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Alumni News Notes


Robert L. Stumph – My first introduction to Rio Lindo was in the summer of 1960. The power plant, part of the gym, boys dorm and the first floor of the girl’s dorm were the only buildings on the campus. I spent that summer working with the block layers as a “hod carrier.” When the summer ended I returned to my previous academy and started my senior year of academy. But at Christmas break, I dropped out and returned to Rio Lindo and worked on the construction crew. When the enrollment applications came off the press, I got the first one and handed back to Mr. Roth within 15 minutes. I am grateful for the privilege of not only helping build the academy, but for being a part of the first graduating class in ‘63. I am looking forward to our 50 year reunion. In March of 2008, I retired from active ministry as a pastor of the Texas Conference and now live in College Place, Washington with my lovely wife, Gail. Our oldest son, is a mission pilot in Papua, Indonesia. Our other two son’s live in Texas.
(Posted September 2011)

Glenice Van (Seyoc) Stanford – I have moved to Laurel , MD and enjoying it. I am planning to buy a home in the next 6 months in West VA. or VA.
(Posted September 2011)

’63 Mike Wilson – I am presently senior pastor of the Hemet SDA church in Southern California. Kathy and I have been here for twelve years. Before this we worked in Northern California, Brazil, and Oregon. Every once in a while I come across a classmate from Rio. I can’t believe that it has been 50 years since graduation in 1963, and I will now be one of those old guys who show up at alumni weekends. That first year it was the first time for everything. We had a good year despite many ups and downs. There are many great memories. Hope to see many classmates on alumni weekend this year.
(Posted December 2012)


Bryan L. Breckenridge – After 41 years away from Northern California we arrived home on July 1st, 2009. We now reside in Meadow Vista, California. It is a great being near children and grandchildren. Another bonus is that we are near my brothers and their families, who all live within two hours. We keep busy with our new home, family, and friends. I still am active in my various business endeavors.
(Posted January 2010)

Robert Ford – I entered as a senior (July 1963 when I worked for the summer then stayed my senior year & graduated June 1964).  I came as a missionary kid and had a great formative experience.  Right now you catch me on an overseas assignment (part of my consulting work) in the DR-Congo doing national park rehabilitation. Read more at my BLOG =http://geobobford.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/in-kundelungu-national-park-drc-again.html
(Posted August 2012)

Donna (Hines) Anderson – We have moved over to Dad and Mom Anderson’s house in order to be with them more as they get older. They are both in the 90’s now and are slowing down quite a bit–some days more than others, so we are here to help them when needed. We are also closer to Donna’s dad, Harold Hines, who still lives in town by himself. It takes us about 10 minutes to get there now, rather than 30 from where we lived before.

Both of us are changing our jobs somewhat this month. Donna’s hours at her work are being cut, so she is picking up the secretary/registrar office duties at our school, Ukiah Junior Academy. She will continue to work part time at her current job in a Dr’s office in town. She goes to her dad’s house at noon everyday to fix him a hot meal. Dave has gone to working part time at the hospital. Maybe that will cut down on some of his migraine headaches that have bcome a real problem. We’ll see!! Oh, and he is the new Business Manager at Ukiah Junior Academy. (Hope that doesn’t add more headaches. Ha!). So we will be spending more time with the kids of the church and school. (Maybe that will keep us young—Hope!~ Hope!~~Hope!~~~). So life is full and busy–sometimes, more than busy–as each of you knows from your own experience. Never-the-less, we want to keep in touch with you, our many friends and loved ones. Our love and prayers—Dave and Donna Anderson

Kay (Reiswig) Prunty – Bob and I have just recently completed our move to Montague, CA (next door to Yreka) where we have chosen to retire and enjoy the scenery of the Shasta Valley. We are looking forward to becoming active in our church and community once we finish unpacking!! It is one big change after almost 40 years in the Northwest!! We have certainly had a chance to “dry out” this summer with warmer than usual temps in our area! So glad we were able to trade our views of Mt. Rainier with Mt. Shasta and now be about half way in between all our family scattered up and down the west coast. Our new address is 9114 Colleen Cir. Rd. , Montague, CA, 96064. Our email is: kay_viewfinder @hotmail.com and our website is www.viewfinderphoto.net or kayprunty.com


Earl and Gail (Selby) Aagaard –
Happy 50th, Rio!

Gail was there the first year, and Earl arrived the second. We’re now back in California, living in Chico. Gail tired of retirement and is working for the next couple of years at Feather River Hospital, teaching doctors to use the computer. Earl cooks, cleans, and gardens. We are really very happy. Health about what you expect at 65.

Laura, Leslie and the grandbabies moved back to Bend, but we are surviving, what with three of Gail’s brothers, their children and grandchildren here in town – 30 or so altogether. Thorvald is teaching English and running the theater program at PUC, so we get to see him a lot when he’s not in England with his fiancee.

We have a dedicated guest room, so give us a call if you need a spot to crash. Hope to make it to Homecoming, but this isn’t a promise.
(Posted August 2012)

Charles Blackburn – Have moved from SF Bay Area to Gig Harbor, WA (13720 Sandy Point East Kp N, 98329.) Still working; enjoying the beauty and the weather of the Puget Sound area.
(Posted September 2011)

Charlene (Hill) Wolfe – After “retiring” to Ft. Bragg a year ago last June, my husband was hired as full time band teacher for the school district. He has six bands to direct, from 5th thru 12th grades. I am accompanying the school choirs for the same grades. We also are singing in the College of the Redwoods chorus. This summer we took a 6300 mile road trip to see the wonders and beauty of our country (and visit family). It was amazing. We spend a lot of time with our local grandsons, ages 12 and 16, and our 2-year-old twin granddaughters from Santa Cruz came to visit often. I would love to hear from some of you…especially those who live in our area!
(Posted September 2011)

Tom & Jeanne (O’Neill) – Larsen and I live in Lodi and after 26 years no plans to move. I teach at Lodi Academy and if you are interested find either of us on Facebook for up to date photos and contact information.

Kathleen (O’Neil) Geary – Charles and I have retired from Pastoral Ministry and are living in Western Montana. We pastored in Idaho, Peru, Montana, and Alaska. We have three children and two grandchildren. Hoping to make it to our 50th alumni I have never been able to be at an alumni weekend.
(Posted September 2011)

Cheryl Orser – I’m entering my 16th year here at Laurelbrook. The academy leadership has been very nice to me and has allowed me semi retirement. I work just 24 hours in the nursing home each week, which is in my back yard. I help feed the residents all three meals and take them for walks, and visit them in their rooms. My mother was a resident for four years, but as of last April 14, she is taking her little nap till Jesus comes. My health is good and feel I have so much for which to be thankful. I just long for Jesus to come and take us all home where we will have perfect health and perfect happiness. Cheryl
(Posted September 2011)

Carol (Pudleiner) Ellstrom – Hello to all my classmates. I really regret not being able to attend our “45th”. It’s so much fun seeing everyone & reminiscing, & I missed that. My husband Ken & I are just beginning our 9th year at Maplewood Academy, in Minnesota. He is VP for Finance, & I wear the hats of School Nurse, Registrar, & teacher. In addition, I work per diem for a Home Health Care & Hospice agency, & I find that rewarding as well. As most of you know, being on a boarding school campus is a 24/7 commitment, yet over the years we’ve been blessed to see many of our students grow closer to God. Our 2 daughters live “‘way to far away” from us in GA & So-Cal–where our 4 grandchildren are. It’s hard to believe that we now have a teen-age grandson!! Life does move on & retirement is looking better all the time. May God Bless you each one until we meet again.
(Posted September 2011)

B J (Stearns) Bannister – I am living the retired life in Arizona with my wonderful husband. We are revisiting the role of parenting. For 6 hours a day we are the guardians of our two youngest grandsons, ages almost 3 and almost 4. We are almost good at this 2nd time around. We marvel more about the first lisped blessing, the dexterity of nimble fingers and the energy embodied in such small frames. We have visited both the Panama Canal and Alaska this year. We have survived the hottest summer in our lives. We are blessed with family that visit. All the disasters in our world lead us to firmly consider the true values in life. We can survive without much of the items that surround us. We cannot survive without FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY.
(Posted September 2011)


Neal Boger – Greetings from the beautiful mountains of eastern Tennessee. I am happily retired from Andrews University, but now working hard for my son Jason’s company, Overnightmattress.com. Valerie (Reynolds) and I have a 3 acre hobby farm, with daughter Marla and husband Tony Hayman living next door. Jason, his wife Lauren and daughter Lily live about 15 miles away. We are all (chickens and dogs included) happy and healthy.
(Posted October 2010)

Brenda (Butka) John –Brenda (Butka) John – I’m still practicing in Nashville.  Husband Tom John is retired, and the organic farm that we host is thriving–potlucks, squaredances, banjos, dogs, pigs, and all.  Youngest daughter just graduated from Beloit, middle daughter in med school in Florida, oldest in grad school in Chicago. My brother Gary, also class of 66, practices in Texas, and has 6 year-old triplets, a baby boy, and a daughter graduated from UT Austin. It’s all good…

Ceceilia (Wagner) Llanos – My husband and I are still enjoying retirement. We had a nice little garden this Summer. We just replanted some squash and tomatoes. My husband and I are taking yoga together, boy was I mistaken I thought it was just a little stretching. The instructor works every muscle that hasn’t been disturbed in 40 years. I did have a torn retina on July 1st. That was lots of fun having emergency laser treatment over the 4th. (Not). I am very thankful it wasn’t worse. I enjoyed seeing everyone up at the reunion in April. It was so nice to reconnect with everyone.
(Posted September 2011)


Calvin D. Knipschild – I became a grandfather for the first time in January 2009. My son Erich and his wife (in Vancouver, WA) had a baby boy and they named him Hudson Riley Knipschild. Now I know why grandparents love to spoil grandkids. ITS FUN!! Linda & I will be retiring at the end of this school year and moving to the Lake Tapp area just south of Auburn, WA. during the summer of 2010. Please feel free to stop by and visit us. Christian Edition will still be performing as I plan to commute to the L.A. area twice a month to keep it going. The Lord has opened to many doors to our music ministry for us to stop singing for Him now. Keep CE in your prayers.

Allison Wright (formerly Martha Parks) – Having just moved to San Andreas, California, I’m happily making a new life and new friends in an area I’ve long enjoyed. The Mother Lode country is full of wonderful activities and sites. Learning about them as fully and effectively as possible, in addition to a full working schedule, keeps me “off the streets” for sure! This represents quite a change from the Bay Area where I lived for 15 years. As a native Northern Californian, I do miss my foggy days and cool ocean breezes! However, since my path forward has changed rapidly and totally, the challenges and rewards are marvelous. Since I can do my travel counselor business virtually from anywhere, my success and happiness are, as always, mine to create without location restrictions. http://www.facebook.com/sealadyaw
(Posted September 2011)

Barbara Kanen – If I’m not to late for your next news letter I will tell you; I’m still at Fortuna, where I always have lived or at least close by a few times. I love it here even though my daughter Janet Waddell, Neller, Jones thinks she will get me to move to KY where she now lives. I know I would miss the weather and the ocean. I am disabled, but I do go down to Tabitha’s our (churches second hand store) and volunteer a few hours 3 days a week. While there I price items that are donated to sell. Because I sit out front while doing this I am able to visit with customers that come in and hopeful witness to those I come in contact with.
(Posted October 2012)


Vanny Dye – I’m still teaching school in Sandpoint Idaho.  After 38 years teaching they have asked me to be principal this next year which I have accepted.  So it looks like I will be teaching a little bit longer.  My oldest son Jeremy has moved to Idaho with us and has given me 2 really neat grandkids.  My Youngest sonJustin is finishing up his last year of a nurosugery resident program at UCLA.  God has been good to Vicki and I, we are living on a 55 acre ranch in some of the most beutifull country in the world.  Hope things are going well with you.  God Bless  Vanny Dye
(Posted August 2012)

Frank Clayton – Finishing up the sunset years of my work life doing a 5 year stretch at the US Army Hosp in Landstuhl, Germany, to be a little more accessible to my kids, 15 & 18, who live with their Danish mother in Denmark. Pres Obama kindly buying me a big house near the US hospital, so I have bachelor’s-decor quarters for anybody travelling through Germany, between Saarbrucken and Mannheim, that could use a free B & B. Plan to be here into 2014 and quit being a work drudge at age 64 1/2. Just folk dancing and bird watching as fast as I can while here.
(Posted September 2011)

Darlene (Jantzen) Dragavon – 4-year-club member, Living in Richmond, Virginia, near daughters and grandchildren. Recently took a trip with daughter to England; loved the countryside and hedgerows. Very pleased to make contact with Joyce Dreyer, a friend from Rio and elementary school. We spent an hour laughing at ourselves on the phone. To contact me, send a message on Facebook. If you are holding out on Facebook, get Brad to send the message for you. Embrace life.
(Posted November 2010)

Bonnie (Pumford) Reilly – I took disability retirement last year after 17 years of teaching kindergarten.  I taught for a few years after being diagnosed with a neurological vocal disorder, Spasmodic Dysphonia, but was not able to continue with such dysfunctional speech.  Soooo, I’m now enjoying much more time with my three grandchildren (ages 7, 4, 2) and families.  I lead out in the KID program, Pathfinders, and the Kindergarten S.S. at the Albany Community SDA Church.  I’m, also, the Music Director and enjoy putting together music for our Praise Team each Sabbath.

My husband, Bill, and I enjoy vacations (and as often as we can get away!) at the beach (only 3 hours away).  This past October we were at the beach and Bill was able (with help from God and the angels, I firmly believe) to miraculously rescue me from what was certain death when I was caught in the riptide and carried out to the ocean depths very quckly.  (I have posted my story in detail on FB.)  Shortly after returning home, I was listening to songs on my iPod (as I do frequently) and was drawn to a song which I’m sure I must have heard before, but was now truly hearing for the first time and has now become MY song–“Part the waters”.

When I think I’m going under, part the waters, Lord.

When I feel the waves around me, calm the sea.

When I cry for help, O hear me, Lord, and hold out your hand.

Touch my life, still the raging storm in me. . .

I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with many Rio classmates on FB–with your pictures and comments/stories.  Would love to hear from you!
(Posted January 2010)

Alumni CoupleDan & Diane Hurst​

68 Dan Hurst – It’s hard to believe it’s been 45 years since the “Class of 68” graduated. Dianne and I have really been enjoying our retirement.  We enjoy spending time with our five grandchildren and working on our hobbies.  During the summer we spend time at ourcamper in the North Georgia Mountains with several of our retired camper friends.  We have bible study, play games, eat and just have lots of fun. The Lord has truly bless us and our family in so many ways.  Remember to always Keep Christ First in all that you do.

Dan & Dianne Hurst
Hopefully I will make it to a reunion one day.
(Posted February 2013)


Aileen Siaw Butler – Well, as an almost 40-year federal employee working in an office, I would never dream I’d get a call to go to New York for a 30-day deployment but that’s what happened September 5th, Labor Day. Yep, human resources called me to fly the next morning to Albany, NY, then drive to Pomona, NY to help open and work at a DRC (disaster recovery center) in support of the disaster victims of Hurricane Irene. It has been exciting since then to help victims in this area apply for assistance. This town is about 25 miles from NYC so before going back to Cali, hope to visit NYC! Everyone is so nice and I feel I am learning a lot about FEMA’s individual assistance program. Other exciting news this year (the older I get, it doesn’t take much to make me excited!) was the birth of my third grandchild, Stella Simone, in June on Father’s Day, and a fourth one on his way (Nehemiah Glen) December 21st. God is growing our family and I am so honored and grateful for His blessings on our family!
(Posted September 2011)

Brenda (Jackson) Muth – Stan & I just entered our 6th decade! Still live in Paradise, and we OWN our home, so we’ll probably be here forever. I enjoy working as the Registrar at Paradise Adventist Academy and helping students get together their yearbook memories. Photography is a fun hobby and lends itself well to being the yearbook sponsor. Granddaughters are an amazing joy and we are so glad they live in Angwin and are only 3 hours away. Our son, Jeremy, married his sweetheart this last March on the island of Maui, making it a fun adventure for the entire family. (My granddaughter Isabella is convinced we went there for her birthday. The wedding was just incidental!) Love keeping track of old friends on facebook.

