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Finishing my senior year off-campus was not what I expected, but the staff at Rio Lindo were right on top of things, helping us transition into online learning very smoothly. We didn’t miss a single day of school because our teachers were prepared for this major change. At first, it was very hard because I...
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When Rio first announced that we would be switching to online learning for the rest of the year, I was very scared and worried that I would struggle in my classes without having one-on-one contact with my teachers. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case. During my online learning experience, I have felt...
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Switching to online class was difficult. I was having trouble managing time and being organized at first, but eventually, I got into a routine where I could get school work done and still have time to exercise, get some air, and also some sun. I’m beyond grateful that I am able to stay connected with...
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Adjusting to online classes has not been easy for me, but with the help of Rio staff members, it was made easier by lending me the tools I needed to stay connected. Within a few days of being online and following a regular class schedule, classes felt “normal” even if it was through a computer...
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For Biology class, Mrs. Tonn surprised the class with a pop quiz. However, there was a catch. Instead of a simple written test, they were required to build cells from memory out of jello and candy! Every student was more than happy to complete this assignment, and were quick to put their minds to the...
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“The time is always right to do what is right,” – Martin Luther King Jr. On the 20th of January, Rio Lindo Adventist Academy students and staff participated in a community service day.  There were several service projects to choose from including: Rio’s campus beautification, visiting the elderly at the Healdsburg Senior Living Center, and...
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An excerpt taken from Mr. Yingling’s English IV class, entitled “Definition Paragraph.” For me, Rio is my “second home” where I have found true happiness. The reason why I define Rio as home is because of the staff members and students. I started at Rio in 2015. When I got here, I felt afraid because...
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Below is an excerpt from an essay written by senior, Tessa for Mr. Yingling’s Honors English IV class.   Worldviews are the foundation that life is built on; they are our core beliefs on life. It is important to grow our worldviews in order to learn about who we are, (no comma) and to help...
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