English I

English I is a literature-based program emphasizing writing, speaking, critical thinking and reading. Students are guided through the reading comprehension process as they read American literary pieces and are challenged to analyze meaning. English I also teaches grammar and writing skills.


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English II

English II students are guided through a comprehensive language arts experience that prepares them for competent composition writing and public speaking. Critical thinking skills are developed through analysis of classical literature.


English III

English III is a general requirement English class. First semester, students will learn grammar, usage, and sentence structure, along with creative writing and an introduction to speech. Upon completion of the semester, they will have learned to express themselves correctly, logically, and imaginatively, both in written form and orally. Second semester, students will be introduced to selected novels, short stories, and poems from American Literature. They will read, evaluate, and discuss these works, studying the content, historical context, and literary techniques represented.

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Honors English III

Honors English III is a University of California-approved honors class requiring extensive reading, writing, and analysis. The class content includes an intensive, yearlong survey of American Literature, with a focus on full-length works. Students will learn to write literary analysis essays. In addition, they will also write original short stories and poetry, inspired by the professional models studied in class. Prerequisite: A’s or B’s in previous English classes or the permission of the instructor.

English IV

English IV is a general requirement English class. First semester helps prepare students to enter freshmen composition in college, with an emphasis on expository writing and vocabulary development, concluding with writing a fully documented research paper in MLA style. Second semester emphasizes literary analysis and writing about literature as students study a variety of literary works.

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Honors English IV

Honors English IV is a University of California-approved honors class requiring extensive reading, writing, and analysis. The class is a chronological study of the development of ideas beginning with classical Greece and Rome and concluding with modernism and post-modernism. Works from world literature are studied for each of the periods, supported with an overview of art history and philosophy to support the ideas developed in the literary works. At the end of the course, students have the option of taking the AP tests in literature and/or composition. Prerequisite: A’s or B’s in previous English classes or the permission of the instructor.