David Metzler – I’m currently completing my 25th year with the United States Navy Dental Corps as a Board Certified Periodontist and Navy Captain (O-6). I received my B.S. Biology and D.D.S. degrees from Loma Linda University in 1973 & 1975 respectively. Following 9 years in private practice 1976-1984(including 4 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 1979-81); I entered the United States Navy seeking residency training in Periodontics. I served as a general dentist at Great Lakes Naval Training Command (1984-85), and aboard the USS MISSOURI (BB-63) from (1985-88). I completed Periodontics residency training at the Naval Postgraduate Dental School (NPDS), Bethesda, Maryland in 1990. I then served tours as Periodontics Department Head and Regional Consultant at Naval Dental Center, Camp Lejeune and with 22D Dental Company 2D Dental Battalion, 2D Field Service Support Group, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. In 1998 I returned to NPDS to serve as Officer-in charge of the Naval Dental Research Institute Detachment A at Bethesda, and as Associate Professor and Chairman of the Research Department. From 2001 to 2004, I served as Executive Officer of Naval Dental Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Currently I’m Acting Executive Director and Dental Representative for the TRICARE Area Office Pacific, located on Okinawa, Japan, and am responsible for administering the TRICARE Medical and Dental Benefit to 180,000 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine beneficiaries scattered from Guam to India and South Korea to New Zealand. In 2000 I authored the SDA Senior Devotional entitled “Jesus.”

My wife of 33 years, Margy, enjoys travel and photography and is hoping to have two travel books published by Christmas time. One on Okinawa and the other on Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor Cambodia. She is a Master Diver and enjoys scuba diving. One day we both are looking forward to visiting Daryl and Lynette Galusha (RLA ’69) in Australia and Margy wants to dive the Great Barrier. Recently she was elected second vice-president of Ikebana International Chapter #10 Okinawa Japan and she is working on her Sensei (teacher) certificate. She continues her study of the Traditional Okinawa Tea Ceremony. Besides being a great wife and mother, Margy enjoys learning new traditional arts and cultures of the countries we visit.

Our oldest daughter, Jessica (1979) is completing her PhD in English at Cornell University in New York and should graduate May 2010. This follows a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte, an M.A. in English from Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee and a second M.A. in English from Cornell.

Our youngest daughter, Janna (1981) is currently enrolled in two Master’s Programs leading to degrees in Public Health and International Social Work at Columbia University in New York. Janna served a 3 year tour in Guyana, West Africa with the Peace Corps following her graduation in 2000 from Boston University with a B.S. in Psychology. She recently was a research fellow doing work in Liberia, West Africa sponsored by the Council of Women World Leaders working with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Part of her work was with the International Colloquium for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security which is a project sponsored by the UN in Liberia. Jessica and Janna were always taught the value of a good education and we are very proud of their accomplishments.

Margy and I continue to enjoy Navy life. Moving to a new location every few years and getting to see the world has been fantastic. Being located in Japan for the past 5 years has given us the opportunity to visit most of the countries in the Western Pacific and Asia. We are looking forward to one last tour back in the U.S. before retirement in 2013. Upon retiring, I plan to play more golf, write more books and stop seeing patients.

Kathleen Ellstrom – I didn’t get to the 40th reunion but have enjoyed the pictures – some haven’t changed at all and others……. 🙂 From Rio I went to PUC like many of us and completed the two year nursing program. I was then hired at Loma Linda University in pulmonary nursing and that started my career in pulmonary disease. I then moved to Utah in 1976 to work in a research ICU where I learned a tremendous amount of pulmonary physiology and research, completing my BS in nursing at Westminster College and MS in Physiologic Nursing at the University of Utah. In 1988 I moved back down to southern California to be near family and worked at UC Irvine and then UCLA, completing a PhD in Nursing at UCLA in 2000. I then worked at Kaiser Permanente to be closer to home (commuting 1.5 hours twice a day is a killer!) – I loved Kaiser but needed to be even closer as I was caring for my elderly mother after my father died in 2002. I’ve been at the Loma Linda VA now for over 5 years and love it. The patients are wonderful and it is an honor to care for those who have protected us. I am director of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (the only certified program in the VA that we know of), manage a patient panel, and do my own research. It is the ideal job!! And working for the government and in health care in this economy is a good thing!

I still keep in contact with some Rioites and Myra Josselyn Peterson ’69 works at the VA also so I see her occasionally. I have fond memories of my days at Rio and the friends I made there! Kathi.


Steve Booska – I have been following my muse studying French Horn at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music extension. I can occasionally be found lurking in the horn section of community orchestras and light opera pits in the San Francisco area. My wife, Amanda Ling, and I are the co-Home and School leaders at the San Francisco Adventist School where I am on the Board. Our two youngest children, Katie and Thomas are in the first and fourth grates there. Daughter Amy recently graduated from UCLA. I’m a teacher in the primary and kindergarten divisions at San Francisco Central Church. My horn playing has almost no economic value so I’m required to apply myself to the management of my law office and practice of law. Amanda is a project manager in Wells Fargo’s IT department. We live in San Francisco.
(Posted October 2010)

Kathie Clayton – I retired from El Dorado County Probation about a year ago, but still work at Juvenile Hall as needed. I live in Camino, CA, but bought a retirement cabin in Idaho I escape to as I can. Helping out with Dad in Stockton and visiting brother Frank Clayton in Germany in November. Scheduled to be a grandmother in February. Life is good!
(Posted February 2011)

Charlynn (Stopp) Long – Looking at the alumni photos and reading about everyone’s grandchildren makes me wonder where the time has vanished to. I would love to have a visit from classmates at my tearoom in Montague, CA. We have been open for 7 years and just a jump off of HWY 5. I work part-time at our local hospitals as an Occupational Therapist and full time at Ms. Lynn’s Tea! The joys of having your own business, you don’t get away to Alumni Homecomings, so you’ll have to stop in to see me and I’ll treat you to tea and some wonderful home cooking! Visit us on the web at www.mslynnstea.com

Diana (Wolgamott) Powell – AluI met my husband Orlo W.Powell at Walla Walla College. We got married December 1972. I then worked to help put my wonderful husband through Walla Walla college, and then dental school at Loma Linda. We’ve been married almost 37 wonderful years now. We have 6 beautiful children(3 son’s and 3 daughter’s)and 2 precious grandchildren. We live on a small horse ranch in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. And have a very successful dental practice there.


’71 Celeste (Wolgamott) Price – I’m moving back to Calif next week after being gone for 32 yrs. Looking forward to being “home”.  Now that I”ll be back “home”, I’ll be able to get over to Rio more. I’m moving to the Sacramento area.
(August 2012)

Marie Tilstra Aldinger – I’m still teaching grades K-2 at Fortuna Junior Academy part time, but I no longer have the church secretary job. Thomas (’04) graduated in August from University of Central Florida (in Orlando) with a BA in Spanish and a BS in Sociology. He is still working as a psych tech at the Florida Hospital for now. Jean (’02) and Nathan and some other family members were able to join us in Florida to celebrate with Thomas this summer. I’m looking forward to my 40th reunion this April.
(Posted February 2011)

Randall Beaida – I am healthy, still have my hair although a bit of salt and pepper color, working, married to Etta for the last 10 years with 1 daughter, two stepsons, 4 grandchildren and enjoy living a comfortable life in Sacramento, California. In my spare time, I work in the yard and take lots of photo’s as a professional photographer. My biggest pass time is riding. I take many rides on my Harley to include at least one big ride per year when I take off for a week to ten days. My rides include the California coast from L.A. heading north along the Oregon Coast. I have also enjoyed the western portion of our country to include trips to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. It is a great way to see the sights, take great photo’s and get a little sun. As they say, if I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand. I have not been to a reunion for several years and don’t know when I will. The last time I did go it was great to see many of my class mates. My hope is that everyone is doing well, content with their lives and that 2010 will be a great year for everyone.
(Posted January 2010)

David Hanscom – Hi everyone, I am still in Seattle working full-time. My practice has changed in that I am now working with Swedish Hospital. I am the lone orthopedic spine surgeon with eight neurosurgical partners. They are wonderful people and I am really enjoying not actively running a practice. My emphasis has changed in that I went through the Hoffman process in Napa valley in February of 2009. It is an intense residential eight-day experience that creates an awareness of family patterns and provides various tools to connect with your own value system. My emphasis has switched from being a spine surgeon to finding ways to prevent unnecessary surgery and also create viable alternatives. I am writing a book that is almost completed, “Back in Control—A Spine Surgeons’ Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain.” I have learned to really enjoy working with these patients in a structured way without surgery. The protocol is called, “Defined Organized Comprehensive Care” or the “DOCC” project. My main conflict is to create the time in this transition period to really get the non-operative project off the ground. I have a web site, www.doccproject.com if you are interested in seeing what the project is all about. I am sorry I don’t have the bandwidth to connect with many of you on Facebook. Please feel free to call me anytime you are in the Seattle area and I would love to catch up.
(Posted October 2010)

Dawn Krause – I moved to Baltimore a year ago and am Assistant Curator of American Art at the Baltimore Museum of Art (yea! I finally got out of Development!). I miss Hawaii so much, but I do love my job.
(Posted October 2010)

Chuachai Temboonkiat – Cherie Hull Foster found Chuachai Temboonkiat’s name online as having passed away.  She reached out to the person listed as his son and this is the response she received      Hi Chérie, Yes, in fact he was my father and yes Cathy Jenkins is my mother! This is true he has since past on from a major Stroke he was in Thailand and re-married. I actually have a half brother in Thailand whom I have not met! My mother is alive and well living in Hurricane. Utah. My name is Daniel Chai Temboonkiat! Chai for half of his first name. I grew up in Long Beach, California and lived there until I was 27 when I joined the Army as an infantryman, I have 3 combat tours 2 in Afghanistan and I in Iraq! My last duty station was Ft. Hood Texas where I met my ex-wife after leaving the service shortly after he passed in May of 2013 my daughter was born on June 25 2013! It’s an odd feeling one life taken and another given being my best friend “aka” my daughter her name is Sarah Lynne Temboonkiat her middle name after my mother’s middle name! I now work with the most advanced cutting edge technology as a quality engineer in a somewhat new field called additive manufacturing or better known as (3-D) printing, mostly aerospace, defense, and some R&D! I live in Kyle, Texas a small rapidly growing town just south of the Capital Austin, Texas! If there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask as I am a completely open person with not one secret! It is awesome of you to reach out in hopes of reuniting with all of your fellow classmates. I wish you well and good luck with your task and hope the day of your reunion is full of forgotten but familiar faces being your classmates! Cheers to your entire class from Daniel Chai Temboonkiat with Chuachai Temboonkiat in spirit!!!!  (Posted April 2019)


Join the class of 1972 on facebook!

Ron Artenian – Living a very happy life in Taylorsville, a small suburban town near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a wonderful wife too! Viki. She works with designers and writes final specs for a custom cabinet maker. They make high-end kitchens for celebrities and folks of means beyond ours. We are both planning to come to the reunion in April. I am looking forward to being in Northern California again.

I’ve been a real estate broker since 1980 and moved to Salt Lake from Las Vegas in 1987. In the 1990s, we handled mostly property management and apartment sales but for the past 10 years I have been working with buyers and sellers on a consulting basis helping them with their real estate investments, commercial and residential.

My two children are now adults. Heather is 29 and attended Rio one year and my son Chris is now 25. Viki and I where married just last year. It has been a terrific year…I’ve been married twice before and I know the difference, trust me! And she is the best! We met at the Southside Church of Christ (a non-denominational, Bible only church). Note: Although there are a lot of Mormons around you would not believe what a liberal place Salt Lake and the Wasatch in general is. Having said that, Provo in Utah County which is BYU territory is one of the most conservative anywhere.

Living in Salt Lake is great. We are surrounded by incredible snow covered mountains with all kinds of wonderful recreational areas. Skiing, golfing, hunting, fishing and all kinds of art and entertainment. We have free concerts in the parks downtown all summer long featuring well know headline musicians. Viki and I love riding my BMW K100. Whenever we need to get away and meditate on how we have been blessed, we simply get on the bike and head for “The Church in the Wind”. We have christian friends who also attend. Reverend “Jim” sometimes comes along. I’m not making this up, he is a real minister and we are really members.

I finally learned to play the guitar and love to make music with my friends. I will never be as good as some of you but it’s great to get together with friends, make noise and have fun! Although I am still considered a “Deadhead”, I just haven’t been able to go “Further”. If your in tune, we can discuss it later. If not, don’t worry about it.

If any of my ‘old’ friends (and I say ‘old’ with a smile) find themselves in this area, be sure and call me. We’d love to hear from you. I can direct you and/or accompany you to the best events in the area…music, recreation, auto racing, food, dance drink, etc. This area has unusual and interesting venues. We have the best motor speedway in the country where you can drive professional track in high performance race cars as well as the Bonneville Salt Flats where land speed records are set. At the ski resorts you can ride on the Olympic courses in the summer and ski them in the winter. Like the luge, ski jump and zip line and the like. The last musical event we attended was Lyle Lovett with his Large Band on the lawn at Redbutte Gardens.

I look forward to seeing you in the spring and hearing about your adventures on the dusty road of life. Until then…

Best Regards
Ron Artenian GRI, ePro
(Posted October 2011)

Willard & Louise (Leer) Ciccarelli – This summer we hauled our RV up to Star Valley (just outside of Thayne, WY) where we own a small lot, just 50 miles South of Jackson Hole. We are enjoyed the chance to relax and spend some time fly fishing in the beautiful rivers around thie area (Salt, Snake, and Greys). Two couples, who live in our same resort in SoCal, enjoyed fly fishing with us. The nights were cool (45 degrees) and the days warm (high 70s to mid 80s). Back to SoCal by the 28th of August, because Louise is working for the developer as the Social Director (see www.orarealty.net) and had to be home in time for the Labor Day weekend events. Willard still works at LLUMC in the IT department. In these economic times, we are THANKFUL for jobs. Hope all are well — if you are in the Temecula area, give us a call or find us both on Facebook.

Dave & Veronica (Milward) Crockett – Dave is still pastoring the Sandy SDA church, and I am still working as a Hospice RN. We feel blessed to live in beautiful Eagle Creek, Or., in a very rural setting, (Dave has agreed to the green house, but so far is resisting chickens). Three of our four children also live nearby, in Oregon, and one in CA (with her spouse and our only grandson). Cannot believe forty year reunion is coming up in another year! We feel so young!

Vic Hill – I can still get up in the morning and dress myself. I have all my original teeth, all the plumbing works, and I do not require the use of diapers… Yes, It is a Wonderful life!

Mike & Lyn (Gibbs) Shepherd – Best news of all: we will be grandparents in March! Alysa and Alan Darmody are due March 30th. Happily our son Justin and his wife Lindsey are in Chattanooga so just a two hour drive from Lawrenceville, GA to go see the new family member. We are still in Clearlake so will be burning the airline miles.
(Posted February 2011)


Don Amador – Don has been representing the nation’s off road rights of snowmobiler’s, motorcyclists, and ATV riders for years. This is a link Don recently shared about the work his organization does to keep areas across the nation accessible to the public.
Wash. Examiner Article: The polictical war of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts
(Posted April 2012)

Diana Dokos Hergert – Greetings to all! Our big update is: Our CD is released! “Washed” is now available online, via CD Baby! It’s a collection of old hymns and traditional gospel tunes arranged by our group, Sweet Tidings Gospel Jam. Featured is: Kim Conley (vocals, fiddle), Buddy Conley (brother to Kim; vocals, mandolin, octave mandola, resophonic guitar), Marc Nelissen (bass), Don Hergert (bluegrass banjo and cello banjo), and me, doing vocals and playing rhythm guitar. Website: www.sweettidingsgospeljam.com Otherwise we’ve had some ups and downs re: health and other issues (family and friends). Hoping and praying these will settle down soon. In Feb. we had another good “trip to nowhere” on the Bluegrass Jam Cruise (Carnival ship: Long Beach to Catalina to Ensenada, a day at sea, then Long Beach). Met new friends, enjoyed lots of good pickin’ and grinnin’! We’re enjoying beautiful days with cooler nights before summer REALLY hits and the nights will only cool to, say, 90 degrees. 🙂 We frequently drive up to Oak Glen (apple country!) for some mountain vistas and apple crisp. Looking forward to an upcoming Jam weekend (Memorial Day weekend) as well as Huck Finn Jubilee (Bluegrass festival on Father’s Day weekend) and come August, Summergrass, in Vista (near Oceanside).Hope you are all doing well. God bless.
(Posted February 2011)

Jim Griswold – Providence, Utah.  Hello from an old Rio faculty brat ’68 – ’73 and beyond.  Certainly a great deal of H2O under the bridge, but I wouldn’t trade my age for anything–except maybe my wife, Catherine’s!   Life has been good to a late bloomer.  Growing up at Rio was idyllic.  I taught English at Campion Academy,CO for 2 years, received some “higher education” at BYU, then decided that I’d rather have my hands in the poop than my head in the clouds, and returned to my nursing roots and the golden years of primary care nursing, then management, and then corporate cluster-mucking. The latter makes the transition to retirement a breeze, having been steeped, stewed and percolated in Personal Irrelevancy.   If life’s a Stage, I passed out and landed in the Orchestra Pit without an instrument; retired, kinda-sorta, and am bequeathed a supporting role for parents and children.  2 kids–one in and one out of the nest.  Mama (Marilee) passed away, gently and beautifully, in January 2012 and Papa (Stan) is busy grooming his 3 acres of trees and other things bloomin’ like crazy in the desert. Catherine, a 6th generation Cache Valley-ite, and I look forward to a “Walden Pond kinda-thingie with Network Access,” but who knows . . . We’re pretty sure this is not the place! Winters here are very winter-ish. You get very regular exercise shoveling high-grade snow, and then get compelling urges to flap your wings and migrate in a southerly direction.  But it’s also as beautiful here as anywhere on earth.  ‘Cept mebbe Rio.  Be so well!  jim g
(Posted August 2012)

Connie (Woolfolk) Schloesser – Greetings from the Far North…31 years here and still loving it. My husband, Craig, and I have 2 adult children and a lovely 7 yr old grand daughter, Jordan Grace. You may be dining on our catch when you order Alaskan Salmon since we continue to fish Cook Inlet for Red Salmon. For fun, its off to hunt during moose season which means an extended camping trip, which is just the best! Some of you met my sister, Terry, during our Rio Days…Terry passed away in April of this year, leaving a very empty place in my life. One day, I hope to visit Rio again…I find it hard to believe I can say “30 years ago” to any thing!! Be Well! Connie
(Posted August 2012)


Rick Spier – Now living in eastern Oklahoma and working as a safety consultant for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Cherry (Werner) Ashlock – ok………..”The 35th class reunion for 1974 was more fun then I thought it would be! It was nice to see classmates from 35 years ago and catch up with news. We had some characters in our class and it was fun to see that they still remain entertaining. I was most impressed with all the variety of occupations and choices we each made. We are still a cool group of alumni! Those who missed this reunion plan on making it for the 40th. I want to see you and catch up.

