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Areas of Need


Rio Financial Aid

This general scholarship fund supports students facing financial need and enables students of all income level to attend Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. Each family must fill out a form upon application to evaluate need. This is our greatest ongoing financial need as more students require it on an annual basis.

Christian Batchelor Scholarship

Awarded at Alumni Homecoming to a student who exemplify’s the kindness of Christian Batchelor, class of 2013. This student is a positive force to the student body and constantly spreads joy and encouragement to all they encounter. This scholarship fundraiser goes toward an endowment, which will begin awarding student scholarships in 2022 if we meet our goal of $30,000 by then.

Roger Holm Memorial Scholarship

Awarded at Alumni Homecoming to a returning students who exemplify to their peers, faculty, & staff the characteristics of an all-around excellent student. Funded by gifts for the current year and by the Roger Holm Endowment, this memorial scholarship has awarded over $56,500 to students.

Additional contributions are welcomed for the current year award and future years through the endowment.

Walter & Gladys Will Memorial Scholarship

Awarded at Alumni Weekend to a single returning student with the best class attendance record and an “A” work grade. This scholarship is intended to be independent of students already benefitting from a financial assistance scholarship plan. Over $7,300 have been awarded.
Additional contributions are welcomed, whether for the current year’s award or for future years through the endowment.

Are you interested in awarding a specific scholarship, either one time or ongoing, to Rio Lindo students who exhibit certain qualities, skills, or specific potential? If so, please discuss with Rika, Development Director. Scholarships shall be in congruence with the Rio Lindo Mission and be presented to the governing body for confirmation. We would love to find a way to honor the memories and recognize efforts of current students.

Capital Improvement Projects

Dorm Updates

Both dormitories are in constant need of updating. The original buildings were built in 1962 and many of the pipes, electrical, and interiors need a constant and consistent update to meet student needs. The dorms are used year round, rented to user groups and summer camps when school isn’t in session. This additional usage adds to the wear and tear of the dorms.

Cafeteria Pavilion

Rio’s weather year round is phenomenal. Students today would rather eat outdoors than in. An outdoor eating pavilion between the cafeteria and girls dorm would supply covered, outdoor dining to students and would be able to be used during rainy weather as well.

Technology Update

Teachers at Rio are constantly upgrading and learning the latest in using technology in teaching. In today’s climate, every student must have access to a laptop. This technology upgrade would feature a 1:1 laptop program which includes security software on each device, an IT staff member, and a class to teach an intro to coding class. Our students will be prepared for life beyond high school in world that demands a high level of technology education.