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News Notes 1963-1969


Terrill Robin Dietrich, 69
, died Thursday, March 19th, 2020 at his home in McDonald,Tennessee following his courageous struggle with cancer.
He leaves behind his wife of 47 years, Pamela (Smith) Dietrich; his daughter, Nikki (Brandon) Sutton; his son, Mark Dietrich; his four grandchildren: Hayden, Dylan, and Landon Dietrich, and Cassie Sutton; his sisters, Coleen Jenkins of Collegedale, Tennessee, and Monteal Dietrich of
Grass Valley, California; his brothers, Jon Dietrich, and sister-in-law, Beth Dietrich of Virginia City, Nevada, and Charles Dietrich of Grass Valley, California; and many bereaved nieces and nephews, friends, and former students. The oldest of five children, Mr. Dietrich was born in New Rockford, North Dakota to Merle and June (Bauman) Dietrich.
Mr. Dietrich graduated high school in 1969 from Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in Healdsburg, California. He went on to earn his B.A. in Art Education in 1973 from Pacific Union College in Angwin, California. Later, he completed his formal education by obtaining a Master of Education from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan in 1978. With a teaching career that spanned over 43 years, Mr. Dietrich taught art to students on the
elementary, secondary, and university levels. His first two positions were in Berrien Springs, Michigan at the Ruth Murdock Elementary School and Andrews Academy. Mr. Dietrich’s myriad talents came to fruition in 1982 when he transferred to Forest Lake Academy in Orlando, Florida where he taught art, photography, and yearbook and served as the Assistant Dean of Boys. For 18 years, along with teaching, Mr. Dietrich sponsored the Student
Association, and many mission trips, senior class trips, biology trips, and ski trips. Ultimately, he left his artistic legacy by building several school projects, including: the Forest Lake Academy school sign, various school play backdrops, and the Student Association banquet backdrops. In
his final years, Mr. Dietrich taught art at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee and at Brainerd High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Throughout his career, Mr. Dietrich remained committed to helping his students to see their potential. His twin passions of teaching and his family gave him great joy. In his spare time, Mr. Dietrich enjoyed fishing and driving his Can-Am Ryker. His creative outlets included woodworking and photography. Mr. Dietrich and his wife, Pam, were active members of the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist in Collegedale, Tennessee.
The Seventh-day Adventist community, former students, and Mr. Dietrich’s family mourn his passing. A celebration of life service will be held at a later date. Online condolences may be made at WWW.WestGeorgiaCrematory.com

Posted March 30, 2020

Lynn C. (’64) & Shirley (Van Veldhuizen) Miller – and I will be celebrating fifty years of marriage this year. I am semi-retired and Shirley is fully retired. We spend much time with our adult children and grand children. We are planning two trips for our fiftieth anniversary one to Costa Rica for three weeks in December and Orlando Florida (Disney world) in March taking the grandchildren and we have allowed them to invite their parents. Both Shirley and I have worked in people helping services throughout our careers, Rio Lindo Academy and the wonderful staff was a big factor in those choices. We are blessed for the experience, All our Best to the Classes of “64” & “63”, Lynn and Shirley

Robert L. Stumph – It has been 54 years since I first came to Rio Lindo as a construction worker, then on to the class of ’63.  During 1962 I discovered baseball would not fit into my life after an invitational tryout with the Giants. It was the dedicated staff of that first year and the spiritual emphasis that began to give direction to my life.  After Rio the army was the next big direction pointer.  I served as a chaplain’s assistant.  After army days I did some literature evangelism and later graduated from Walla Walla College in 1970.  I retired from full-time ministry in 2008. Three years ago I was diagnosed with esophageal junction cancer.  When discovered, most die in less than a year post diagnosis.  I praise the Lord everyday for life and health and live in the confident assurance of the blessed hope. Yours in the blessed hope.
(Posted January 2015)

Glenice Van (Seyoc) Stanford – I have moved to Laurel , MD and enjoying it. I am planning to buy a home in the next 6 months in West VA. or VA.
(Posted September 2011)

’63 Mike Wilson – I am presently senior pastor of the Hemet SDA church in Southern California. Kathy and I have been here for twelve years. Before this we worked in Northern California, Brazil, and Oregon. Every once in a while I come across a classmate from Rio. I can\’t believe that it has been 50 years since graduation in 1963, and I will now be one of those old guys who show up at alumni weekends. That first year it was the first time for everything. We had a good year despite many ups and downs. There are many great memories. Hope to see many classmates on alumni weekend this year.
(Posted December 2012)