Marna (Frye) Carli – I just got back from a 2-1/2 week Maranatha mission to Zambia, Africa… that was AMAZING! We did a medical/dental clinic along with building and a Bible school for the kids. So very rewarding and I recommend this as a way to travel and really experience the culture. The people were so warm and happy. The Safari we were able to go on at Chobe National Park in Botswana was one of the highlights in my life as well as experiencing the Victoia Falls. My husband and I took an extra day and went white-water rafting down the Zambizi river on level 3-5 rapids! I thank God for this opportunity and would wish and recommend a trip like this to all my friends and classmates! Love to all!
(Posted February 2011)

Nancy (Young) Taylor – Aloha Classmates! My husband, Jim, and I live on Maui now. We absolutely love living in God’s paradise! I work for Pacific Whale Foundation in our retail store in Ma’alaea, and my husband works as a Security Supervisor. We have three grandsons, Edward–8, Gabriel–6, and Cylus–1. We feel very blessed to be here and near to the older grandsons. If you make it out here please look me up!

Herb and Anna May Waters (Faculty) – We have such fond memories of Rio Lindo Academy and the special students and staff we knew there.  We see Vivian Hassle here in College Place fairly often.  She lived across the street from us when we were there at Rio from ’74-’76.  Debbie Smick Muthersbaugh also lives in this area, and we were thrilled to attend a surprise party in her honor when she received her Doctorate this Spring.  We are still enjoying life in the Northwest in summer, and the Southwest in winter.  We also enjoy our 8 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.  One grandson and his wife are both dentists here in the area, and another grandson is an ophthalmologist here.  Herb turned 80 in January, and we had a big family reunion in Las Vegas.  Kids did all the work.  We are going on 61 years of marriage and life is good.
(August 2012)


‘Patricia (Fishter) Fernandez – I want to wish warm greetings to the class of 1975. I also want to encourage you to join facebook. I have had the pleasure of catching up with friends I haven’t heard from in over 30 years, share pictures, updates, and the fondest of memories from our Rio Days.

Marcus Becker Legasy


Gerri Smith – Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m still involved in my church, Living Water (in Henderson, of course).  We just purchased a piece of property and are hoping to break ground by this Christmas for our earthly church home.  We have been looking at this property for about 3 years.  When we first looked at it, the price was about $1.75M; a year later it had dropped to $750K.  At that point, we decided to pray and hit the fund raising even harder.  We wanted to be able to pay cash for the land and own it outright.  A little over a year later, we do.  You see, the price had dropped again:  $350K.  We paid cash and had money left over to begin the developement process with the City of Henderson.  This has been a total God-thing.  Now we are working on getting our building fund back up to begin building Phase 1:  The classrooms and the multipurpose room.  If you would like to know more about Living Water, please visit us athttp://www.bringone.org/

Marla King – Dear class, First, let me say that dreams do come true! I love my Bible work and will tell you more next time.
But I want to pass on the idea for you to try yourself.  Go get you a church member and go give Bible studies! (Sorry about my grammar, Mrs. Griswold!)  The fact is, the truth will never be your own unless you are giving it away!  And secondly, if you do not have the book that explains our SDA movement’s roots, you must have it for greatest confidence.  In one concise paperback for ten dollars, you will have the greatest rock under your feet for the times ahead.  Just call me and I will send you one!
(Posted August 2012)

Jim Meyer – Hi everyone, I seem to be living more and more of my life online now. Things are going well as I have recently: won the Irish Sweepstakes, helped a serviceman in Iraq find a place for some of Saddam Hussein’s currency reserves, and lastly, heard that I have an inheritance left for me by the former King of Liberia and it is waiting for me in a Nigerian bank account. My health is fine as long as I keep taking the little blue pills. A hacker has taken over my facebook account so my apologies if you keep getting strange emails from me. Maybe it is best if you look for my updates here instead of on facebook… P.S. if thoughts of this update recur in your memory for more than four hours please seek immediate medical attention.
(Posted October 2010)

Cliff Tillman – Well I am again visiting my family here in Redding for the Hoildays. Am having fun with the grandkids they are growing up fast. hope to see my classmates from 76 at the reunion in April.
(Posted November 2010)

Tim Teske – My oldest son Jason Teske graduated with a bachelors in Business marketing from Sac State and just started Law School in July 09. My youngest son Jesse Teske will graduate Sac State in December 09 with a bachelors in Business Management.’76 Marla King – Hi Friends, Isn’t it great having teenagers? What people are missing who never took the plunge of parenthood! But it sure takes alot of wits and backbone! If any of you parents are getting sore swimming upstream against the currents of our world, just give me a call and I’ll give you a pep talk! A life of faith is the most amazing and exciting. Yes, I am STILL a Literature Evangelist and loving it!! What is so amazing to me is that I never had so many bills but I also never had so much money to meet them! It just goes to show, you cannot out-give God.

Darla (Schlotthauer) Maydole – I now live in the small town of Janesville California. Don and I have been married for 32 years now. He is a Correctional Officer at a local prison. We have three grown children. Two boys and a girl. We also have three grandchildren. Two boys and a girl. We love our quieter life here.

Mark A Remboldt – Presently Treasurer of the North Pacific Union of Seventh-day Adventists, living in La Center, Washington, which is a short distance from Portland, Oregon. Life has been good to our family, with my son, Anthony, soon to graduate from Walla Walla University, and our daughter Amy, in her Junior year at the Portland campus of Walla Walla University.
(Posted February 2011)

Carl (Johnson) Zumwalt – As many of you know, I had a kidney transplant in April of ’01. Give God the glory, He has held me up and seen me thru many bumps in the road. I am reporting that after 9+ yrs., it seems that most all is leveled out. With the exception of the flu now and then, I am doing extremely well. Additional note: my daughter (Jenn) is in the army and currently assigned in the blazing desert of Baghdad. Keep her and her unit in your prayers.
(Posted February 2011)


Julie Meller Narducci – is now Director of Alumni Relations at La Sierra University. Unfortunately La Sierra’s Homecoming weekend is the same as Rio’s, so… “Sadly, I won’t be able to catch-up with friends at a Rio Reunion for a while.”
(Posted October 2011)

Steve Reeves – Hello friends and schoolmates, Greetings from amidst the peaceful pines of Feather River Canyon (near Paradise, CA). Lee Ann (Ogle ’78) and I moved here to this quiet mountain spot from Napa Valley in 2000. Next year we’ll celebrate 21 years together and 10 years of marriage. What a blessing! Our lives are full and we try to focus on counting blessings. One of our greatest joys these days is that of being young grandparents (to 3!). We’re also busy with our work: Lee Ann’s bookkeeping practice continues to thrive, and Cruise Club (the nation-wide discount cruise travel agency which I founded with two friends/partners) will celebrate 20 years in business next year. The Lord has blessed the music ministry he called me to a decade ago (www.stevereevesmusic.com) and Manna Records has just released the 5th of 7 albums that I signed with them to record. When we’re not busy with work, music and visiting kids/grandkids, we love to travel (mostly by ship, of course), boat/swim/waterski on nearby Lake Oroville, and spend time at the coast in the RV. It’s been a long time since Rio, but those years and the time with our schoolmates will always own real estate in our hearts. We’d enjoy hearing from you if you’d care to write (feel free to send an e-mail through the link on the website). Wishing you God’s rich blessings.


Rio Lindo Alum

Link to Class of 1978 Website:http://web.mac.com/jgbeitz/classof78/Welcome_.html

John Battenburg, is Head and Professor of the English Department at the American University of Sharjah, in the UAE. He is on leave from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA where he serves as Director of International Education and Programs and Professor of English. His wife Miranda is Resident Director for CIEE, an international consortium for study abroad at the American University of Sharjah, and he has three children in college and in high school.
(Posted October 2010)

Tom Nivison – I graduated from Milo but spent more time at Rio so I consider Rio my home school. Lived in Santa Clara County most of my life then moved to Citrus Heights, CA four years ago. I’m single. I’ve worked for Hewlett Packard for 28 years. My son Robert is 27, my daughter Nicole is 24, both live close and are among my best friends. My hobbies include racing autocross, anything on the water, 4 wheeling, camping, hiking, biking, snow sports and riding Harleys. I used to lead a couple different nonprofit groups but now I prefer to just participate. I love Rock and Country Western music and dancing to country is a definite passion. I attended Rio ‘76/77 and part of ‘77/78 and would enjoy hearing from anyone that attended the same time. Life is great! I hope yours is too


Jeff Badger – After 16 years of service to Central California Conference’s Soquel Camp Meeting Grounds, my wife Debbie and I bought our first home and moved to Evergreen, Colorado, located west of Denver up in the rocky mountains at 7500′ elevation. I am working at the historic Georgetown Loop Railroad, a steam powered tourist railroad in the gold and silver mining district of Clear Creek County. I am the shop superintendent and a locomotive engineer. http://www.georgetownlooprr.com/ Debbie is currently attending nursing school in Denver and we will be celebrating 30 years together this October. Soquel is still in good hands with my sister Jannell (attended Rio in 1980) and her husband Todd Gallemore as managers along with our youngest son Jeremy and his wife Megan as assistants. I look forward to hearing from my classmates and friends and our upcoming 35th Alumni in a couple years. Blessings to you all.

Jackie Martin – My daughter, Brooke (now 30), and I have moved back to Willits, CA. Both of us were laid-off in 2010 and were unable to find jobs in the Sacramento area; however we did start a house cleaning service there and worked way too hard for a year cleaning other people’s houses (NEVER again)! After much prayer and struggling, we decided to move back here with family. Within the first two weeks we both landed good jobs! God is good! I am working at a fuel company, doing my usual bookkeeping/ accounting work. I guess everybody will need gas for quite awhile, so this job should be safe. It’s not a Christian company, so this is a challenge for me: to show everyone God’s love and grace without being in-your-face about it. Already, after two months, the swearing is less and I’ve never said a thing about it! Just by me not swearing has had an influence on the other employees. Amazing, huh?!?!?! Turned 50 this year. What a shocker! How did that happen and where was I? I still FEEL like I’m 35 (according to my daughter, possibly even 5 some days, but, hey, she’s biased). I now have an AARP card. It does my heart good to know that I do NOT qualify for any other “senior” discounts for another 5 years! God bless for another year ya’ll! (Posted October 2011)


CJR Weyhrauch – was married February 11, 2011 to Brenda from Porterville, CA. We enjoy travel to Hawaii, Napa, national parks, and to church. I left the Kiewit Companies where I worked for almost 13 years so I could be back in California. My new company builds power lines throughout North America and I get to visit them all. *Wish I could buy a winery or an apple orchard* I have fond memories of all my friends from Rio and Redwood. “They have no idea how much they mean to me. Hey you guys, remember what we learned here…set that anchor. Life truely is…a vapor”
(Posted October 2011)


Wendy (Davis) Cramer – Things are going good in the Davis Cramer family. I was living in Van Nuys, CA and working for Kaiser until March. I moved back to NCAL and was not there a month before I was back in the L.A. area on a job interview. I have been blessed to be given another job, this time in Los Angeles at UCLA. My husband is still in NCAL taking care of our dog and house, also his mother is in ill health so we felt that he should stay close to her. My 3 daughters are doing good. My grandson will be 8 in October and my granddaughter will be 2 in August. Some of you know that My granddaughter has birth issues, she is doing good, she has her leg braces and she goes in for eye surgery at UCSF for a correction of one eye. If anyone would like to get in touch, I am on facebook. Hope to see you all soon.
(Posted August 2012)

Carrie Knittel – Twins, Amelia Elizabeth and Reese Andrew were born May 21, 2010 weighing in at 3 lbs each to Carrie Knittel and Lonnie Sherman. We live in Everett, WA and would love to have visitors if you’re in the Seattle area.
(Posted February 2011)

Jennifer (Flynn) Keeney – We’ve been living in Southern California since 1996, the last 12 years in Banning. My oldest son is married, but no grandchildren yet, and we have three still at home (16, 18, and 20). I became a massage therapist this year and am having fun working on building my business. I am also studying to become a certified wellness coach, and am enjoying that very much. All this is in preparation for the soon-coming day when my mothering skills will no longer be needed on a full-time basis and my nest will be empty. I always enjoy hearing from “old” friends, and invite you to look me up on Facebook. Blessings!


Join the class of 1982 on facebook!

Jaime (Robison) Herman – We have moved to Molokai, Hawaii. Our original idea was to help reopen the SDA elementary school that closed a year ago. The conference is not ready for that, so for now we are renting the teacher’s house on the school property. Jeff is working in construction with a local church member. I am staying home with my girls trying to get used to this warm paradise. It’s a little hot for my thick Montana blood. Our oldest, Jessalyn, is a freshman at PUC. Wow, was that hard watching her plane fly away from us!! Now I understand how hard it was for my parents to watch me go away to Rio. Our next daughter, Josie, is a sophomore this year and we are still trying to get her settled into some program here on Molokai. We are not ready for her to go far away, but she is not excited about home study. We are also not excited about the local high school. I’m doing homeschool with my two youngest daughters. Pray for us. Come visit us…We’d love to have company!! See ya, Jaime (Posted February 2011)

Melody Germany-Wilson – I am so excited! My son (Paris Wilson) will be attending Rio this Fall 09/10 as a Freshman. God is truly good and He is working it all out for me. I can’t wait to hear him come home to tell me all about the wonderful things he is experiencing at Rio. Blessings!

