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Students came from all over the west coast on Sunday, February 23 for Rio’s annual Academy Days event. Students from surrounding schools and churches came with their families to find out for themselves if Rio is the next step for them. About 106 students plus 40 parents attended Academy Days representing Utah, Nevada, Southern California,...
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Community Service MLK Day All of Rio students served Monday, January 20 during Community Service Day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Students worked both on and off campus in various projects, including painting curbs and sidewalks on campus, collecting and delivering food through the local food bank, re-finishing a local woman’s back porch, picking...
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By Stephen E. ’16 This year at Rio has been very exciting for me; new friends, new classes, and new challenges. One thing, however has stood out more than everything else. Mr. Mahoney and a team of students have started a Maker Space together. A Maker Space is simply a place where we can go...
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Maintaining a relationship with your student from afar can be a challenge. Student’s lives fills up with classes, sports, attitudes, music, and friends. They are at a stage when friends and peers increase in priority while parents and family decrease. Parental influence and affirmation are still of utmost important for weathering the storms of teenage...
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During the late 1950s, the Northern California Conference began a fundraising campaign that would provide Adventist education for thousands of students throughout Northern California. The conference’s dream was to build a state-of-the-art boarding school — not only to offer a quality education to high school students, but also to lead them to Christ and prepare them...
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