Religious Studies

Religious Studies

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Introduction to Christianity

Introduction to Christianity provides students with an understanding of the origin of humanity, God’s interaction with mankind, and God’s character revealed through Old Testament teachings. In the second semester, students will gain a fuller understanding of God through the actions and teaching of Jesus Christ and how to apply these teachings to their lives today.


Religion I

Religion I explores “beginnings” and leads students through the process of establishing a philosophy for understanding and living life. The foundation for this study is taken from the book of Genesis. Second semester is spent looking at the four Gospels and the various perspectives that the writers had in documenting Jesus’s ministry on Earth.


Religion II

Religion II is a class designed to explore God’s leading of His people. This covers historical periods of Abraham and Moses and follows God’s leadership to recent history. First semester emphasizes the Old Testament and demonstrates God’s leading even if His people are not always following. Second semester emphasizes God’s leading the Reformation and its key figures, including the inception of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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Religion III

Religion III is a fun, interactive class that focuses on the Word of God. The first semester focuses on biblical doctrines and what the Seventh-day Adventist Church believes. The second semester focuses on the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation and the Book of Romans. In addition to these subjects, students will discuss current global issues, and how they affect Christians, as well as what it really means to be a true Christian. Throughout the year the students will be challenged to state what they believe and be able to defend it using Scripture. Class learning will involve group discussions, lectures, creative projects, reading and reports.


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Religion IV

Religion IV is divided into three main sections: Belief and Philosophy of God in our lives, Marriage and Family, and Career Basics. During the first section students study the existence and nature of God, the Great Controversy, the Cross and World Religions. During the second section students study about the role God plays in our personal relationships with others. Students are exposed to the realities of courtship, engagement, marriage, budgeting, pregnancy, and childcare. During the third section students will be engaged in “job shadowing” projects to explore real life career situations.