Bryan L. Breckenridge – After 41 years away from Northern California we arrived home on July 1st, 2009. We now reside in Meadow Vista, California. It is a great being near children and grandchildren. Another bonus is that we are near my brothers and their families, who all live within two hours. We keep busy with our new home, family, and friends. I still am active in my various business endeavors.
(Posted January 2010)

Robert Ford – I entered as a senior (July 1963 when I worked for the summer then stayed my senior year & graduated June 1964).  I came as a missionary kid and had a great formative experience.  Right now you catch me on an overseas assignment (part of my consulting work) in the DR-Congo doing national park rehabilitation. Read more at my BLOG =http://geobobford.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/in-kundelungu-national-park-drc-again.html
(Posted August 2012)

Donna (Hines) Anderson – We have moved over to Dad and Mom Anderson’s house in order to be with them more as they get older. They are both in the 90’s now and are slowing down quite a bit–some days more than others, so we are here to help them when needed. We are also closer to Donna’s dad, Harold Hines, who still lives in town by himself. It takes us about 10 minutes to get there now, rather than 30 from where we lived before.

Both of us are changing our jobs somewhat this month. Donna’s hours at her work are being cut, so she is picking up the secretary/registrar office duties at our school, Ukiah Junior Academy. She will continue to work part time at her current job in a Dr’s office in town. She goes to her dad’s house at noon everyday to fix him a hot meal. Dave has gone to working part time at the hospital. Maybe that will cut down on some of his migraine headaches that have bcome a real problem. We’ll see!! Oh, and he is the new Business Manager at Ukiah Junior Academy. (Hope that doesn’t add more headaches. Ha!). So we will be spending more time with the kids of the church and school. (Maybe that will keep us young—Hope!~ Hope!~~Hope!~~~). So life is full and busy–sometimes, more than busy–as each of you knows from your own experience. Never-the-less, we want to keep in touch with you, our many friends and loved ones. Our love and prayers—Dave and Donna Anderson

Kay (Reiswig) Prunty – Bob and I have just recently completed our move to Montague, CA (next door to Yreka) where we have chosen to retire and enjoy the scenery of the Shasta Valley. We are looking forward to becoming active in our church and community once we finish unpacking!! It is one big change after almost 40 years in the Northwest!! We have certainly had a chance to “dry out” this summer with warmer than usual temps in our area! So glad we were able to trade our views of Mt. Rainier with Mt. Shasta and now be about half way in between all our family scattered up and down the west coast. Our new address is 9114 Colleen Cir. Rd. , Montague, CA, 96064. Our email is: kay_viewfinder @hotmail.com and our website is www.viewfinderphoto.net or kayprunty.com

Ardyce Sweem passed away August 26th, 2013. She was born in Berkeley, California August 26, 1946 to Edward and Dorothy Zellmer Sweem. The family moved to Oroville, California in 1947. Her growing up years were spent in Palermo, California with her family. She attended West Liberty Union School in Gridley which was a 10 grade school and  graduated from Rio Lindo Academy in Ardyce Sweem (Rio Class of 1964) passed away August 26th, 2013. She was born in Berkeley, California August 26, 1946 to Edward and Dorothey Zellmer Sweem. The family moved to Oroville, California in 1947. Her growing up years were spent in Palermo, California with her family. She attended West Liberty Union School in Gridley which was a 10 grade school and  graduated from Rio Lindo Academy in Healdsburg, California in 1964. She then attended Pacific Union College in Angwin, California where she graduated with he bachelors degree in English in 1968. Her teaching job was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She taught in the Adventist secondary school system for a number of years. Ardyce furthered her education with a Masters Degree in Religion from Andrews University. She then studied to become a certified Chaplin and a Fellow of the College of Chaplin’s. She was one of four Adventist women to have received this honor  at that time. Ardyce had a varied and interesting life including time for travel and even living in Germany for a while. Over the years she ministered as a teacher, Chaplin, and writer. She always considered herself as a student. She had a friendly out going nature, and was a friend to many. She leaves her two sisters Joanna E. Moudy (Mike Moudy), and younger sister Shelly L. Kaylor (Jack Kaylor) and extended family and friends. The family wishes to thank all those who loved and supported her during her illness. , California in 1964. She then attended Pacific Union College in Angwin, California where she graduated with he bachelors degree in English in 1968. Her teaching job was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She taught in the Adventist secondary school system for a number of years. Ardyce furthered her education with a Masters Degree in Religion from Andrews University. She then studied to become a certified Chaplain and a Fellow of the College of Chaplains. She was one of four Adventist women to have received this honor  at that time. Ardyce had a varied and interesting life including time for travel and even living in Germany for a while. Over the years she ministered as a teacher, Chaplin, and writer  She always considered herself as a student. She had a friendly out going nature, and was a friend to many. She leaves her two sisters Joanna E. Moudy (Mike Moudy), and younger sister Shelly L. Kaylor (Jack Kaylor) and extended family and friends. The family wishes to thank all those who loved and supported her during her illness.

