing most of his time on football. To go along with this passion for sports, he is a health and fitness enthusiast who enjoys coaching others as they try to meet their fitness goals.

As a graduate with the class of 2015, Seth knows how much Rio can positively affect a student’s future.

“I had a great experience here and learned many things that I don’t think I would have learned elsewhere,” commented Ballance.

Seth wants to be involved in the experiences the students have and help them learn good life lessons while having a fun year.


Contact Info

Email: gro.o1561003867dnilo1561003867ir@ec1561003867nalla1561003867bS1561003867
Dean on duty phone: 707-547-7016

Educational Background

Computer Engineer Student

Responsibilities at Rio

Task Force Dean and Coach

Serves as

Support Staff