Timothy Patten, Head Boys Dean

man with green polo stands in front of brick building


Timothy Patten is Rio’s Head Boys Dean. Coming from a background of Adventist education, Dean Patten served as a Residents Assistant at Pacific Union College then worked as an academy dean in California. As a Bible teacher, Dean Patten emphasizes resolving the tension between the God of the Old Testament  and the New Testament as well as relationships between people here on Earth. His greatest strength as a dean is building relationships with young men and watching them grow and discover their purpose and God’s hand in their lives.

Outside of the dorm, you can find Dean Patten playing basketball, reading, listening to music or learning about different cultures through travel. His outgoing and optimistic personality pull people in and he is always known to have words of encouragement to uplift those around him.

“My aim as the boys dean at Rio is to help students achieve their purpose and experience the happiness God has for them,” says Dean Patten.


Contact Info

Phone: (707) 547-7016

Educational Background

B.A. in Theology, M.A. in Teaching

Responsibilities at Rio

Head Dean, Religion Teacher

Serves as