Academics at Rio

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At Rio, our qualified and caring teachers will guide you on an exciting journey of discovery.  All Rio classes share the common goal of helping you become an imaginative, independent and analytical thinker. You will learn in well-equipped science, computer, home and industrial arts labs, and enjoy access to technology in most classrooms. Rio’s administration and teachers are continually striving to discover and develop effective educational methods to improve your learning experience.

As Christians, staff members are committed to a balanced approach to education, focused on improving your body and soul as well as your mind. The quality and dedication of the Rio staff is reflected in multiple student surveys that identify a caring staff and faculty as the greatest strength of the school program.

“The classes at Rio are really great. Not only is the material exceptional but the teachers are as well. If you’re having trouble with something you always know you can ask them and they will help you work through the situation.” — Savanna Crowe, Class of 2013

Challenge yourself

As you plan your course of study, you can chose from three possible diploma options — General Diploma, College Preparatory Diploma, and Honors Diploma. If you are a student looking to stretch your mind, then you can take math classes up through AP Calculus, three levels of Spanish, AP and honors classes in History and English, as well as other advanced classes. All College Preparatory, Honors, and AP classes are approved through the University of California.

If you have difficulty in a subject area and need extra help, staff members will assist you by offering tutoring and counseling to provide you with the tools necessary for a successful academic program.

For international students with English as a second language, ESL classes will give you the required skills for success when you enter regular high school. English classes will prepare you for college or university entrance. Rio is an official TOEFL testing site, so you can assess your progress in English by taking the regularly scheduled TOEFL exams on campus.