English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL)


This is an intermediate ESL class that strengthens the English Language Learner’s ability to read with comprehension, write with clarity, and speak to be understood. The student is given a safe atmosphere to practice and improve his/her English skills. Emphasis is placed on higher levels of vocabulary and grammar to prepare Language Learners for the regular English classroom.


ESL Language Support

ESL Language Support is a writing based class required for all students who are taking the ESL class. The focus of the class is on improving students’ grammar, writing
skills, vocabulary, and general command of the English language.



ESL Reading

In this class students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts both in and out of class. Time is spent conferring with the teacher and other student in literature circles and small and large groups settings. Students work to improve fluency, comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, and knowledge of texts and literature.


Integrated English

Integrated English is an advanced-level ESL class that covers English grammar, sentence structure, usage, and basic composition. During the second semester, students read and respond to a variety of literary works. The goal is to prepare ESL students for entry into college classes in the U.S. Although the class is primarily for ESL students, the University of California approves it as a regular English class.