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Academic Resources

Mr. Yingling's English Classes

Mr Yingling has created a great website that showcases some of today’s brightest thoughts. Read what our students are writing about and become inspired!

Rio Library Online Search

The Rio campus library is a great place to find all kinds of information for class projects, reports, and homework in general. The library has over 8,000 titles for student and staff use. Search the Rio library to find books on a certain subject, or a specific book by the title or author’s name. For more assistance, come by the library during school hours.  We will help you find the book you are looking for.

Online Resources

When you can’t get to the library, here are a list of resources to help you out. Many of the sites listed below contain video or interactive help that can be especially helpful for those who learn best by doing or by seeing examples. If you need some tips for managing your time check out the resources at collegeboard.com.

Bible Resources

Bible Topics and Common Questions at Bibleinfo.com
This site has a lot of great resources including an alphabetical list of general Bible topics, a list of common questions with the answers, and the option to search the site for a specific topic. If the answer can’t be found on the site you can fill out a form to have your specific question answered.

English Resources

English Homework Help from Discovery Education
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find high school level help for things like verbs, transitions, and persuasive writing.

ESL: English as a Second Language

The ESL Help! Desk at elshelpdesk.com
This is a great resource for those wanting to improve their English language skills. The site offers an informative blog, sentence editing practice, explanations for things such as English expressions and slang, and many other helpful resources.

History Resources

Facts Encyclopedia History from refdesk.com
Alphabetical list of history resources on all kinds of topics including the dead sea scrolls, colonial Williamsburg, and Korean history.

Math Resources

Homework Help at Math.com
Choose your subject from pre-algebra, geometry, algebra and others and Math.com will show you a quick explanation, a more in depth explanation, and an example.

Science Resources

Science Homework Help from Discovery Education
Videos and interactive activities on topics like solar power, rain forest ecosystems, and acids and bases.

Facts Encyclopedia Science and Technology from refdesk.com
An alphabetical list of resources on a wide variety of topics such as earthquakes, space, genetics, and physics.