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Industrial Arts

Auto Technology

Auto Body is a project-oriented class designed as an introduction to the field of automotive sheet metal repair and refinishing. Students are encouraged to work on their own vehicles. If students do not have their own vehicles, a wide variety of projects will be assigned. Students participate in hands-on activities to learn how the engine works. Dismantling and reassembling an engine, and basic maintenance and care are also taught.

Wood Shop 

Wood Shop is designed to give students the opportunity to explore and enjoy working with wood. Each student is guided through the process of choosing and designing a personal project, selecting the necessary supplies, and satisfactorily completing the project.


Metals provides students with a variety of experiences including welding with gas, wire, arc, heliarc, plasma torch, and basic foundry casting with aluminum and brass. After developing basic welding skills, students actively participate in building various projects.

Recent projects completed by this class are trailers, dune buggy frames and Rio’s campus’s front gate.

I took all of the industrial arts classes and developed such a love for woodworking that it was incorporated into the next jobs I had for about 5 years after graduation. Such a cool thing to be able to learn!


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