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Day Students

We love our day school students; the students who live locally and live at home, not in the dorms. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about day student life.


What is the daily schedule at Rio?

The first class period of the day begins at 8:00 am and the last period ends at 5:25 pm, depending on their last class/elective. Students may need to arrive earlier if they have a science lab class (7:45 am) or leave later if they’re involved in extracurricular activities such as sports practices, which could go until 7:30 pm. Students have free class periods during the day in which they can study between classes or work to contribute to their school bills.

Where does my student go during the day if they don’t have a class?
Students may have free periods during the school day. If they are not working, they can study in the library, hang out on the front of campus, or exercise by walking/running the loop around campus. 

Are meals provided?
Yes. Day students can eat 2 meals of their choice in the cafeteria each school day. The meals feature global, organic cuisine and vegan and gluten free options are available.

Can my student be involved in weekend activities such as Student Association events, clubs, or religious programming?
We welcome day students to be involved in as many weekend activities as they want. They need to check in with the dean so staff can be aware of their presence on campus for supervision purposes.

Does my family need to be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to attend Rio?
No. In fact up to 35% of our families are not members of the denomination. While our students take a Bible-based religion class at their grade level, we don’t require a statement of faith or conversion. We pride ourselves in our inclusivity and openness to members of all faiths and backgrounds. Our diversity in our student body is one of the greatest strengths of our school.

How does Rio communicate with me about what’s happening with school events or plans?

Rio’s office sends out an email every week called “This Week at Rio.” This includes any schedule changes, sports games, special events, or reminders. Twice a month, Rio sends out the email newsletter, “Rio Rapids” which includes reports and articles about what has been happening on campus. In the case of an emergency, Rio uses the FACTS Parent Alert system to text all parents with updates. Parents can check grades and attendance any time through the FACTS Parent Portal.

Some important resources for you in case you have questions are:

  • Rio School Calendar (updated regularly): (The most updated information will be included each week on “This Week at Rio”.)
  • Rio Front Office: (707) 431-5100 
  • Rio Admin on Duty cell phone: 707-318-3298

What happens if my student is running late or missed class because of a family emergency or doctor’s appointment?

Please call the front office or email Becky Renslow (brenslow(at) to inform the school of any absences/tardies for your student. In the case of a pre-planned absence: upcoming family trip, appointment, etc, Rio requires the student to fill out an absence request form. The form can be picked up and turned in to the front office. This ensures that students have met with their teachers and made arrangements for making up missed classwork. Absences are not excused until the student returns the completed form and parent communication has been received. 

Note: We know students who have the highest attendance grades do better in classes. Please try to schedule doctors appointments or family trips during school breaks to give your student the best possible chance at not falling behind in their classes.

How does Rio keep students safe?
Rio’s campus has a locked gate and security cameras throughout the campus. Staff supervisors patrol the campus and students must remain in supervised areas. During COVID, students are required to wear masks indoors and are encouraged to get vaccinated. Non-vaccinated students are tested weekly through our antigen testing program. We have had no COVID outbreaks so far.

How do we get into the front gate?
A day student gate code will be activated prior to the school year starting for access to campus. The code is active Monday through Friday 7:15-6:00 pm. If you arrive outside those hours, you can use the gate call box to call “Rio office” and the Administrator on duty can let you in. As the safety of our students is of utmost importance, please don’t distribute this code out to anyone else, other than those who need to pick up/drop off your student.

Can parents volunteer to help with student life or activities?
We would love to have your help in any way you’re willing to contribute. Some areas that we need volunteers are athletics (coaching, cheering, snacks, driving), Fall Festival (cooking, helping with a booth), fundraising (golf tournament, silent auction, finding sponsors), hosting a party for students at your home, teacher appreciation, prayer warriors, and more. You can sign up for volunteer opportunities on Registration Day. We definitely need and appreciate our parent volunteers!