’64 Deanna (Robinson) Peterson Blazen –  Greetings! I think often of my friends and classmates from “63/’64. “I can’t believe we are talking 50 years. I live in sunny, smoggy Loma Linda, CA with my husband Ivan. I love and enjoy my bonus family having sadly lost my first husband to a heart attack in ’87 and my son and daughter in a car accident in ’88. Life can offer up some very hard knocks which is why we must embrace our daily joys and blessings”. I am retired from administrative work and various occupations having yet to decide what I will do when, and if, I finally grow up. My goal currently is to attend the big reunion in April for the class of ’64. See you all there. It will be great fun.


Earl and Gail (Selby) Aagaard –
Happy 50th, Rio!

Gail was there the first year, and Earl arrived the second. We’re now back in California, living in
Chico. Gail tired of retirement and is working for the next couple of years at Feather River Hospital,
teaching doctors to use the computer. Earl cooks, cleans, and gardens. We are really very happy.
Health about what you expect at 65.

Laura, Leslie and the grandbabies moved back to Bend, but we are surviving, what with three of Gail’s
brothers, their children and grandchildren here in town – 30 or so altogether. Thorvald is teaching
English and running the theater program at PUC, so we get to see him a lot when he’s not in England
with his fiancee.

We have a dedicated guest room, so give us a call if you need a spot to crash. Hope to make it to
Homecoming, but this isn’t a promise.
(Posted August 2012)

Charles Blackburn – Have moved from SF Bay Area to Gig Harbor, WA (13720 Sandy Point East Kp N, 98329.) Still working; enjoying the beauty and the weather of the Puget Sound area.
(Posted September 2011)

Charlene (Hill) Wolfe – After “retiring” to Ft. Bragg a year ago last June, my husband was hired as full time band teacher for the school district. He has six bands to direct, from 5th thru 12th grades. I am accompanying the school choirs for the same grades. We also are singing in the College of the Redwoods chorus. This summer we took a 6300 mile road trip to see the wonders and beauty of our country (and visit family). It was amazing. We spend a lot of time with our local grandsons, ages 12 and 16, and our 2-year-old twin granddaughters from Santa Cruz came to visit often. I would love to hear from some of you…especially those who live in our area!
(Posted September 2011)

Tom & Jeanne (O’Neill) –  Jeanne retired from nursing August ’14 and Tom will retire from teaching at Lodi Academy in June ’15. Plan to stick around Lodi as we reinvent life after work. Thankful for the good work we’ve had but the time has come to meet the challenges of “maturity”.  It is nice to enjoy grand children as many of you have testified. See you in April. Blessings. (Posted January, 2015)

Kathleen (O’Neil) Geary – Charles and I have retired from Pastoral Ministry and are living in Western Montana. We pastored in Idaho, Peru, Montana, and Alaska. We have three children and two grandchildren. Hoping to make it to our 50th alumni I have never been able to be at an alumni weekend.
(Posted September 2011)

Cheryl Orser – I’ll be 70 years old May 28, but I have always thanked God for my CP, affecting my whole left side. WOW! Really!? Yes, because it has made me feel my constant need of Jesus and to stay in His will at all costs! Therefore,  my life has been packed with blessings. I keep scrapbooks and have treasures from clear back in my academy days. I also have current “care givers” who are a huge blessing to me. They keep my health in good shape and take care of my every need. For example, I have a house keeper that keeps my house clean, plants flowers in the yard and whatever else I need. She is a precious friend and prayer partner.  I also have hundreds of opportunities to be a blessing to the residents in the Laurelbrook nursing home. I tell them about Heaven, where we will have perfect health and perfect happiness! (Posted January, 2015)

