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For Biology class, Mrs. Tonn surprised the class with a pop quiz. However, there was a catch. Instead of a simple written test, they were required to build cells from memory out of jello and candy! Every student was more than happy to complete this assignment, and were quick to put their minds to the test. The period went by in a flash. Jessica Mumek, a sophomore student, says, “I was surprised when Mrs. Tonn announced a pop quiz project. To be honest, I wasn’t ready but it turned out to be fun and I enjoyed making cells out of the jello. I surprised myself with how much I knew about cells.” Rio’s ultimate goal in teaching is to maximize every student’s potential, no matter the background; to make student thinkers and not mere reflectors of others’ opinions, whether in the classroom, church, or among peers. – Shekinah Valce, ’22

Ari Milosavljevic perfecting her cell.

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