Laura (Pettis) Burdick – The kids and I are still living in Lancaster, California. We tried to sell the house last year to move up to Fort Bragg, California but it wouldn’t sell so here we stay. My walk to know Yeshua more deeply has taken us to another church called Oasis Life Changer’s Church. For the first time since graduating college I am truly taking the Sabbath day of rest & doing it on Saturday. We are learning so much & I am blessed to be there. I am still a stay at home mother but stay very busy as all you mom’s know ! The use of essential oils has become a passion of mine. I have become a Young Living Essential Oils distributor, which I love, of course ! I still have so much to learn which is exciting. Since the kids have gone back to school from the Summer break I have started reading the Left Behind series. So much better than the movies. Like many I am closely following what is happening with the U.N. & Israel. I rejoice as Yeshua’s coming draws near. If we are still here April 2012 I hope to see you all at our 30 year class reunion.
(Posted October 2011)


Yvonne Parrish-Levin – I live in Ketchum Idaho with my Husband Will Levin and our children.My Husband is an instillation manager for a home audio/visual company. My daughter Tiffany Parrish is a Sophomore at Gem State Academy in Caldwell. Timmy Parrish is a freshman at WRHS (Wood River High school) Kayden Levin is in 7th grade at WRMS My oldest daughter Christina and her two children, (Antonio 5, Aaliyah 1 1/2) have been living with us since the end of July. My oldest son Danny Hall moved to Alaska the first of September.
(Posted February 2011)


Scott Griswold – Julie and I are still here in Thailand, enjoying life and a chance to help out. Our children are now 17, 14, and 6 along with 23 year-old Cambodian Rotha who’s been like ours for 14 years. I direct the Global Mission Buddhist Study Center. If you want to check out some of what we’ve been involved you can look at www.BridgesforMinistry.org. I’d love to hear from any of you. Our email is The days at Rio were some of the most special in my life. We have a great class with very special people!
(Posted February 2011)

Rene (Hicks) Williams – In 1993 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on June 1 2009 I had gastric bypass surgery, now I am 95 lbs lighter, and the diabetes high blood pressure and high cholesterol are gone. I went from 13 different medications to none. God is so good. My husband and I are enjoying life in Oregon. Hoping to see everyone soon.
(Posted February 2011)


Cliff Martin – Not a lot has changed with me… I’m finally turned the pages of my book of life. My life as an Ironworker has ended due to my neck injury back in ‘04. I am now the Operations Director of a Lock & Safe company located in Nor-Cal.. Our youngest just turned 7 and my oldest has turned 18. My how time flies… I can’t wait to catch up with all my Rio Family at Alumni this year. It’s been 25 years already… Hope to see everyone from ‘85 there.
(Posted February 2011)


Robert Boggs – joined the Army in 1988 and was active for several year. I moved to the National Guard for a few years, but when 9/11 happened he went back in the Army and have been active ever since. I have completed three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. My work with the Army was primarily transportation, but now that I completed my Bachelors degree in Accounting in 2010 and am now working in Army Finance and living in Calexico, CA. I will be retiring from the Army in a couple of years. I am married and have three daughters. The oldest is a sophomore in college and the youngest is 10 years old. I’ve missed the last couple of reunions, because I’ve been deployed. Hope to make it next time around.
(Posted August 2012)

Minako Suzuki Ibukuro – Hello class of 1986 I’m here in Japan. I’d like to contact my best friend and roomy Julie J. Help! I miss you all ! Please contact me.

Tim & Andria (Soulis) Graham – Tim was just accepted into University of Kansas, Lawrence, School of Engineering, Aero-Space Engineering program where he will work on a simultaneous BS/MS with an eye to going to work at NASA when he grows up 🙂 Katie is five now and she and Andria are starting Kindergarten at home in Topeka this year. Don’t know that we will get back for Alumni weekend, between work and school it’s hard to get away in April. We are both on Facebook (with over half the rest of the class of 1986) and really enjoy renewing old friendships there, although Andria is on WAY more often then Tim 🙂 feel free to friend one or both of us and find out way more than you ever thought you might need to know about us and the most photographed child in the world 🙂


Wendy Wareham Clemente – My husband, Ron, and I live in San Diego, where I teach lower school music at La Jolla Country Day School. We have two kids — Clara (12) and David (7) — who are both as crazy artistic as can be. I recently finished my masters in Music Ed through Boston University, and my husband just returned from a 14 month deployment to Afghanistan with the US Army Reserves. We just moved to a new house, and are happy to be settling into a family routine again. God has blessed us so much — two healthy kids, a safe husband, and for me, 18 successful years of teaching! Many blessings to all!
(Posted January 2010)

Jodi (Lemon) Campbell – In 2005 I began teaching nursing clinicals for Southern Adventist University. I also attended there and was working on my master’s for nursing education. In 2008, I married Harry Campbell. He is a CRTS assistive technology professional, helping handicap and special needs clients with custom power chairs and other assistive devices. Five months after Harry and I were married, I was injured lifting a patient. It left me unable to finish my degree or work in the profession I love. I had an EMG done to determine where the pain in my back stemmed from and discovered that I had a very rare genetic neuromuscular disease. The whole situation has been complicated and my health has declined considerably. I will never be able to work again. Even though I cannot work for a living, I am “active” for our church here in Cleveland, Tennessee. I am the Personal Ministries Leader and Community Services Director and also play the piano from time to time. Harry and I have two beautiful daughters. Samya is 18 and attending SAU for nursing. Kaitlin is 16, and a Sophmore. They are both beautiful inside and out and excellent students. More importantly, they love the Lord and desire to serve Him. I have very fond memories of Rio and the people I met there. I would love to hear from anyone whom I attended school with. God bless, Jodi
(Posted February 2012)

Kim (Nixon) Vieten – In January of 2011 my family and I moved up to Tillamook, Oregon. (Yup, it is where they make the cheese.) I am currently working at the hospital in the Rehab department. I do physical therapy in outpatient primarily, but also go upstairs to do some frequent inpatient assistance. Our oldest daughter, Lacey just turned 9 on 3/9 and she currently is in 3rd grade at the little SDA school here. Our youngest, Sarah is 5 and loves her private homecare. She will start kindergarten next year. They both love hikes at the beach and the outdoor activities that we can participate in here. My husband, Richard also works in Rehab at the hospital. This is the 3rd hospital we have worked for in Adventist Health and we are really enjoying it. We live on 14 acres with our 2 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats with the Tillamook River going through out back yard. Due to moving and now trying to sell our house in Willits, CA, I will not be able to attend Alumni this year. It will be my 25th and I was looking forward to it, but we just can’t do it. I would love to hear about it or even hear from anyone that gets to go or even gets to read this. I hope you are all doing well and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great year!
(Posted August 2012)

Chares (Cassidy) Osadchuck – We just moved to Toronto Canada the first of the year to pastor a lovely church with lots of cultures, mostly Jamaican and Russian. After ten years in East Texas, God answered our prayers for a good SDA school and church, and learning how to like snow after being “spoiled” in the mild California and sunny Texas weather. We can rise above our circumstances when we put our trust in Him, and that he’s promised. Psalms 33:21, 34:22. Karis enjoyed her 20 year reunion in 2007 and greets all those who didn’t make it. Come on over guys for the 25th , if the Lord should tarry, it was a wonderful, inspirational time of heavenly reconnecting. Well worth the effort to get there in seeing old friends and a current generation of committed staff, students and families. Keep close to Jesus it can’t be long now.

Cynthia (Pfeiffer) Walker – We are currently living in Tillamook Oregon. I have been married for 10years, and we have 2 boys, 9 and 10. I am employed with the State of Oregon working in Corrections. Eventhough I work in a very challenging field, I am still able to bring God with me. My husband is a Commercial Electrician and a foreman for windmill companies throughout the US. Our two boys were able to accompany their grandparents to Gladstone and Redwood campmeetings last year and this year. They will be attending a Christian school this year in grades 4 and 5. It is just so amazing how the Adventist world is so small. It seems like where ever we move, we already know someone. God Bless
(Posted October 2011)


Kara (Lindsley) Claridge – Married with 2 kids wife, mother, Pathfinder Director & Ceres Church secretary.
(Posted February 2011)

Karen Gomez Vega – Happy New Year! We had our third son Sebastian Carlos on October 20, 2009. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz 20.5 inches and was he was our smallest yet! Sebastian is now over 14 lbs now and his big brothers Maximiliano (5) and Gabriel (4) are enjoying playing with him and teaching him how to talk or at least baby talk! Cesar still has his job and that is such a relief in these economic times. We are thankful for all that God has given us and look forward to a brighter 2010! Hope to hear from others from Rio on Facebook or via e mail!
(Posted January 2010)

Lysa Wright – I’m going back to school for a bachelors degree in medical imaging, starting with prerequisites this spring. Would love to hear from you all!
(Posted January 2010)

Colleen (Labadie) White – I married to James White, PhD on February 13, 2009 in Maui. We also welcomed our baby girl, Charlotte Marielle on July 23rd.

Carol Putz Zinke – My kids are growing up fast, this year I have 1 in college, 1 in high school, 1 in Jr. High and 1 in elementary. As a single Mom, life is always busy. I enjoy visiting with my classmates on facebook.
(Posted October 2010)


Matt & Lana (Munson) Young – It was soooo good to see all of our classmates this past Spring for our 20th class reunion. You all look awesome, especially Kelly Young (Blathwaite)!! Anyhow, our lives just took a different direction this week in fact. A new job position came my way and I snatched it up in a heart beat. I will no longer be working in cardiac surgery w/nasty docs and horrible hours!! I will be a teacher’s assistant for the med/surg portion of the BSN program at Washington State University. I will be the clinical instructor for 10 students. In addition, I have to be inrolled in a graduate program for this job to be possible so I am taking the leap and going back to school to become a nurse practitioner–AAAHHHHH! HELP!! Matt and the girls are very excited that “mommy” has a new job. Matt is still working at the local hospital and thankfully acquired a day shift position w/excellent scheduling. He is one of the lead respiratory therapists there and is respected by all. Sami and Abby are soon to be 7 and 4. They love life and are very BUSY and energetic. They will be homeshooled again this year. Would love to hear from you! God bless you all, Matt, Lana, Samantha, & Abbigail.


Shannon Barnett Galleher – Tom and I have been married almost 8 years now. We have two boys, Sam (6) and Hank (4) that we home school. Tom is Superintendent of Mountain Valley School District. I stay at home to home school and develop our farm. I substitute one day a week. My parents live only a mile away, and so can watch the boys that day. We currently have cats, chickens, a dog, and 2 horses. We have an orchard, a garden, and are working on greenhouse, cross-fencing (for goats) and irrigation. Hopefully in a few years we’ll be selling our produce at the local farmer’s market. We live in Hayfork, which is where I grew up. We feel very fortunate to be living here and raising our family in the mountains. Look forward to seeing everyone for our 20th reunion in April. (1/10)

Yemeseratch Girma – I have a confession… in my garage I found a Rio cafeteria tray. Yep an original tray, with the 1962 Rio seal and all. Though I don’t remember, I must have taken it as my departing gift from the cafeteria :). As much as we all complained about the café food, some of the most memorable times were in the cafe; Saturday morning trench coat breakfast with the girls, all the fancy banquets, occasional food fights, 8 hrs of free labor with Cris (courtesy of Mrs. Pride) and washing dishes with Bert (water fights) stand out for me. This past May, my world turned upside down when my home was damaged by fire. Praise God that my family and I escaped unharmed but we have been displaced ever since. In the days following the fire, all salvageable and non salvageable items were removed from our home. The only items that were not damaged and accessible were items in my garage. One Sunday morning, while looking for kitchen items for our Hotel Suite, I came across the Rio tray, stunned I hugged it, as memories flooded my mind. Finding a piece of Rio in my garage took me to a special place in time. Although I don’t under any circumstance condone stealing, finding the tray brought me comfort when I needed it most. As for the fire, it has thought me so many life lessons; a great deal of time is spent on attaining things which are ultimately meaningless – value spiritual things. Regardless of our circumstance we can choose to live our best life today… a God surrendered life, one day at a time. Call out to God, He has, He is and He will give you peace in the midst of your storm… fire, infirmity, death whatever the hardship maybe, we serve a God who is truly able to see us through!!!!! Whatever you do make certain that Heaven is your final destination! God bless you, Yemeseratch
(Posted September 2011)

Melissa (Gregory) Pipich – Hi all! Another crazy-busy year gone, another one to come. I’ve been back in Napa for 3 years now and am SO happy to be home. My husband Jeff was injured on the job in late 2008, making 2009 a pretty tough year for us, but God has been good and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The power of prayer is an amazing thing! Our daughter Janelle is a junior this year at Napa High and our son Jake is in the fourth grade. In January of 2009 I joined the Harlen Miller Chorale (formerly the Norman Skeels Chorale) and am thoroughly enjoying singing under Mr. Miller’s awesome direction, just like I did 20 years ago! I’m on Facebook, so look me up if you want to stay in touch. You’ll find me under “Melissa Gregory-Pipich. God Bless! (1/10)


Join the class of 1991 on facebook!

Sarah (Epperson) Golightly Edwards – I married Graham Devlin Edwards on December 12th, 2009 at the Four Seasons Bora Bora in Tahiti. In addition to my 20 year old son, Justin Ryan Cooper, I now has an adorable 9 year old step-daughter named Isabel. I live in the town of Sonoma and works in Mill Valley, California. I am the CEO and Co-Founder of GoLightly, Inc. I provides strategic leadership as well as spearheads product design for GoLightly, Inc. An accomplished visual artist and technologist with more than 15 years of experience designing enterprise web applications, I am passionate about making the web more usable and beautiful. Prior to co-founding GoLightly, I did design, branding, and web site development for major corporations including Toyota, Lexus, and Blue Cross of California. GoLightly, Inc. is the leader in providing effective and easy-to-use social networking solutions for nonprofits and membership associations worldwide. www.golightly.com (2/11)

’91 Maria (Prokop) Lewis – I didn’t actually spend my graduating year at Rio but I did spend my sophomore and junior there. I just read Sarah Epperson’s post along with Yeme’s (class of 90) and thought how cool to read how they were doing! I live in Alaska now with my husband and two children. I graduated from UC Davis in engineering and worked for 10 years after graduation. Now I’m a stay-at-home mom and generally love it, especially pajama days! Rio was a lot of fun.

Jennifer Colleen Frost – Last May, I graduated cum laude from Texas A&M University-Commerce with BS degrees in Wildlife & Conservation Science and English. I am also being certified as an Associate Wildlife Biologist by the Wildlife Society (waiting for application review though I meet all the requirements) and rock wall belayer at TAMU-C. This semester, I have entered graduate school at TAMU-C and am pursuing an MA in English and am a Graduate Assistant for the Faculty Senate. I am also working as Education Interpretation Specialist at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary where I also work as Trail Guide and Contract Educator. I also received certification from the American Canoe Association as Level 1-Kayak Instructor. For now, I’m still living in northeast Texas.

Jeffery Reed – I recall the great memories and friends of my youth during my two years. I need to know if others of the Alumni have enlisted into the armed services and if so I’d like to know who they are, so I may write to them. Words of mine are few, yet I pray that you and your staff will pray for those men and women who fight in far away lands. I’m headed out for my third tour of duty in a combat area. May the full protection of GOD protect me and my men as we walk in the valley of Death. For several of my men its their first deployment for the rest, it’s their second, third and tragically for some their fourth. May the Lord grant me the strength to make the right choices and decision under the rigors of war and see them safely back to those who love them; family, wives, husbands, children and friends. My children Phoenix, Orion and Sharatan will once again have there father in harms way. May I see them soon and hold them in my arms once more. I’m stationed in Italy, center of culture and art from past to present. Love and prayers to you all, Sgt. Jeffery S. Reed 1st Ranger Battalion, Savannah, GA – Deployed – 2007 4th/10th MTN 2-30 Infantry, Fort Polk, LA – Deployed – 2008 173rd Airborne Unit 2-503, Vicenza, Italy – Deployed – 2009


Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson – My husband, Jeremy, and I welcomed our son, Ian Makoto Fujimoto-Johnson, on February 7, 2009 at 21:21 in Roseville, CA. Weight: 7 lbs. 8 oz. Length: 19 in.

Jill (Parker) McBride – Maeve Katherine McBride arrived March 5th, 2009. 4y/o big brother Sean remains happy for her presence. Lance and I have shared 17years of life together, 14 married. God is good.


Jeremy Fritz – I am in Loveland, Colorado about 45 miles north of Denver. I have been working as a CT Scan technologist for the last seven years here after graduating from Loma Linda’s X-ray program in 1998. My wife Lenina and I have two dogs and are both loving Colorado. Being able to see my beloved Broncos play in person a few times a year is the greatest.

Will & Kim (Ryan) Bowlby – We are so glad to be catching up on the happenings of so many classmates through the internet on facebook! Would still love to reconnect with others, like Brooke Bottroff…where are you Brooke?

Dustin Jones – “After several failed attempts at russianbrides.com, I finally snagged myself a quality young lass from Canada. Heidi (Hiebert) and I got married in June 2008 and have been loving life so far. She works as a hospice chaplain and I’m associate director of public relations at Loma Linda University. I got my master’s three years ago and am starting a doctorate later this year. It’s been great catching up with classmates on Facebook. You can e-mail me at , though I’m pretty terrible at writing back!”
Thought I’d share this picture Dustin Jones ’93 sent me taken with his wife. They were married last fall. He has his masters (I just asked him what in and will find out) and works in public relations a Loma Linda. His wife Heidi is a hospice chaplain. He is starting to work on his PhD this fall.


