Kevin Hardesty, Athletic Director/Vice Principal

Athletic Director Kevin Hardesty, has been working and living at Rio since 2010.  In addition to teaching all PE classes at Rio, Coach Hardesty teaches health class and coaches football, basketball, and track & field.  He also coordinates the intramural program in the evenings during rec time, which has a high participation rate among students.

Coach Hardesty and his wife enjoy hiking, bicycling, waterskiing, canoeing and snow skiing. One of the reasons they like being at Rio is the amount of activity there is on campus.

“Working at Rio keeps me young. I enjoy spending time outdoors and love to involve the students with outdoor activities. I can’t imagine a better place to work than Rio,” says Coach Hardesty.

Contact Info

Email: gro.o1568733570dnilo1568733570ir@yt1568733570sedra1568733570hk1568733570
Phone: Ext. 168

Educational Background

B.S. in Physical Education, Masters in Coaching & Athletic Administration

Responsibilities at Rio

Coaches men's football, basketball, ladies's soccer, and track & field. Coach Hardesty also teaches all P.E. classes and coordinates the intramural program.

Serves as