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Tuition & Financial Aid

“True education means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”
― Ellen G. White, Education

Value of a Rio Education

Alumni, students, and families agree that the value of a Rio education goes above and beyond any amount of money. We believe that our diverse student body is one of our greatest strengths and seek a well-rounded group of talents, interests, and cultures to add to all of our students’ educational experience. We also believe that every child deserves an affordable Adventist Christian education. 

Our Financial Assistance Program provides all families with the opportunity to experience Rio’s quality Christian education. Our promise to each student, since 1962, is that if you want to study at Rio, we will make it financially possible no matter the situation.*

Rio awards an average of $600,000 per year in student financial aid for qualifying families, which is supported by Rio’s many donors, rental properties, summer programs, and the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Tuition at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy is not a “one-size-fits-all” model. It’s a range that is adjusted based on your family’s unique financial situation. Our student work program enables students to contribute between $1500-$4000 per school year to their school bills and build work ethic and confidence.

*(International Students: Please visit our International Student Page for tuition rates.)

Rio IS Possible

One thing I’ve grown to appreciate the work program for is it really strengthened my work ethic and abilities that would benefit me after I left Rio. Whether it’s cleaning, maintenance, or kitchen duty, Rio does well at crafting the students to not only become good workers, but a good reflection of the helping hand of God.

K-Dasin Dawe
Rio Alumni, Class of 2020

Applying for Financial Assistance

1. Schedule a personalized consultation

Set up an appointment with our admissions office for a personalized consultation and learn about other ways for your family to save. (707) 431-5100, ext. 113 or email the Admissions Director.

2. Find out if you qualify

If you select to apply for financial aid on your application, you will be sent a link to fill out the FACTS financial aid application. This third-party service gives us the information we need to understand your unique family circumstances. (Note: There is a $40 processing fee upon submission.)

FACTS Application

3. Start school with confidence

After you are accepted as a student and receive your official letter, you can start the school year with peace of mind that Rio is financially possible for your family.

Tuition Rates

For the 2024 – 2025  school year:

Full Year Boarding

Full Year Day (Commuting)

$30,600 $21,500

$21,840 (after Adventist
church member discount)

$12,740 (after Adventist church
member discount)


Tuition covers room and board for boarding students and two meals a day for day students. It also covers accident insurance, book rental fees, information technology resources, a yearbook, class dues, boys or girls dorm club activities, most Student Association (SA) sponsored activities, and Fitch Faces (student photo directory).

Additional fees may include:

Lab and field trip fees

Music lessons
Private tutoring
Consumable books
Varsity sports fees
Music uniform
P.E. Uniform
Industrial Arts project fees

Need More Information?

Contact the Business Office

(707) 431-5100, ext. 109

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to hear how my tuition rate will change with financial aid?

Once you fill out and submit the FACTS application form, you can schedule your appointment with the business office and have an estimated tuition rate right away.

How much do we have to make to qualify for financial aid?

The FACTS application takes into account many more aspects of your financial position than simply income. If you are not sure whether you qualify or not, just call the business office at (707) 431-5100 ext. 109.

I forgot my FACTS password or got locked out of my account.

Please call FACTS customer service and they will assist you with getting back into your account: 866-441-4637.

If we are not eligible for financial assistance, are there other ways to save money on tuition?

Yes, absolutely! If a student is eligible to work (age 14+ with a social security number), he or she can contribute to tuition. Rio also offers scholarships for leadership, grades, children of alumni and more. See our Ways to Save section for more details.

Do I have to be a US citizen to be eligible for variable tuition?

Yes. If you are an international student, please visit our International Student page for tuition information. We do not offer scholarships for international students at this time.

Find out more on our International Students page.

Additional Ways to Save

Early Application Discount

For new U.S. students, applied to second semester of the following school year.

Deadline: March 1st – $300
Deadline: May 1st – $150  

Prepayment Discount

A discount of 1.0% is given for payments made by bank funds transfer, check, or cash for the full year’s tuition in advance.

Church 3-Way Match

Local churches, Rio, and the Northern California Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists work together to make a significant impact on the cost of tuition. Give us a call to see if you qualify for this program.

Sibling Discount

A discount of 2.5% is awarded to families with two or more students simultaneously enrolled at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy.

Leadership Discount

Student Association (SA) officers and Class Major Officers are eligible for a leadership scholarship for the school year that they are in office. Students run for office in the last month of school for the following year.

Academic Scholarships

For students with an attendance grade of ‘B’ or better and the following GPAs, applied at the end of the semester.

4.0 GPA: $250 per semester
3.75 – 3.99 GPA: $125 per semester