Johanna Belsuzarri – I miss a lot of you and would like to hear how you are all doing. It’s been awhile, but I am doing great. I am about to finish my Master’s Degree in International Marketing from Boston University and upon graduation will be looking for a job in International Business. I received my undergrad from the University of California Irvine in International Relations, and through college have been able to pick up another language, Portuguese, and have studied abroad to Spain, Brazil and India. Feel free to email me at to catch up! Warm Regards–Johanna (2/11)

Dusty Clemons Otterstorm – I have now been working for Nova Group, Inc., a construction company that works on military bases all over the world, for 13 years. 2 years ago I stepped out of the accounting department and landed in Contract Admin. My husband, Scott, has been working for IKEA in their direct to customer shipping warehouse in American Canyon for over a year and we’ve been married for 2 1/2 years. We currently live in American Canyon, but are looking to move out of CA. My dad moved in with us after my mom passed away 4 1/2 years ago. I’ve also recently started a pet sitting/dog walking business through Rover and am enjoying meeting all kinds of different dogs and cats.

Jill (Cable) Escareno – I gave birth to my third daughter on 11/20/08 (Elena Violet Escareno) she was born healthy and happy!

Staci (Jones) Fagal – We just added baby #4 to the family! Levi Gordon Fagal joins his sister Adelena Rahel, and his two brothers Rett (William Garrett), and Griffin Robert. If you ever get out to Berrien Springs, MI look us up. We love visitors.(2/11)

Shirley (Whittington) Kennedy – Howdy and many “warm fuzzies” to my old friends from Rio. Sadly I had to leave rio in my junior year and graduated from another high school. But the memories of Rio still linger in my mind, bright and fresh as if I was still there. A lot has transpired in the last 16 years. After 12 years of marriage, two wonderful sons (11 and 9) and a not-so-bitter divorce we learn that life goes on!! I now work for the Antioch Unified School District working with Autism and emotionally disturbed students. I had the opportunity to visit Rio for 2010 alumni weekend it was wonderful to visit with Mrs. Pride and to know that she remembers every one of her girls. (and late nite noise complaints, cooking in the dorm rooms, sneaking snakes into my room, riding a galloping horse across the lawns from girls dorm to boys dorm, T.P.-ing her apartment, etc…) I shall never forget either! (2/11)


Jennifer (Adams) Waltman – This has been a busy year. Our third child, Caleb, was born on July 22. Joshua (4) and Kiana (2) are very excited to have another sibling. I was promoted in February to Eligibility Supervisor at Shasta Co. Social Services. Keith is now working IT at Redding Adventist Academy. (9/10)

Rob & Julie (Burnham) Hagele – Melting in Scottsdale, AZ. Rob manages HVAC service teams across the nation and Julie provides trust services support for SDA entities across the U.S. Entertained by their K-9s, Roo & Cosmo. Rob’s ’29 hotrod build has inspired a ’59 street rod (Julie helps). Living life by God’s grace & blessed with great friends. Thank you Rio!
(Posted August 2012)

Kimberly (Spier) Unruh – Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I will have a new address. As of Feb 1st, my address will be Kimberly Unruh 340 Markham Rd. – Dawson Springs, KY – 42408. For anyone who wants it my email is , or you can find me on facebook. God Bless you in the new year. (1/10)

Jennifer L. Waltman – Hello all! I’m still in Redding, CA working for Victor Community Support Services as a Marriage and Family Therapist. The new thing in my life is that I’m getting married to Tony Grovet of Lacombe, Canada in October 2009. We met here in Redding and plan to continue to live here in the house I bought about a year and a half ago. We spend most of our time kayaking, biking, hiking, working on the house, or spending time with my family who are all in the area. I hope to see you all at alumni weekend in 2010 – 15 years… we can’t really be that old!


Robert Childers – Becky and I welcomed our second son into our family on Dec 30, 2009. Joshua Reed Childers was 6-lbs 9-oz and his older brother Luke loves being a “big” brother. (1/10)

Stephanie Fritz-Ta – “Mike and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, in October. This will be the first grandchild for Mr. & Mrs. Fritz, and we have had so much fun getting ready for her! We can’t wait to bring her for a visit to Rio!”

Beth (Allen) Johnston – We are proud to announce the birth of our baby boy, Joshua Michael Johnston on September 10, 2010. He’s pretty cute! I am still finishing my surgery residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE, one more year to go. So if anyone is passing through on I-80, we’d love to see you! (2/11)

Cara (Christensen) Farrell – I hope this finds you happy, healthy and well. Things are wonderful here in the beautiful NW and we are enjoying a fun filled warm summer!
ALOT has changed since I last saw you all at our 15 year reunion. I got married May 19, 2012 to an amazing christian man and my bestfriend, Brandon!  We have four fun loving kids – Hunter (11), Madison (9), Dylan (8) and Lorelei (6) whom all attend the Meadow Glade SDA Elementary School. We are residing still in Battle Ground, WA. I work full time in Vancouver, WA as a Registered Medical Assistant and just recently changed departments working now in Dermatology and love it!!!  My most favorite thing is the interaction with patients, injections and most recently added biopsies and procedures!  In our spare time we like to hang out with our kids, hike, camp, skydive, travel, and absolutely spend time with our family, friends, and church family!  God has truly blessed us!!!!
(Posted August 2012)

Mayra (Urena) Polka – I have finally settled down, gotten married and have a healthy four month old baby boy.  Throughout the last few years I was in the military serving on active duty, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  I hope to make the next high school reunion.  See you all there!
(Posted August 2012)


Kimberly (Hershey) Holloway-Cook – Hello to all!! I pray that God is still strong in all of your lives. My husband, Scott, and I are getting ready to celebrate 11 years of marriage. Our children are growing up way to fast. Amber, my stepdaughter, is finishing her second year of college. Brianna is 11 and almost as tall as me. Kaitlynn is 10 and loves ready books, especially the bible and the Guide. David is 9 and loves to get firewood with daddy. Daniel is 8 and loves to make things with his hands. I am a homemaker and a teacher as I home school our children. My husband is self employed with construction work and witnessing about Jesus and His soon coming. We live just 10 miles from Canada and 40 miles to Idaho in a little town called Metaline Falls, Washington. They filmed the movie “The Postman”, with Kevin Costner, in this town. It is really God’s country here. You can look me up on FaceBook and see all that is going on. May God Bless each of you and may you remember that our time is short! There is no time like right now to choose Jesus! (2/11)

Rona Padua – recently was married to David Vergne in France on 7/17/10. They currently live in San Francisco where she is enjoying her job as a Senior Video Producer. (10/10)


Johanna Belsuzarri – I miss a lot of you and would like to hear how you are all doing. It’s been awhile, but I am doing great. I am about to finish my Master’s Degree in International Marketing from Boston University and upon graduation will be looking for a job in International Business. I received my undergrad from the University of California Irvine in International Relations, and through college have been able to pick up another language, Portuguese, and have studied abroad to Spain, Brazil and India. Warm Regards–Johanna (11/10)


Andrew Caldwell – God has been good over the last several weeks and months. I am back in Taipei, and I am still teaching at Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy (TAPA). We just finished our first week of school, with school starting this last Tuesday. For the most part my classes are the same as they were last year, except for the addition of A.P. U.S. History. Last year I began the school year with five classes and four preps and ended the year with six classes and four preps, teaching U.S. History, World History, American Government, and Geography. With the addition of the A.P. U.S. History class, I am now up to five preps, but this was my own doing.

In TAPA’s sixth year as a school, we have taken the next step to identify ourselves as a college preparatory academy with our A.P. program. Besides my U.S. History course, our school now as of this year offers A.P. courses in two other disciplines: mathematics with A.P. Calculus and foreign languages with A.P. Chinese. Although we did not advertise these classes until final’s week during the last week of this last school year, we have been pushing our students to consider taking an A.P. class. As a result, school began on Tuesday with five students in my regular U.S. History class and twenty students who had signed up to be in my A.P. class out of just over ninety students enrolled at TAPA. Naturally, this number was artificially high with the expectation that many would transfer classes within the first two weeks of school, as students compared college goals with class-loads and homework loads for the classes enrolled in. From this first week’s classes, I expect that I will have around nine or ten students remain in my A.P. class for the year. My regular U.S. History course now houses around thirteen or fourteen students.

Many students are not sure about the course load in an A.P. class as would be found in a typical college class, although most are fully capable of taking these classes. My classes have earned a reputation as being rigorous courses with college building skills over this last school year, to the point that I was one of two teachers of eighteen who was introduced to incoming freshman by the phrase “take their classes as they will prepare you for college.” This reputation might be working against me in retaining students in my A.P. class, given the first week’s workload. Besides reading the first chapter in their textbook, America: A Narrative History, students read an essay on how to read primary documents, a large portion of the Mayan Creation Myth, Popul Vuh, and a short chapter in one of Fernand Braudel’s books that discusses historical agency and his threefold approach placing geography, culture, and political leaders and events in order of importance. In addition, they have a short project due on Monday, where they are to create a brochure that compares their family’s history with the bigger picture of the geography and history of Taipei.

With the changing education market in Taipei, our focus on A.P. classes along with a strong Christ-centered Christian education and our cheaper tuition– as compared to Taipei American School or Taipei European School– our school should remain strong. Several factors have caused the enrollment at all Western stylized schools to drop some this year. Foremost is the economy. Followed by a push by local schools to offer international English speaking high school degrees to get into Western colleges. Finally, Taiwan is ending its required draft with this year’s incoming freshman class, taking the pressure off many who would use Western schools as a means to transfer to schools in foreign countries to avoid the draft, or they are transferring out now to American schools, fearing that education visa’s might be put on hold in the future with China’s increasing diplomatic pressure.

Besides our A.P. classes, our school also had a facelift with a new paint job both on the exterior and interior. Of our two buildings with the facing sides having been painted green and red in the past, these buildings will now reflect our school colors that have been finalized last year of blue and yellow. My classroom has changed from side walls of off-white and end walls of a very very light blue and tan to having two walls painted a forest green and two an off-white. The green really makes classroom posters pop out. I have also cut out letters in tan of 2 Corinthians 12:9 and pasted them on the wall above the whiteboard as a motto for this school year in my classroom.

In addition, our students will be wearing uniforms for the first time this school year. The uniforms consist of a dark navy blue sports jacket with the school crest, a v-necked sweater with the crest, two long-sleeve and two short-sleeve button up shirts with the crest, two different color polo shirts with the crest and the choice of khaki pants or shorts, or a skirt for the girls. Uniforms have always been on the long-term plan for our school but have not been implemented until this point. Students will have the choice to wear any combination of the uniform on any given day. This will look much sharper than the local school uniforms of most of the public schools, which tend to be jumpsuits with the school’s name, student’s name, and student’s ID written on them. These jumpsuits are often of horrendous colors such as suits made of green and purple, blue, white, or other colors, making students appear as if they just left a prison.

Many of you have probably heard about Typhoon Morakat by now. This typhoon struck Taiwan about a week ago, on Friday through Saturday morning, with the eye striking Taiwan about 2:00 on Saturday morning. Originally, this typhoon was supposed to stay north of Taiwan and reach a peak category of 2 on the hurricane scale. By last Thursday, forecasters placed the storm as headed directly to Taipei. Taipei has a propensity of being struck directly by typhoons each year. I think there must be something about how the ocean currents, ocean trenches, mountain chains of Taiwan, and monsoon directions in August through October that points typhoons our direction. Last year we were struck directly by two typhoons that were at a category four and a category two shortly before they came to Taipei. One of them struck at the same time and in the same intensity as and when Hurricane Ike struck Houston. As always though, the surrounding mountains broke up the wind of the typhoon, so that we received a tiny amount of wind but mostly rain.

Instead of tracking towards Taipei, Typhoon Morakat remained over central Taiwan before heading towards mainland China. The typhoon remained at a category one, but did strengthen to a category two briefly before making its first landfall. Most businesses were closed on Friday as a result, but I was surprised to note that at least a quarter of them remained open. Staff orientation was cancelled for Friday and moved to Sunday due to the typhoon. Not having anything to do at home and given the weak nature of this typhoon, I took the MRT or Metro Regional Transit system to school to work for four hours, which in the Shihlin area is a raised platform train that only becomes a subway a few stations after the school. After working, I decided to walk home, experiencing just a little wind and rain in the process. Going to church on Saturday morning was quite easy. Although the eye struck between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, the sky was mostly clear by 8:00. By the time church and potluck ended around 1:30, most of the city had already been cleaned up from the few branches and leaves that had been knocked down during the storm.

Unfortunately, this is not the same story that central Taiwan experienced. The storm in these parts caused massive flooding and landslides. Many aboriginal villages were largely destroyed by these floods and landslides. I have heard that one of the Seventh-day Adventist churches in the area was flooded and at least three church families lost their homes as the floods carried them away. Over this last week, TAPA has conducted a fundraiser to aid these victims, with the money, food, clothing, and furniture going to a combination of the Bunun tribe of aborigines and the Jia-lan SDA Church.

I had the opportunity to visit Japan on the way back to Taiwan from the United States in late July. My schedule allowed for parts of six days or basically four tourist days and two travel days in Japan. Knowing my first full tourist day would be on Saturday, I wanted to do something in nature to honor God’s Sabbath. Thus the first two days I spent in Japan, I spent in the Mt. Fuji area. The first full day, I climbed Mt. Fuji, joining several other Americans I met in the journey for that day. Hiking up was nice but very steep. Clouds were streaming off of the summit that day, giving a very moody but awe-inspiring view of the valley and mountains below. The top was completely encased in clouds, with a great deal of rain. The cooler temperatures certainly made the top memorable but slightly miserable. We did make the summit, but with the cloud cover were not able to see anything. The next day, the cloud cover was gone, giving a great view of the mountain from below. That day I visited a couple of volcanic tube caves and a historical village by the name of Sai-ko Iyashi-no Sato Nenba. This village had originally been destroyed by a mudslide in 1966, but was now rebuilt as a tourist center. Each building honored one handicraft or way of living in the older traditional style of Japanese living.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in Tokyo. As all the museums were closed on Monday, I ended up spending the day at DisneySea, a branch of DisneyLand focused on different lands of water from a New England seacoast to a Central American river to an Arabian Seacoast to a futuristic seacoast, a mermaid lagoon, a retro “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” lake, and a pirates lagoon. Tuesday the museums were open.

That evening I visited Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Tower. On this day, I was able to visit the Imperial Palace Gardens on the site of the old Edo Castle. Likewise I visited the Tokyo National Museum, the equivalent of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. Here they had archeological artifacts back to Japan’s beginnings as well as a great deal of art from Japan’s past. I greatly enjoyed this museum but I think the National Palace Museum in Taiwan houses a greater collection of Asia’s past, with much of China’s treasure stored there. That evening I visited the Tokyo-Edo museum that looked at the historical development of Edo and the transformation it went to become Tokyo. Overall, this was a fast trip but a good overview of several aspects of Japan’s culture, geology, and past and present.

Instead of posting pictures with my e-mails, I have decided to create a Flickr account. This was largely done to share my life with the long distance relationship I have with a girl I am dating in Alberta, but it should also serve the purpose of these e-mails. My username is Caldwellae. You should be able to search for these pictures under People on the regular Flickr homepage. Here you will find pictures of my Japan trip, of some flowers I took pictures of in my Mother’s garden, and a few other shots. If you have a Flickr account and add me as a contact, there are several other pictures from my life over the summer, including a solo-backpacking trip I took in the Hetch Hetchy area of Yosemite in mid-July (twenty-seven miles, four thousand vertical feet, and three days), and a trip to Alberta, Canada in mid-June.

I hope all is going well in each of your lives. And I hope that each of you can experience some of the grace from our Lord Jesus Christ in the coming weeks and months.


Brandy McMahon – Hello everyone! I am currently in the Caribbean, enjoying Grenada while I begin Medical School. I just recently finished acquiring a Masters of Public Health down here, and am now on to medicine! Its a little overwhelming, but definitely fascinating. And I love the island…who else gets to swim with dolphins and see Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs and play in waterfalls? When I’m not here in Grenada, I live in Arizona, but do have a tendancy to travel during my time off from school. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to our 10 year reunion, but I hope you all have a wonderful time and I expect some pictures!


Melinda Fletcher – Hi everyone! I am in my 4th year of teaching kindergarten in San Jose and am loving it. I have a great class this year, a nice mix of boys and girls and very sweet. In my spare time I like to read, knit, hike or scrapbook and in the summer I am kept busy working on my M.Ed, which is about halfway done. God has blessed me and there is never time to be bored! (1/10)

Allison Harrington – In May I graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. I am now working full time as a Multimedia Coordinator with Plaza Design, a locally-owned home furnishings store. I manage the gallery spaces between three stores, handle dealings with our consignment vendors and run the behind the scenes aspects of our web catalog. I also started Samba dancing lessons and am generally enjoying this post-college period in my life.

