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News Notes 2010-2019


Sarah Pryor – I got married to Christian Hills on July 7th. 7-7-14!!! It’s an awesome date. I am now moving to Guam to be with my husband who is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. It’s a whole new adventure. I hope that all is well!!! (Posted January, 2015)

Jonathan Riddle – I am currently finishing my second year at Southwestern Adventist University. My favorite of the Adventist colleges I have tried. In December I will graduate with a two year Associates degree in General Studies. When I graduate I will return home to Rio, and look for a job.

Sarah Shields Beams (From Sarah Pryor Hills) Sarah Shields lives near me and we see each other all the time, but she doesn’t have access to the internet, so I thought I’d update you on her as well… She got married on December 30th, 2013 to Andrew Beams. So her new name is Sarah Beams. They are about to pop with their first baby.

Stephen & Alicia (Privat) Weston – Hey all from the class of 2010, we have been married for two years now. This past year they have moved to a little place on Bailhache Avenue in Healdsburg. Stephen is working at cable car which is right down the road from Rio and Alicia is taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College for a web design certificate.


Kathleen Souza – I am about to finish my 1st semester of Law School in Brazil.

Cassie Pryor Last January I started volunteering at the St. Helena “Boys and Girls Club”. The director hired me and I worked there through the summer. It was really great working with the kids, I learned so much! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue this quarter due to my course load. I’m getting into my third year at PUC, and the school work is intense! I’m living in an apartment off campus this year, and paying for everything myself is both empowering, and irritating. Sometimes I doubt whether I’m cut out for the real world. College is already half over, and with all the terrifying, life-changing choices I have to face after graduation, all I really want to do is move home and let my mommy take care of me. But I’m taking life one day at a time, and I’m crossing each bridge as it comes. (Posted January, 2015)


Kira Harsany I’m at La Sierra as I had said originally. My major is Biochemistry, I’m my biology teacher’s note take. Yes it’s a real job! I’m doing football intramural, I’m part of pre-med club, and I almost never sleep. That’s pretty much it for now. (Posted January, 2015)

LaurenLee Meadows – These past couple years have been crazy ones. In 2010, I started Rio. That same year, my mom Glenda Owiecki Meadows (1972) got breast cancer. With the wonderful support from Loma Linda, she is now cancer free. We decided to move back to the States to be closer to my nephews Xander, 6, Xavier, 3 (Jesse Melendy’s kids-1995), Kai, 2, and Nicko, 0; and my grandma who was very ill. In 2012, my grandma passed away. This year also brought change. I graduated Rio a four year, honors, gold cord, second generation graduate. My parents felt the call to move back to Guam and serve in the public division. My mom works with teenagers to teach math and loves it after homeschooling for 35 years. I am now at Union college in Nebraska taking Psychology and Secondary Ed. with an emphasis in Biology. (Posted January, 2015)

Phaidra Knight – So I attend PUC and so far I enjoy the school, for the first couple of weeks here the adjustment was hard because it’s not Rio, but as the weeks passed I soon became comfortable in my new environment, and I love being here. (Posted January, 2015)







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