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Fine Arts

Rio students are energized by creating their own works of art. Through the fine arts classes, students gain the fundamentals of the design process, planning, and skills needed to bring imagination to life. Rio’s art director, a working artist, guides them through the steps to find confidence in self-expression. The art annex is a place of peace for many student artists.

Art Fundamentals

Art Fundamentals is an introductory course designed to expose the student to a variety of mediums: pencil, charcoal, watercolor, block printing, oil painting and ceramics. Students will develop a working knowledge of design, color, perspective, and art appreciation.


Ceramics is a course designed to introduce students to three-dimensional art through the following methods of developing clay: sculpting, hand building and the wheel. Students will develop skills in the use of a wide variety of tools, glazes and clay types. Students also learn the basics of heat and color through firing their artwork in the kiln and seeing how different glazes interact with each other, creating new colors and textures.

Glass Art

Glass Design is an advanced art class that specializes in creating art pieces using the medium of glass. Students explore stained glass, cast glass, fusing glass, and slumping. Through the design process, they learn how to lay out and plan their artwork and fine tune the piece as they go. Students also learn how to safely handle glass during assembly and through the firing stage in the kiln. Student projects include sculpture pieces, bowls, plates, stained glass, glass bowls, light sconces, light catchers, stained glass, coasters and more.

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