Julie Ireland – I finally graduated from Western State College of Colorado in Dec. 08, with two BA degrees; Accounting and Business Administration. I am now working for a great Accounting firm in Glenwood Springs, CO. Tyler will be in Kindergarten this fall and Joey is a “terrible two”. All in all things are going well and I am very blessed. Keep in touch.


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Sam John – “Sam the Pakman here my fellow class of ’02 and Rio-mates, and wishing sweet blessings upon all of YOU from here in Honolulu! Am still vibing strong with the music and pursuing it whole-heartedly, though at the same time I am now continuing my education with a Pharmacy Technician Program at Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, as music alone is just not able to cover life expenses at present, unless you sell out, which I have no intention of doing 😉 The Peace of Mind Crew and I continue to be extremely blessed with show opportunities and receive warm receptions wherever and whenever we perform, which is awesome. At the same time, I am beginning a new part-time position at Castle Adventist Medical Center here in Kailua to help fund life adventures. Also, my family is doing well, by God’s grace, back at home in California, while my girl Joey and I continue to be blessed by one another’s loving presence here in Hawaii, the end of October marking our two-year anniversary as a couple 😀 Hehe, life is good, music is good, and most definitely, God is good! Also! Watch for our new hip hop album to drop soon at peaceofmindcrew.com, as well as a West Coast tour, coming soon! God bless you all! Peace.” (2/11)


Chip Dillon – Hi everyone, Long time no see! I am still flight instructing at Pacific Union College and working as the assistant Director of the Angwin airport and aviation program. My wife (Michelle) and I just moved across Angwin and are enjoying the first few weeks of the new school year. If any of my old class mates or teachers are in the area I’d love to see you, just stop by the Angwin airport. Take care. (10/10)

Justina (Woodman) Harris – Hello Rio Friends!! I hope the beginning of the new decade is treating you well! A little about us…. well, my husband and I bought our first home together in April, 2009 in Sacramento. It’s small but it’s home for now! We have both been attending University of Phoenix since August of 2008. I will be receiving my AS in Criminal Justice in April, 2010 with plans to pursue my BS, and my husband will be getting his AS in July. We still camp whenever we get the chance, but that’s taking a back burner to other priorities lately. However, we are looking forward to the summer when we can get back out on the trail! We hope everyone is doing well and in the best of health! (1/10)

Diana Gallego – In 2007, I graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Art Studio and a minor in Education. Now I work as a full-time art instructor for adults with developmental disabilities. It’s usually fun! And as for general status, I am neither married, dating, pregnant, or have kids…yet.” (1/10)


Annalisa Castillo – Hey Everybody, I graduated from La Sierra University with a B.S in Exercise Science: Wellness Management. I am currently working as a lifeguard and a WSI instructor at the La Sierra University. I plan to start graduate school this fall and receive a Masters degree in Hospital Administration. My best friends are still Jakeline Sanchez (who is still in Puerto Rico and excited for her to graduate this year! GO JACK JACK) and Amy who I cant wait to see more of her around southern California. I am looking forward to talking to and celebrating my 10 years with Julie Meyer, Emily Griswold, Amy Eaton, and sorta Krista Benson (Not technically 10, but it feels like it:) of knowing each other and being awesome friends. I do my best to check in with Mr. and Mrs. Riddle, Ashley and Jonathan (GO SENIORS 2010), they are all still a huge part of my life and am very grateful for them. I am not married or have children YET…, but I am engaged to an alum from La Sierra named Blaine Smith. He is currently finishing up his Masters in Sports Management at the University of San Francisco. In the last couple of years there have been a lot of rough bumps in the road, but I have been able to ride them out being able to grow and mature from them, keeping the most important part of me still intact which is my crazy sense of humor:)

Jackie Li (Xu Li) – Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. It’s been almost 3 years since I went back to china. This year, I’ve started working in my family business which involves wood floor and furniture. China is growing fast like a bullet train and many businesses are merging together. I also have my own 5-years plan for my family business. Even if times can be rocky for us, we have to keep going. Best wishes for everyone. (2/11)

Stephanie McNeil – Dear ’04 Classmates, I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! I have been studying for all of them and will graduate this December with three degrees (yay!!!!). I will be so happy to go to graduation and accept my diplomas. I’m going to take a year and a half off before going to Grad School. I’m looking into various Law Schools but if I decide not to go that route, I’ll probably get a masters in Art History. Things are a bit up in the air right now. Until then, I keep trying to find various ways to return to France. For part of my time off, I’d like to return and teach English to adorable little French kids. Lucky for me, France offers a great program that would allow me to do that. This is a really exciting part of my life and I am so scared to jump off the ledge and enjoy it; yet I’m loving the freedom and openness to choose just about any path. I wish I could join you at Rio. I would love to reconnect. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been in California and I’m dying to return to ‘my roots.’ I’ll be in SF for a week in March but can’t make it for our reunion in April. I’m on Facebook and would love to hear from you.


Chris & Laura (Bhatacharjee) Beagle – we were married December 20th of 2009, can’t remember if we sent that in last time. Also, we are working for a year in Taiwan teaching English at English Camps. They are basically summer camps, but the point is teaching English for the week. It’s a blast, although some of the kids are not as easy to handle as others. We will be here until August next year, at which point we are planning to return to the states to begin working on our masters. Our program is in need of teachers if anyone back home might be interested 🙂 We get to live on the beach which is very nice, and there’s a lot more American food than we expected! (Food has become increasingly important to us the longer we have been here). That’s about it for us. God Bless. (11/10)

Michael Sedlacek – Things are going good, and I’m busy as usual. I’m still working as a firefighter/paramedic in Madison, which is a upscale suburb of Huntsville Alabama. Our baby boy was born in March and he is growing like a weed! His name is Michael Caiden, but we just call him Caiden. Makenzi is in first grade now and is smart…just like me! God is blessing!! Hope to see some of you soon! (10/10)

Colt Sherman – 2010 has been a truly wonderful year. Back in March I decided to get out of Thailand in anticipation of social unrest. I got the first flight out to Malaysia where I spent the weekend with friends and then flew into SFO. Within weeks Thailand had declared a State of Emergency and then shortly after enacted Martial Law. Back in the US I went on two road trips,, (10,000 miles) to see family and friends. Then in June Chris Beddoe told me he was going to cycle across the US and that I should join him. I bought a bike and all my gear on a Wednesday and left Florence OR. the following Sunday. The first week was tough, climbing the Cascades and all but it was great. 45 days- 3,156 miles later we arrived in Ocean City MD. I spent a week in DC- (Amazing City) The US actually has a little history out east. I spent a week in VA with an amazing family and then flew to MN to see the Grandmother, Uncle and Aunt, and then back to the good old Rio area. Nic Beddoe got me back on a dirt bike which was great fun; spent a week with the Younker family in Fairfield and have now been back in Asia for 3 weeks. Went to a live Jack Canfield seminar in Bangkok last Friday, it was amazing. Positive thinking is so powerful. If you want a change in your life, think positive thoughts and invest in Gold and Silver. (2/11)

Ashley Williams – So glad to see the alumni still writing things about their lives…not married or anything, but I did buy a business and have been growing in leadership skills, which has been really exciting, studying forestry to becoming a docent, and went on a family trip for 3 weeks to Italia to see our family.


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Sarah Dubose – 2010 is going to be a very busy, yet exciting year for me. I am graduating in June from Walla Walla University with my BS degree in Nursing. I am leaving for Alaska to go commercial salmon fishing a few days later. After I come back I am going to take my boards for my nursing license. Then, August 1 I am getting married!! I am hoping to get a job in Labor and Delivery, but that may be difficult because the economy has left nursing jobs to be very limited. I hope you’ll are doing great! Miss you class of 2006!:-)  (1/10)

Briana (Lanza) Toelke – Matt and I are moving to Anchorage. I will be teaching 3rd and 4th grade at Anchorage SDA School. It will be nice to be out of substitute role. Matt will be completing a project in Missoula and heading up here as soon as possible. We’ll enjoy the great out doors and hunting and fishing in a new state.

Alexa Villanueva – I spent a week in Oshkosh, Wisconsin attending the Pathfinder camporee. My family and I attended the camporee because my sister Haley is a Pathfinder was baptized during the week. My family and I are enjoying living in the Battle Ground/Meadow Glade area. I’m love my job at Meadow Glade Adventist Elementary School. I work with the 3rd and 4th graders there. My summer has been pretty busy, I worked a little bit at the school at the end of last school year, I helped our church with Vacation Bible School, went to my dad’s house in the Los Angeles area and finally the camporee. After returning home, to Washington State, I start working again getting ready for the school year.

Nancy De Witt – Thank you so much for all of your comments and messages. I am so blessed to have such a loving family praying for me back at home as I came into the loving arms of Ebeye SDA host family. Let’s start from the beginning. After my mom and dad dropped me off at the airport after a short day but beautiful day in San Francisco, I went through security and boarded the plane that took me to my first layover in Honolulu, Hawaii. The flight was fairly turbulent, but we got to Honolulu safely. When I got there I was then told that I was going to be picked up by a local SDA family by the name of David and Helen Escobar since I had a layover that night from 9pm to 7 pm. I had a hard time finding them, but after an hour of looking, I finally found them. They took me to their house, let me spend the night, and drove me to the airport the next morning. I didn’t sleep long, but at least it was better than spending the night at the airport. I am so grateful that they were willing to do that.

The next morning I boarded the plane and it took us to our first stop in Majuro were they let people off who were going to Majuro and did a safety inspection of the plane. We then flew to Kwajalein were I got off the plane, went through customs, got clearance (since it was a military base), got my luggage, and took a shuttle to the dock. Once I was there I waited about an hour and a half fending off flies and watching abc’s dancing with the stars and desperate house wives on the two tvs they had (not something I thought they would have) before someone from the school came. I got a little scared at first since there wasn’t any other foreigners there (just locals mostly) and I was by myself. Luckily the local women there were really nice. One came up to me to make sure that I had some people from the school came to pick me up. It was very motherly and something that a good number of the women share here. The lady from the school whose name is Cheryl was especially caring. She bought me something to eat and drink since I hadn’t eaten much all day. I was so moved by her generosity.

In order to get to Ebeye, we had to wait another hour and a half to catch the next ferry. When we did board the ferry, it was a large wooden boat with a tarp over the top and an outboard motor. The ride from Kwajalein to Ebeye was really amazing. It was a bit stormy since it is the rainy season here. There were little islands along the way and the ocean was so blue. Then in the distance was the island of Ebeye, the place that I had been anticipated going to for only a couple weeks. Google Earth doesn’t really do it justice, there are a lot more trees than the satellite shows. So it is not nearly as much of a cement island as I had previously anticipated. I was greeted by the principal Ryan Ybanez and his secretary Miss Love with a red plastic lei and took me to my apartment. There I got to see my one room apartment with a bathroom and a vacant bed next to the microwave and fridge that would be my bed for the next 8.5 months. I then went to meet the 6 other Student Missionaries. They greeted me also with a paper link lei and wished that they would have had the chance to meet at the dock. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had found a very good group of friends. They were so welcoming and made sure that I was included in everything that they did. So now I have become a part of this close group. There are 4 girls and 2 guys, so including me, we are a group of 7. We do pretty much everything together, we go to school together, we eat together, we make lesson plans together, we go to church together; something I am very grateful for.

It wasn’t until that evening when I met my roommate Stephanie. She is a Filipino girl who works Ebeye SDA school as a non-Student Missionary. She is an interesting person. We don’t really hang out or talk at all. We seem to be simply roommates and that is it. I hope that she’ll warm up to me, but I have a feeling that is not exactly going to happen. I know she doesn’t hang out with the other Student Missionaries even though they have invited her to join them. She tends to keep to herself for the most part or hang out with the Filipino group here.

My first weekend here we went camping on the island of Carlos. It was an amazing. A lot of you have probably seen the pictures from that trip already. The sand was very white, there was coral and hermit crabs everywhere (I got a real kick out of playing with the hermit crabs =D), and the ocean was so warm. On the island of Carlos, we got to take some time to have fun and to recharge before going and teaching the next week. We ate fresh coconuts, went swimming and snorkeling (which was amazing), and got to soak in the quiet of nature. It rained quite a bit there, but we had a lot of fun. I also got to know two of the natives that work for the school who I call our angels, Edwin and Jonas. They are always so considerate making sure that we are doing all right and that we are safe.

That Monday I observed my classes for the most part, though I did end up unexpectedly teach 8th grade Bible. However, I did have something for them to do and even though I was nervous I think I did all right. The next day is when I got to start to fully experience the full exposure of teaching. I can understand how my dad must have felt teaching his students. My students aren’t rude, but there can be a definite sense of apathy there. Plus, a lot of cheating goes on and they will often ask if I can just write down the answer on the board, something that can be really frustrating. However, despite all that I really enjoy teaching them and sharing what I have to offer them. Though they don’t do as well as I would like, it feel worth it when at least one student does well or the light bulb goes on for them.

Something that I have also learned is appropriate discipline. I would prefer it if I didn’t have to discipline students, but the two weeks that I have been teaching so far, I have learned to have an iron fist. So far I have had to send four students to the principal’s office. I given four detentions (writing down word for word 3 chapters out of the bible; they really don’t like that one). I’ve had to make one class do pushups and another run laps. I’ve had to take away four quizzes from people who were talking during the quiz. And I’ve had some of my 8th graders stand in the corner holding a book over their heads. I’ve learned to be creative with discipline and to vary it once in a while since doing the same thing tends to lose it’s effect. Though I am being strict, I do make sure to do fun things with them too. I’ve played a Great Controversy version of Mophia, something that other teachers ended up playing with their kids as well after they heard I was playing it with my class. I have sung songs with my 8th graders, who actually sing really loud. They would probably blow 8th graders back at Redwood out of the water. I have also played Bible trivia with my 9th grade class and treated the winning group to ice cream (only 50 cents each here).

We also have a lot of church events that happen here. We have prayer meeting on Wednesday nights, vespers on Friday Nights, of course Sabbath school and church on Saturday mornings, singing at the local hospital on Saturday afternoons, and AY (Adventist Youth) meetings on Saturday nights. Since Ebeye doesn’t actually have a church, we do all of our church events at the school up in the chapel. The hospital here looks a lot better than a lot of other buildings. Sure it is not as sophisticated as the ones in the United States, but it isn’t too shabby of a hospital.

During this experience I have also experienced my first feelings of culture shock. Ebeye is definitely not home and it is a very different world. I have been able to deal with the trash in the streets, the cockroaches and mouse in my apartment, numerous stray dogs and cats, and the hot and humid weather. I have always found something positive about Ebeye such as the friendly people, the fact we have air conditioning in our apartments, the beautiful ocean, and the fact I can watch the sun rise and set in the ocean since the island is so small. I knew that culture shock was bound to happen to me sooner or later, but I just wasn’t exactly sure how. However, it wasn’t until yesterday night when it first happened to me. The school staff all went to a dinner party where we waited 2 ½ hours before we could eat. It wasn’t until later that I learned that we were waiting on the queen to come. Apparently isn’t very typical for the royals to be about 3 hours late to parties and events. That was a bit annoying, but it wasn’t nearly as strange as what we had to do next. The other Student Missionaries who have been here longer than me informed me that it is impolite to refuse food. We had to put lots of food on our plate to show our appreciation to the hosts even if we weren’t going to eat it. This was especially difficult for me and the other vegetarians in our group, since the only dish they had that didn’t have meat in it was the rice and the desert. So over half of our plates ended up getting thrown away. I was really hard for me to do. I was always taught that wasting food was a very bad thing, but this isn’t the United States. It is a very different world here. It just baffled me the amount of food that is wasted here. Also, it baffles me how the common meal for a person in Ebeye is rice, chicken, white bread, and soda or cool-aid. There are not a lot of fresh vegetables here and they certainly don’t have any wheat bread. They only have white bread and rolls. I guess the nutrition here is what bothers me the most and apparently something that has been really bothering the pastor here in Ebeye as well.

In any case, this has been what has been going on so far. Hope that all of you are doing well.

