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Dorm Life

This is it.  Your transition from living at home to finding your place in the world.  This is where lasting memories are created, where lifelong friendships are forged.  Your time in the dorm will help you explore and embrace your emerging independence while building friendships that will last a lifetime.

The dormitory deans provide a safe, homelike environment, create a family feeling, and allow for relaxing and recreational times together.  Each dorm has Resident Assistants who help the deans in creating a meaningful and successful dorm life experience for you.  You may wish to participate in the special dorm club activities that are planned throughout the school year.  The dorms have lounge and recreation rooms for playing games, studying, or just relaxing with friends in a Christian boarding school environment.

It is our prayer that the families of our students help us with our goals through their support and prayers. Without the help of our parents and families, we could never do what we do. We encourage open communication and look forward to developing a wonderful partnership in making incredible young people.

Every dorm room has a sink, two twin beds, two desks, and ample storage for clothes and other possessions. Most students have roommates but can earn the privilege to have a single room by their senior year. Deans inspect the rooms several times during the week and students are given room grades. Each dorm has one bathroom per hall with several toilet stalls as well as single-stall showers with doors. Deans study students’ applications and student questions to match roommates that are compatible.

Through living in the dorm, you will learn accountability, independence, and proper time management through the hundreds of daily decisions you make that impact your life in a positive way.

A guide to a great dorm room.

Things to Bring

A list of things to bring to rio

The deans are available 24 hours a day by cell phone.

Boys Dorm

Dorm Front Desk: (707) 431-5100 ext. 164 (Please dial this number to speak with your child)

Dean on Duty cell phone: (707) 547-7016

Dean on Duty email:

Timothy Patten
Head Dean

RLAA Boys Dorm Handbook

Girls Dorm

Dorm Front Desk: (707) 431-5100 ext. 157 (Please dial this number to speak with your child)

Dean on Duty cell phone: (707) 547-7015

Dean on Duty email:

Laquetta Talento
Head Dean
Dorm line: (707) 431-5100 ext. 156

I was not on a good track and I had a lot of energy that needed to be channeled into a positive direction. My experience with Rio Lindo was life changing. I got the freedom that a teenager desires, the guidance of the staff, and many positive outlets to channel energy into for a productive life. The teachers were helpful and truly cared about my education. The friendships I made have endured.

Class of 2008