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News Notes: Former Faculty & Staff

Elder William and Carole Hull (1965-70) – We just celebrated Fifty-Five years of married life. We live in Hemet, CA. (Elder Hull) I retired from ministry in 1997. I was serving as Public Relations and Communications Director in the Idaho Conference. I started in ministry August 1, 1957 and retired after 40 years on August 1, 1997. Upon retiring, I finished developing and operating a television station in Boise, Idaho. Then in 2000 we moved to Hemet, CA. I developed and operated an FM radio station before retiring again. I now install satellite systems for the Adventist Television Network. The systems are purchased from 3ABN or Adventist Sat which is the outlet for the Hope Network. They present great programming. Loma Linda Broadcasting Network broadcasts the fantastic church services and programs from the Loma Linda University Church. If you don’t have a system you should get one. (Carole) I still teach piano and help many boys and girls develop self-assurance and positive attitudes about life. We attend the Loma Linda University Church.

Hans & LaDonna Krenz (1969-73) – We’re happily retired in southwest Florida and keeping busy playing on the beach, swimming in our pool, bicycling, sailing, boating, and being active with the local region of Porsche Club of America.  After over 38 years in Seattle drizzle, it was not difficult at all to adjust to warm and sunny weather.  And we really don’t miss work at all!

Vivian Doris (Lind) Johnson (1970-86) – Vivian Johnson passed away Friday evening, August 17, just as the sun was setting. She died peacefully with her husband, Lynn, son Dan and his wife, Sylvia Johnson and daughter, Lynnette Clement at her side. She passed away seven weeks after being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and seven days prior to their 60th wedding anniversary. The Johnson’s lived and worked at Rio Lindo from the fall of 1970 until 1986. They have been frequent visitors at Alumni Homecoming and Mrs. Johnson will be missed not only by her immediate family, but by their Rio family as well.

Gordon Bietz (1971-19) – Hope all continues to go well there at Rio. I continue to have fond memories of the time I spent there as chaplain and occasionally meet students who were there at the same time. I am still President of Southern Adventist University, given the way things go these days – still have one wife, still have twin daughters who have each delivered to us 3 grandchildren, amazingly each of the cousins is about the same age. So life is good!

Dr. L. James Gibson (1972-76)  former biology teacher at Rio from July of 1972 through June of 1976, has just published a new book with Pacific Press Publishing Association. Origins is the companion book for the Adult Bible Study Guides for first quarter of 2013. The book focuses on the first three chapters of Genesis. Dr. Gibson says that all the rest of the Bible finds its meaning in the context these chapters provide. To understand God, ourselves and our world, we must understand these chapters. They explain not only how we came to exist, but why. It is in the Creation story that “we find the meaning of marriage and family, of responsibility and work, and of Sabbath rest.”

Read the first chapter online: http://www.adventistbookcenter.com/origins.html

L. James Gibson completed a PhD in biology from Loma Linda University in 1984, when he joined the Geoscience Research Institute, becoming its director in 1994. His major interests include historical biology and the relationship of creation and science. He has written several articles and chapter for a number of journals and books, has participated in numerous seminars on faith and science on six continents, and is editor of the journalOrigins.

Irmgard Hooper (1973-77) – Since 2002, I have had a funeral for my husband of 60 good years of togetherness and for our son who was only 57. Also, two grandchildren got married. We have one great grandchild, Zoe Nicole James, and what a joy she is! She’s almost 3. Another grandson got his MA in English and is teaching in CA. One summer I took an exciting jetboat ride on the Salmon River in Idaho with the 50+ group. I enjoyed every minute of it! Another summer I went on a boat ride on the Snake River and through Hell’s Canyon with relatives from KS. That was “tame” compared to the Salmon River ride! My daughter, Jeanie Reed, and daughter-in-law, Carol Hooper, arranged a party on July 1, 2007, for my 90th birthday. It was great to hear from and see classmates, former co-workers, students as well as family and other friends. Very nice. I still drive my car, tend my roses and enjoy the fruits of my garden. The Lord has been wonderfully good to me and I’m thankful. God bless you all.