God Bless! (10/10)


Jasmine Kelley – I have had a wonderful summer here in Angwin. I am now a Senior at Pacific Union College (puc) I love it and am still happy I attended here. I am working on my Photography Thesis. I am still double majoring also in Graphic Design, so far so good. I will be a super senior and graduate in 2012 instead of 2011 (no rush). But all is well and I am glad to see Rio Lindo, my high school is doing well too. (10/10)


Stephanie Moningka – I’m in the army and stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. I’ve been deployed out here in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait since the 21st of August, about 3 months ago. Will be back in the states sometime between Aug-Dec. of 2011. We pull missions out to Iraq and back, transporting equipment. I enjoy the adventure, it’s pretty fun. I start my online college courses on the 25th of this Oct. so I can continue with my schooling and get my associates in Psychology. I’m still working to become a Psychiatrist. Well, I hope to visit Rio again soon. (10/10)

Matt White – I am attending Los Medanos College and am studying for an Adminstrative Justice Degree.


Sarah Pryor – I am teaching drama at Echo Ridge SDA Elementary School and I am also a part time Teaching Assistant. Other than that, I am planning on starting at the community college for the winter semester and I work as a Child care giver for our local MOPS program. That’s my update! (10/10)


Gordon Bietz 1971-1976 – Hope all continues to go well there at Rio. I continue to have fond memories of the time I spent there as chaplain and occasionally meet students who were there at the same time. I am still President of Southern Adventist University, given the way things go these days – still have one wife, still have twin daughters who have each delivered to us 3 grandchildren, amazingly each of the cousins is about the same age. So life is good!

Dr. L. James Gibson, former biology teacher at Rio from July of 1972 through June of 1976, has just published a new book with Pacific Press Publishing Association. Origins is the companion book for the Adult Bible Study Guides for first quarter of 2013. The book focuses on the first three chapters of Genesis. Dr. Gibson says that all the rest of the Bible finds its meaning in the context these chapters provide. To understand God, ourselves and our world, we must understand these chapters. They explain not only how we came to exist, but why. It is in the Creation story that “we find the meaning of marriage and family, of responsibility and work, and of Sabbath rest.”

Read the first chapter online: http://www.adventistbookcenter.com/origins.html

L. James Gibson completed a PhD in biology from Loma Linda University in 1984, when he joined the Geoscience Research Institute, becoming its director in 1994. His major interests include historical biology and the relationship of creation and science. He has written several articles and chapter for a number of journals and books, has participated in numerous seminars on faith and science on six continents, and is editor of the journalOrigins.

Helen Brown (Rio Staff 1973-1987) –  Helen Brown passed away unexpectedly August 18, 2007 in Tennessee from an abdominal infection. She taught piano at Rio from the fall of 1973-1987. She is survived by her husband Charlie and her daughters Debbie Brown Freeze (‘74) and Vikki Brown Jarrett (‘76). She was loved by her students during her 14 years at Rio Lindo.

Al & Marjorie Dye 1984-1990 – Al is 82 now and slowing down, but he still does our yard work. Marjorie (79) is coordinator for the Voice of Prophecy Bible school contacts in this area and is also busy with other church duties. We live near the Sacramento river trail that we walk often. We attend the Redding SDA church. Our granddaughter, Devon Dye, that went her freshman year at Rio, graduated from Chico State. Then she took the RN course at PUC. She works at Boise, ID Alfonso Hospital in surgery. She is getting married Sept. 15. That is our big news. We have gone on cruises to the Panama Canal, Mediterranean. Our son Leslie has moved back to our area after living abroad for about 12 years working as a pilot for airlines there.

Irmgard Hooper 1973-1977 – Since 2002, I have had a funeral for my husband of 60 good years of togetherness and for our son who was only 57. Also, two grandchildren got married. We have one great grandchild, Zoe Nicole James, and what a joy she is! She’s almost 3. Another grandson got his MA in English and is teaching in CA. One summer I took an exciting jetboat ride on the Salmon River in Idaho with the 50+ group. I enjoyed every minute of it! Another summer I went on a boat ride on the Snake River and through Hell’s Canyon with relatives from KS. That was “tame” compared to the Salmon River ride! My daughter, Jeanie Reed, and daughter-in-law, Carol Hooper, arranged a party on July 1, 2007, for my 90th birthday. It was great to hear from and see classmates, former co-workers, students as well as family and other friends. Very nice. I still drive my car, tend my roses and enjoy the fruits of my garden. The Lord has been wonderfully good to me and I’m thankful. God bless you all.

Elder William and Carole Hull 1965 -70 – We just celebrated Fifty-Five years of married life. We live in Hemet, CA. (Elder Hull) I retired from ministry in 1997. I was serving as Public Relations and Communications Director in the Idaho Conference. I started in ministry August 1, 1957 and retired after 40 years on August 1, 1997. Upon retiring, I finished developing and operating a television station in Boise, Idaho. Then in 2000 we moved to Hemet, CA. I developed and operated an FM radio station before retiring again. I now install satellite systems for the Adventist Television Network. The systems are purchased from 3ABN or Adventist Sat which is the outlet for the Hope Network. They present great programming. Loma Linda Broadcasting Network broadcasts the fantastic church services and programs from the Loma Linda University Church. If you don’t have a system you should get one. (Carole) I still teach piano and help many boys and girls develop self-assurance and positive attitudes about life. We attend the Loma Linda University Church.

Vivian Doris (Lind) Johnson (Rio Staff 1970-86) – Vivian Johnson passed away Friday evening, August 17, just as the sun was setting. She died peacefully with her husband, Lynn, son Dan and his wife, Sylvia Johnson and daughter, Lynnette Clement at her side. She passed away seven weeks after being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and seven days prior to their 60th wedding anniversary. The Johnson’s lived and worked at Rio Lindo from the fall of 1970 until 1986. They have been frequent visitors at Alumni Homecoming and Mrs. Johnson will be missed not only by her immediate family, but by their Rio family as well.

Rosie Nash 1977-81 – I’m is still living in Berrien Springs, MI and enjoying watching the new buildings going up at Andrews University and helping son Steve (and Karen) Nash ’79 remodel a foreclosed house into a rental. It goes slow when it’s just evenings and Sundays to work! But fun! Daughter Shari ’81 and family are starting their 9th year in Kenya, Africa, currently working for World Vision. I have been to Kenya three times and really enjoys the Wildlife Safaris. Daughter Patricia and family live in Northern Virginia. (2/11)

picture of alumni couple
Wilmer & Janet Snyder 1973-82 & 93-95
We have been enjoying life in Jefferson GA since our retirement from Leoni Meadows the end of 2005. We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2010 with all of our immediate family together. It was great! We do get to CA at least once a year since two of our sons Ryan 88′ and Wilmer Jr 82′ and their families live in CA. Monte and wife are in MS at Keesler AFB. Jamie 79′ and family are in Lincoln NE. We celebrated our 50th class reunion from Andrews University September 2012 and our 55th reunion from Adelphian Academy in MI in October 2012. We have very fond memories and lots of friends from our 11 years we were on the staff at Rio.

George Erman Stearns Jr. (Math and Science teacher at Rio from 1963-1981) was born in Glendale California on 7/14/1921 His family lived in Somerton Arizona but his grandparents lived in a much cooler climate, Huntington Beach, California.  His family moved to La Sierra Junior College in 1925.  His father was the farm manager for 30 years and GE Stearns was educated in Adventist Schools.  He joined the Navy in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor’s attack.  He served most of his time as a Pharmacist Mate in Hawaii.  His continuing education was paid for by the GI Bill.  He earned a BA in Math and Education and a Masters in Education.  He taught at Fresno SDA Academy, San Pasqual Academy, Rio Lindo Adventist Academy, and Floral Crest Junior Academy in Georgia.

He spent his retirement being active with Maranatha and being one of the guides at the Historical Site of Wm Miller’s Home in New York. He was married 37 years to his first wife, Martha M. Gibson and (after her death in 1978) 30 years to his 2nd wife Rhodafyrnn M Jefferson Helm.

He died 12/14/2009, after a decline in strength that stretched over a year, and an illness of about five days in December.  He was with his wife and his oldest daughter Kay Dorchuck when he peacefully fell asleep.  He is mourned by his wife Rhodafyrnn, his four daughters; Kay Dorchuck, B J Bannister, Mary Anne Dorchuck, and Nancy Weeks and his three sons; John Stearns, Wilton Helm & Lyle Helm, 15 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren, nieces and nephews, many cousins, colleagues , students and friends. He was in-movable in his loyalty to his Savior, his church, his family, his students.  He disciplined with out rancor.  He smiled with out a trace of a sneer. He genuinely liked people. He was peacefully certain of his part in God’s promises. (1/10)

Greg & Dana Zinke 2000 – 2006 – Jake is 4 and Makayla is 2. We are both 31 and still active. I am the youth leader in our church (125 attending members) and Dana is the Cradle Roll teacher. I am brokering truck loads and we are building a house which we hope to move into in October.[/wptab]


’66 Robert Sanford – Passed away March 18th 2010 due to complications from pneumonia. He had taught at Sacramento Adventist Academy for almost 35 years—his entire teaching career—and he impacted the lives of hundreds of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Bob attended Pacific Union College where he met his wife, Katie Tooley. They were married in 1969, and he graduated the following year with a bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in biology. He will be remembered for his positive outlook on life—even when it threw him a curveball. He is survived by his wife, Katie, daughters, Amie and Laurie, and brother, Ray (’71).

’67 Mary Kelly Prince – Passed away October 30, 2012.

Rio Alum with horse  ’67 Carol J. (Dodge) Green – October 19, 1949 – September 9, 2010. Carol was born in Grass Valley, California. She attended Rio Lindo Adventist Academy and graduated in the class of 1967. College took her from Pacific Union College to a master’s degree in Speech Pathology from Cal State Northridge, San Fernando, California.

She married Bruce Baker and they lived in Glendale, CA. Carol was a speech pathologist. She was initially employed at Daniel Freeman Hospital in Los Angeles. She later owned a private practice in speech pathology in San Diego, California, where she met and married Harold Green. Carol and Harold later developed and owned several Senior Retirement Apartments throughout California.

Carol was a passionate lady. She was passionate for beautiful gardens, oil paintings, and entertaining. She was known for her artistic touch throughout the Napa Valley. She loved the joy of traveling and she saw many of the most exotic locations throughout the world.

One of her greatest passions was her contribution to the community health of others. This was seen by her development of the President’s Forum for the St. Helena Hospital Foundation. Carol and her co-founder developed the Forum to raise funds for the hospital programs in order to enhance the community’s health. Over 40 million dollars has been raised to date. Her philanthropic gifts were generously given to community, youth and animal charities.

Carol’s last passion was her development of the award winning equestrian center, Sundance Ranch in Calistoga, California. This is where she felt most at peace. She never tired of telling her friends of her numerous horse stories. Her friends said that they had heard her stories so often; they believed that they could deliver a colt or shoe a horse! Her passion for excellence led her to personally receive numerous State and National Equestrian Awards.

She is survived by her mother, Jacqueline Hershman, her sister, Patricia (Dodge) Kaufman and her niece, Heather Sipan.

’68 Beverly (Buller) Anderson – She was born Jan. 14, 1950, in Deer Park, Calif and passed away April 7, 2010, in Napa, Calif. She is survived by her husband, Jim, and daughters, Ingrid and Ursula.

’68 Sherry Lee (Hinkle) Perry – Sherry, age 61, of Shakopee, MN died at home on Saturday, December 24, 2011 after a long struggle with cancer. Sherry was born February 10, 1950 in Glendale, CA to Dr. J. Lee and Myrtle Hinkle of Redding, CA. Sherry was a Psychiatric Nurse for 23 years in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and California. She played piano and organ and enjoyed singing. Sherry is survived by her children, Jonathan Perry of Lincoln, NE, Jay and Kendra Perry of Shakopee, MN, and Christopher and Kirsten Perry of Omaha, NE, her grandchildren, Blake, Raya, and Nathaniel, her parents, J. Lee and Myrtle Hinkle, her siblings, Judy Cardenas, Marcia Hinkle, Jay Hinkle, and John Hinkle, and nephews Christian Cardenas and Daniel Williams. Preceding Sherry in death is her brother Earl “Bud” Hinkle.

’68 Marjorie Orser – Marjorie Josephine Orser was member of the class of 1968. She was only 60 years of age and passed away suddenly in her sleep on November 24, 2010 in her home in Palm Desert, CA. She died of asphyxiation with specific cause unknown. Marjie graduated from Loma Linda University in ’73 with a degree in Dental Hygiene. She was passionate about dental hygiene and practiced most of her career in Palm Desert. Marjie was laid to rest with her parents, George and Marion Hopkins Orser in the Ceres cemetery near the farm she was raised on.

’68 Sherry Lee (Hinkle) Perry – Sherry, age 61, of Shakopee, MN died at home on Saturday, December
24, 2011 after a long struggle with cancer. Sherry was born February 10, 1950 in Glendale, CA to Dr. J.
Lee and Myrtle Hinkle of Redding, CA. Sherry was a Psychiatric Nurse for 23 years in Texas, Louisiana,
Missouri, Nebraska, and California. She played piano and organ and enjoyed singing. Sherry is survived
by her children, Jonathan Perry of Lincoln, NE, Jay and Kendra Perry of Shakopee, MN, and Christopher
and Kirsten Perry of Omaha, NE, her grandchildren, Blake, Raya, and Nathaniel, her parents, J. Lee and
Myrtle Hinkle, her siblings, Judy Cardenas, Marcia Hinkle (’71), Jay Hinkle (‘75), and John Hinkle, and
nephews Christian Cardenas and Daniel Williams. Preceding Sherry in death is her brother Earl “Bud”
Hinkle (‘73).

’69 Patricia Ann (Flanagan) Covert – Patricia was a member of the class of 1969 and passed away February 21, 2011. She is survived by her husband Byron Covert (class of ’66) of 39 years, sons Edward, Nicholas, Andrew, and daughter in-law Cheryl. Patricia was born July 1, 1951 in Sacramento California. Patricia was a passionate teacher, loving mother, supportive wife and giving member of her church community. Patricia’s memorial service was on Saturday February 26, 2011 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Prescott Arizona.

’69 Beverly (Zumwalt) Sindorf – Passed away June 14, 2010.

Black and white photo of alumni
’70 David L. Tigner

’70 David L. Tigner – Passed away December 11, 2012.

David L. Tigner was a bass-baritone of great versatility familiar to audiences across the nation. Over a lifetime he delighted audiences with his impressive voice and musicality in addition to being a highly sought after vocal instructor.  David Livingstone, at age 61, passed away on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. The cause of death was chronic renal failure with congestive heart failure. David was born May 28, 1951 in Santa Rosa, CA to Joseph and Mary Tigner who preceded him in death. His early childhood and early adolescence was spent in Sebastopol, CA.  At age 4, the family was given a broken down piano and life was never the same in the Tigner household.  At age 7, David came home from church after hearing a piece by Bach and played it note for note on that piano.  David attended Redwood Adventist Academy in Santa Rosa from grades 1- 10 and then graduated from high school at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in Healdsburg.  It was at Rio Lindo that his extraordinary talents were being nurtured and recognized for outstanding musical and oratorical speeches.  Mr. Tigner received his post high school education from Pacific University and San Francisco State University.   In 1974 he joined the San Francisco Opera and his professional singing career began.   Mr. Tigner performed extensively with the San Francisco Symphony, Sacramento Symphony and Redwood Symphony (to name a few) as a soloist in oratorios such as the VerdiRequiem, Handel’s Messiah, Brahms’s Requiem, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (to name of few).  He sang with the San Francisco Ballet in Pulcinella and Balanchine’s Interpretation of Stravinsky’s Requiem Canticles.  Mr. Tigner made his debut with the London Philharmonic in a program of Mozart concert arias and was the bass soloist in Verdi’s Requiem at Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall with the Manhattan Philharmonic. Other Carnegie Hall recitals include the premiere of “Five Songs for a Summer Evening” for Bass, String Bass and piano commissioned by David Tigner written by Donald Dennitson. Mr. Tigner also performed Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis and Verdi’s Requiem with the London Symphony Orchestra. On the operatic stage, Mr. Tigner sang with the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Spring Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera and the San Diego Opera center. His numerous opera roles include the title role in Don Pasquale, Don Alfonso in Cosi fan tutte, Daland in The Flying Dutchman, Falstaff inThe Merry Wives of Windsor, Noye in Noye’s Fludde, as well as leading roles in Aida and Gordon Getty’sPlump Jack. Mr. Tigner appeared in a number of premieres, including the critically acclaimed Northern California premiere of Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio, Andrew Imbrei’s Prometheus Bound, Ralph Shapey’s Trilogy of Songs, and Undine Smith- Moore’s “Scenes in the Life of a Martyr”. He received First Prize in the America California Symphony Competition, as well as awards from the Metropolitan Opera Auditions, Chicago Lyric Opera, and the Sullivan Foundation. He studied with Boris Goldovsky, Tito Capobianco, Burt Lancaster, Robert McCracken, Martial Singher, Mary Cobb Hill, Elizabeth Swartzkopf and Janet Parlova.  His talent as a musical director and voice instructor influenced rhythm and blues artists and opera singers alike.  Mr. Tigner was music director of the Legacy Jubilee Arts institute, a non-traditional school for music in the Africa American Community. He was conductor of Voices of Legacy a group that sang African American folk music. He was a vocal clinician to many Bay Area choirs and vocal ensembles such as Streets Sounds. He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford and was an instructor at UC Berkeley with the Young Musician’s Program for 27 years where he influenced the lives of many singers who who are still now in the leading musical conservatories, on Broadway and are  jazz and rhythm and blues recording artists.  The last few years of Mr. Tigner’s life were burdened with health issues that kept him from singing and teaching the way he wanted.  But his powerful performances and his booming voice will be remembered by audiences worldwide and his legacy of kindness and musical excellence will live on in the lives of the hundreds of students he has influenced. He leaves to mourn his passing to his siblings Linda Tigner-Weekes, MD, Joseph Tigner, Jonathan Tigner and Lois Saunders and his nephews and nieces Juma Tigner Ford, Jhamillia Weekes, Jhana Weekes, Kimberly Tigner and Rachel Tigner, Aunt Bessie Tigner Renfor and loads of cousins.  The funeral home who was trusted with our beloved David was Valente Marini Perata & Co. 4840 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA.  n loving memory of David Livingstone Tigner, a tax deductible contribution may be made to: Redwood Adventist Academy, 385 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404-1101—Memo Line:  David L. Tigner Memorial Scholarship Fund. The memorial service is being held Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Sebastopol Seventh Day Adventist Church1665 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472.

’72 Edna Shaw- Passed away October 23, 2012

’72 Andrea Ceccarelli Quinton- Passed away June 21, 2012

’75 Greg Remell – Gregory was born in Oakland, CA on October 4, 1956. His parents, along with his only sister Sandra, moved to Napa when he was a baby. There he attended Napa Adventist Junior Academy and then Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in Healdsburg for his sophomore through senior years of high school. Greg was a very simple soul who was happiest when fishing, golfing, or doing anything outdoors. He worked at various occupations, most notably maintenance engineer at Doris Day’s Cypress Inn in Carmel. Although blessed with many close friends and acquaintances, Greg never married or had children. He was content to live his life vicariously through the experiences and mistakes of his closest friends.

Greg was very close to God. He found great comfort in living a good, obedient life to God’s glory. He was often called a gentle giant, standing 6’4” and was very athletic. Sandra took care of him when he was sick as an infant and looked after him and counted on him for advice and wisdom throughout life. Greg was a man of few words, but when he spoke he surely meant what he said. Honest to a fault, he valued integrity and had little time for anyone who didn’t.

An exceedingly private individual, Greg hesitated to tell his sister, friends, or even doctors when his health started deteriorating in recent months. We knew he was weak, and stressed, but had no idea he was in as bad a condition as he was. He didn’t want the fuss, or the worry of those around him, thus we couldn’t help him when he needed us most. Something tells me he preferred it that way. He died on August 1, 2010 at the age of 53 at his home in Seaside. His ashes will soon be scattered over the lake he loved to fish at so much up north. We mourn him, but celebrate the life of a true and genuine friend. He will not be forgotten, but…… how on earth will we remember all the birthdays now?

’76 David Moser-Passed away September 11, 2012.

’77 Eric Faith – Passed away March 12, 2010. He was born July 19, 1959, in Corona, California, to William and Barbara (Nordyke) Faith. His first eight years of school were at Vacaville SDA School ,then on to Napa Jr. Academy for 9th and 10th, and finishing the last two years of high school at Rio Lindo. In 1978, Eric and his family moved to Yakima. He attended Perry Technical School for two years in the Instrumentation program. He worked two years in this trade, and then returned to Perry Technical School for a four year electrical course. Eric worked for twenty years in Yakima as an electrical contractor. He was a member of the Yakima Seventh-day Adventist Church. Eric is survived by his father, William E. Faith, D.D.S. of Selah; his sister, Kristina Hinton and her husband Steve; and two nieces, Emilie Carr and Katie Carr, all of Yakima.

’77 Dan Burke – It is with our deepest sorrow that we share the sad news that Dan Burke passed away on July 9 2010 in Reno, Nevada. He was 52 years old. Dan was the Senior Class President for the class of 1977 at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. We know that Dan loved the Lord with all his heart, and his deepest desire was to serve the Lord perfectly. Dan will be deeply missed in our Lives. Surviving family members: Parents, Lorwin Burke of Grass Valley and Jean Ogden Burke of Grass Valley, brothers, Greg, Russ and Bryon Burke of Grass Valley and sister, Jan Burke Rakestraw (‘76). If anyone would like to honor Dan’s memory, please make a contribution to: Rio Lindo’s Student Financial Assistance Fund. “Dan Burke Memorial Gift”

’80 Peter Stimpel-The world has one less pilgrim this week, one less warrior. After a brief battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Peter August Stimpel, age 51, went to sleep in Jesus on Monday, January 21, 2013. Peter was the youngest of five children raised by Tom and Helen Stimpel. His four older brothers and sisters soon came to realize that in his quest to “catch up,” he would surpass them.

Peter was unusually bright, talented, and restless with the status quo. His intellectual curiosity made him a challenge for teachers and authority figures. He wasn’t really a rebel, he just had a knack for finding their vulnerable spots—intellectually or philosophically—and demanding better answers. “Because I said so” didn’t work for him. Peter was an extreme extrovert. He loved people and he loved a good discussion. If things were too sedate, he didn’t mind playing the devil’s advocate to keep the discussion rolling. If you took yourself and your positions too seriously, he would switch positions just to remind you that he was having too much fun to get bogged down in polemics.

Peter possessed both an inherited and cultivated trait of seeing value in things that others often overlooked. His collection of spare parts, machinery and vehicles was  the result of watching his depression-era parents reuse and even recreate things cast aside by others. But he also had a special knack for the art of the bargain. When he was still too young to drive, he was buying and reselling used cars to adults!
Peter eschewed popularity for genuine friendships. He saw value in people who were marginalized and lonely. He reached out to people who didn’t fit in polite company and was a loyal friend when things got tough.

In keeping with his Viking heritage, Peter was always at war with something—the establishment, society, nominal Christianity, to name a few. And he was a fearless “protester” in an age when “Protestantism” in its broadest sense is considered a relic of a bygone era. As he aged, Peter mellowed and found that his battle was really a spiritual war—the fight of faith. Throughout his sudden illness and staggering diagnosis—only weeks to live—he manifested an unwavering trust in God and gave testimony to His goodness, despite his condition. He taught us how to die singing God’s praises. Hallelujah!

Peter and his wife Patty had two children—Paul and Paige. In 2001, Paul died suddenly from a rare autoimmune disorder that no one knew he had. He was nearly 16 years old. A part of Peter died with him and for those of us who knew him, he was never the same. He became that pilgrim and stranger, seeking a better land. Nothing on earth could take the ache from his heart or the itch from his feet. I believe God knew that this pilgrim was ready and this warrior would be victorious in his last battle with the hosts of darkness. He is now resting, waiting to be reunited with Paul and the faithful of all ages at Jesus’ soon return. When Peter comes up, there will be much shouting. Hallelujah!

Peter is survived by his wife Patty, his daughter Paige, his brothers, Earl and Jim, his sisters, Betsy Mayer and Kathy Smith, and his mother, Helen.

“I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith. Henceforth is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” I Timothy 4: 7, 8.

Written by Betsy Mayer, Peter’s oldest sister, January 25, 2013

’93 Cynthia Morikone – Passed away April 28, 2010. She was an idealistic young lawyer who devoted her career to representing criminal defendants and parolees. She worked as a gymnastics teacher while studying full time and earned a bachelor’s degree in government at Sacramento State in 2001. She earned a law degree at Georgetown University in Washington in 2004. She studied under U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who led her summer course on fundamental rights in Europe and America through McGeorge School of Law. She is survived by her parents, Abraham and Leonore Morikoni.

’97 Robin (Kruger) Martin – Robin was born on December 18, 1977 to Carl and Ellen Kruger in Willits, California. She graduated from Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in 1997. After graduation, Robin worked as a Certified Nurses Aid in Sonora while getting her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Robin married John Martin on May 5, 2007. She enjoyed teaching young children, sending friends cards, and her two dogs, Cooper and Tanner. Robin passed away on Saturday morning, May 1, 2010 in her sleep.

’98 Evan Bird – Passed away August 22, 2010. He was born March 21, 1980. Evan had a very aggressive brain tumor called glioblastoma (GBM), and it was all very sudden. However, the family was thankful that he did not suffer. Evan is survived by his parents, Charles and Betty Bird of Willits and his brother Michael Bird of Vancouver, Washington.

’05 Brian Younker – Passed away on May 12, 2010 after a 2 1/2 year battle with brain cancer. His Memorial Service, held at Rio, celebrated his life and infectious smile. He was laid to rest on his birthday, August 8 at Fresno Memorial Gardens. He is survived by his parents, Tim and Barbara, sister Laura – class of ‘02 and brother Darrin – class of ‘06.


Shirley Devine – Nurse at Rio Lindo from 1975-80
Shirley Devine passed away unexpectedly March 13, 2012 in Beaumont, CA. Shirley served as the nurse at Rio Lindo from 1975-1980. She loved living on Rio Lindo’s campus and caring for the students who were injured or ill.

Marlee Griswold – English teacher at Rio from 1969-1987
Marilee James Griswold, 83, died gently on the evening of January 12, 2012 at her home in Sterling, Utah. She is survived by her husband of 64 years (and a very long engagement), Stanley M. Griswold: three children, Terry and his wife Rhonda (Butler) with grandchildren Loren and Shondene and her husband Justin Ammon, Colleen and her husband Mike Meadows with grandchildren Bruce and Mindy, and Jim and Catherine (Cahoon) Griswold with grandchildren Chase and Erin with her husband Joseph Jacobs.

She taught in Bellflower, Pine Hills Jr. Academy in Auburn, and Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in Healdsburg, California, for a combined 30 years of teaching before retiring to Sterling, Utah.

Marilee left us with a rich legacy of travel and books. She loved her vocation as a high school English teacher and was passionate about both the sound and the sense of language. She was a born editor and proofreader. The school year provided her with a fitting career as well as a requisite pause to plan and budget the next summer’s traveling adventure. She loved space and privacy, but loved those who populated her classroom.

The necessary companion of language is history and Merilee had a great appetite for history to enrich her travels. She thoroughly documented her life and “tripping” via journals and photographs. As the archivist of her family’s historical images and documents, she ensured that the window to the past remained wide open.

Marilee expressed her love for her family and all those in the communities she lived in. She was blessed by all those she came in contact with as all of us who knew her were blessed by knowing her.

Lynn Curtis Johnson – Teacher at Rio Lindo from 1969-86
Lynn Curtis Johnson passed away in his sleep early Sabbath morning, February 18, 2012 at the age of 88.

Lynn taught Industrial Arts and Drivers Education at both Monterey Bay (MBA) and Rio Lindo Adventist Academies (Rio). He taught at MBA for 14 years and at Rio for 17 years. He worked with hundreds of youth during his years of teaching and he will be remembered by the many graduates of MBA and Rio whose lives he impacted.

Lynn took his first teaching assignment at Westlake Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School, at Lake Port, CA. In July of 1955 the family moved to Monterey Bay Academy near Watsonville, CA (in central California) where Lynn taught Industrial Arts and Driver Education. In July of 1969 the family moved to Rio Lindo Adventist Academy, near Healdsburg, CA (in northern California) where Lynn continued to teach Industrial Arts and Driver Education.

They retired in July of 1986 after 35 years of service of teaching, to a home that they built from scratch on five acres of land near Dobbins, CA. As you will see below, he moved many times during his youth and yearned to stay put once he grew up. His years of teaching were centered in three schools and he only moved three times after college.

Lynn was born in St. Paul, Nebraska on August 15, 1923 to Arthur Fred & Laura Augusta Johnson and was their only child. Lynn was not alone in childhood though, since he had 49 first cousins! During his childhood years he spent a lot of time with those cousins, mainly in Greeley, Wolback, and Fullerton in east central Nebraska.

Memories Lynn has shared with us include his father taking him to school on horseback, the hard depression years with the dust and drought and his parent’s difficult attempts with farming and finding work. He started high school in September of 1936 at St. Paul, NE. Hearing of work in Oregon, his parents, in February of 1937, moved to Tillamook, Oregon and his father worked on a dairy farm. Lynn spent the 2nd half of his freshman year there.

His father’s health deteriorated with the 14-16 hour days and so in the summer of 1937 they moved back to Nebraska, settling in Fairdale. His father recuperated and began selling Watkins products. His sophomore year he attended Fairdale High School. When his father was transferred to Osceola he attended that high school his junior year. His senior year he attended Auburn High School staying with a couple that took him in. It was at this time that his mother found a study group that was studying Bible prophecy, and began attending the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Auburn, Nebraska. In April 1941 his parents moved to Arizona selling The Arizona Farmer magazine. In the fall they moved to Oakland, CA where his father found work in a furniture factory.

It was about this time that WWII started and Lynn found work in the Oakland ship yards. Sometime during 1942 his parents were baptized into the Oakland SDA Church. On June 26, 1943 he was baptized into the East Oakland SDA Church. On September 1, 1943 he reported for military duty at the Presidio of Monterey, CA. His military training found him in several places in the US, at the conclusion of which he shipped out to the Pacific on board a troop transport and eventually landed in Palo, Leyte, The Philippines, where he served as a postal clerk. In January 1946, with the war over, he returned stateside arriving in San Francisco and in February was discharged from the military.

After visiting his parents who were in Oregon at this time he came to Pacific Union College, enrolling in the Spring Quarter of 1946. He initially enrolled as a ministerial student, but quickly discovered his love and talent for teaching in the area of industrial art. Somewhere during this time he took up the trumpet, but discovered that this was not his talent. He was happy that his son took up the trumpet during grade school and high school and ecstatic that his grandson went on to be very prolific during his high school and college years on the trumpet.

He met, dated and married Vivian Doris Lind, a secretarial science student, while studying Industrial Technology. They were married on August 24, 1947. Their son, Dan, was born just before Lynn graduated in 1951 with a B.A. in Industrial Technology. Their daughter, Lynnette, was born in 1953 while they were in Lakeport, CA.

Skipping to the present, on August 17, 2007, Vivian Johnson died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia just a few days shy of their 60th wedding anniversary. After two years of loneliness, Lynn, on July 28, 2009, remarried to a dear companion, Maxine Sears of Shingletown, CA and they made their home on the homestead in Dobbins.

This last fall, Lynn seemed to tire a little more easily and had difficulty catching his breath. With congestive heart failure issues and his PSA climbing, he decided to forgo chemotherapy and died peacefully on Sabbath morning, February 18, 2012 in hospice care in Lynnette and Steve’s home in Glendale, CA. He was 88.

Lynn was preceded in death by his wife, Vivian Doris Lind-Johnson, and his parents, Arthur Fred and Laura Augusta Johnson.

He is survived by his wife Maxine of Dobbins, CA; a son, Pastor Dan Johnson and his wife Sylvia of Weatherford, OK; a daughter, Lynnette Clement, a nurse, and her husband Steve, a CPA of Glendale, CA; two grandsons, Edward and his wife Jennifer Clement of Port Richey, FL; Jonathan and his wife Caitlin Clement of Rancho Cucamonga, CA; and numerous cousins, nephews, nieces, his Dobbins SDA Church family, former college classmates, academy students and faculty colleagues, and many, many friends.

Maxine is currently staying with her daughters, Shirley Babienco, who works at Montery Bay Academy, and Linda Martella who works at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. She can be reached by contacting Linda and Shirley or writing to her.

The family members can be reached as follows:

Maxine Sears Johnson – 7014 Edinburgh Ct
Windsor. 95492
Daniel Johnson –
Lynnette Johnson Clement – (818)240-6034
Shirley Sears Babienco –
Linda Sears Martella –

Jessie Pluhovoy Van Deusen – Girls Dean at Rio Lindo from 1962-1970
Passed way June 6, 2012. She is survived by her daughter Judith Pluhovoy Hook (Rio class of 1965).

Florence Boodt Adams – Girls Dean at Rio Lindo from 1972-1977
Passed away May 3, 2012.

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