Helen Brown (1973-87) –  Helen Brown passed away unexpectedly August 18, 2007 in Tennessee from an abdominal infection. She taught piano at Rio from the fall of 1973-1987. She is survived by her husband Charlie and her daughters Debbie Brown Freeze (‘74) and Vikki Brown Jarrett (‘76). She was loved by her students during her 14 years at Rio Lindo.

Wilmer & Janet Snyder (1973-82 & 1993-95Wilmer & Janet Snyder  We have been enjoying life in Jefferson, GA since our retirement from Leoni Meadows the end of 2005. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2010 with all of our immediate family together t! We do get to CA at least once a year since two of our sons Ryan ‘88 and Wilmer Jr ‘82 and their families live in CA. Monte and wife are in MS at Keesler AFB. Jamie ‘79 and family are in Lincoln NE. We celebrated our 50th class reunion from Andrews University September 2012 and our 55th reunion from Adelphian Academy in MI in October 2012. We have very fond memories and lots of friends from our 11 years we were on the staff at Rio.

Herb and Anna May Waters (1974-76)  We have such fond memories of Rio Lindo Academy and the special students and staff we knew there.  We see Vivian Hassle here in College Place fairly often.  She lived across the street from us when we were there at Rio from ’74-’76.  Debbie Smick Muthersbaugh also lives in this area, and we were thrilled to attend a surprise party in her honor when she received her Doctorate this Spring.  We are still enjoying life in the Northwest in summer, and the Southwest in winter.  We also enjoy our 8 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.  One grandson and his wife are both dentists here in the area, and another grandson is an ophthalmologist here.  Herb turned 80 in January, and we had a big family reunion in Las Vegas.  Kids did all the work.  We are going on 61 years of marriage and life is good.
(August 2012)

Rosie Nash (1977-81) – I’m is still living in Berrien Springs, MI and enjoying watching the new buildings going up at Andrews University and helping son Steve (and Karen) Nash ’79 remodel a foreclosed house into a rental. It goes slow when it’s just evenings and Sundays to work! But fun! Daughter Shari ’81 and family are starting their 9th year in Kenya, Africa, currently working for World Vision. I have been to Kenya three times and really enjoys the Wildlife Safaris. Daughter Patricia and family live in Northern Virginia. (2/11)

Al & Marjorie Dye (1984-90) – Al is 82 now and slowing down, but he still does our yard work. Marjorie (79) is coordinator for the Voice of Prophecy Bible school contacts in this area and is also busy with other church duties. We live near the Sacramento river trail that we walk often. We attend the Redding SDA church. Our granddaughter, Devon Dye, that went her freshman year at Rio, graduated from Chico State. Then she took the RN course at PUC. She works at Boise, ID Alfonso Hospital in surgery. She is getting married Sept. 15. That is our big news. We have gone on cruises to the Panama Canal, Mediterranean. Our son Leslie has moved back to our area after living abroad for about 12 years working as a pilot for airlines there.

Gottfried & Cheryl Fritz (1986-2013) – We are adjusting to life in Washington state. This often includes a layer of moisture sometime during the day. Having a wonderful time being close enough to be in the lives of our 4 and 1 and half year old grandauughter’s lives. Cheryl is still working on getting the house like she envisions it should be, and Gottfried is teaching a two-day a week session of basic chemistry during the second quarter for the 6th through eighth grade at the Adventist Junior Academy. He also is a volunteer docent at the nearby fish hatchery on the Cowlitz River. After the first of the year he will start a development and mentoring in beekeeping service for interested homeowners and gardeners in the area. We think of Rio Lindo and our friendships developed there often. May God bless all of you  and direct the future of our school.

Greg & Dana Zinke (2000-06) – Jake is 4 and Makayla is 2. We are both 31 and still active. I am the youth leader in our church (125 attending members) and Dana is the Cradle Roll teacher. I am brokering truck loads and we are building a house which we hope to move into in October.

Jason Foster (2006-10) – Rio Lindo is one of the best places I have ever worked. I love the people, the program and the location. I count it a blessing to have been a part of it and feel pity for those who never have been.


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