Carol (Pudleiner) Ellstrom – Hello to all my classmates. I really regret not being able to attend our “45th”. It’s so much fun seeing everyone & reminiscing, & I missed that. My husband Ken & I are just beginning our 9th year at Maplewood Academy, in Minnesota. He is VP for Finance, & I wear the hats of School Nurse, Registrar, & teacher. In addition, I work per diem for a Home Health Care & Hospice agency, & I find that rewarding as well. As most of you know, being on a boarding school campus is a 24/7 commitment, yet over the years we’ve been blessed to see many of our students grow closer to God. Our 2 daughters live “‘way to far away” from us in GA & So-Cal–where our 4 grandchildren are. It’s hard to believe that we now have a teen-age grandson!! Life does move on & retirement is looking better all the time. May God Bless you each one until we meet again.
(Posted September 2011)

B.J (Stearns) Bannister  We moved to Congress! Not the citadel of poorly managed decisions; but a 1 acre garden spot with apricot, peach, apple, orange, tangelo, grapefruit, pecan, almond, and a fig tree! The 3,000 mile check up this year revealed, to my astonishment, a slow heartbeat, 25 beats a minute! With my new pacemaker, I’m looking forward to seeing classmates and friends on April 11th!
(Posted January, 2015)

‘65 Linda Marsh Waggoner – Enjoying retirement and living with my husband in beautiful Bandon by the Sea, Oregon. Involved in church, grandkids, art and our show whippets. Looking forward to the reunion and seeing friends again. (Posted January, 2015)


Brenda Butka – Still taking care of patients at Vanderbilt in Nashville.  Husband Tom John and I are living the dream amidst a whirlwind of young farmers on our organic farm, Sulphur Creek Farm, which is part of Bells Bend Farms (look them up). Square dances, weddings, cows, goats, chickens–we’ve got ’em all. Plus daughters:  One in the English PhD program at Princeton, one in med school at the University of Florida, one teaching environmental education near Seattle. (Posted January, 2015)

’66 Gary Butka  (note share by his sister Brenda) Practicing medicine in Brownwood, Texas, and helping his wife Mary keep tabs on their two-year-old son and the 7-yr old triplet girls.  (You can’t make this stuff up!) (Posted January, 2015)

Julia (Aitken) Schmitz-Leuffen – Since I last posted in the Alumni section some things have not changed at all, i.e. still living in the same house outside of Geneva, Switzerland. My oldest son is currently in Niamey, Niger working as GIS Project Manager for ACTED, SEARCH Initiative and my younger is currently at home having returned from Cuszco Peru where he learned Spanish and volunteered in an orphanage. I did start writing a blog so if anyone is interested: http://viewsfromeverywhere.blogspot.ch Love having run into other Rio alumni on Facebook! Already gearing up to be present for the 2016 Alumni Homecoming! And always love e-mail interchanges:  (Posted January, 2015)

Neal Boger – Greetings from the beautiful mountains of eastern Tennessee. I am happily retired from Andrews University, but now working hard for my son Jason’s company, Overnightmattress.com. Valerie (Reynolds) and I have a 3 acre hobby farm, with daughter Marla and husband Tony Hayman living next door. Jason, his wife Lauren and daughter Lily live about 15 miles away. We are all (chickens and dogs included) happy and healthy.
(Posted October 2010)

Brenda (Butka) John –Brenda (Butka) John – I’m still practicing in Nashville.  Husband Tom John is retired, and the organic farm that we host is thriving–potlucks, squaredances, banjos, dogs, pigs, and all.  Youngest daughter just graduated from Beloit, middle daughter in med school in Florida, oldest in grad school in Chicago. My brother Gary, also class of 66, practices in Texas, and has 6 year-old triplets, a baby boy, and a daughter graduated from UT Austin. It’s all good…

Ceceilia (Wagner) Llanos – My husband and I are still enjoying retirement. We had a nice little garden this Summer. We just replanted some squash and tomatoes. My husband and I are taking yoga together, boy was I mistaken I thought it was just a little stretching. The instructor works every muscle that hasn’t been disturbed in 40 years. I did have a torn retina on July 1st. That was lots of fun having emergency laser treatment over the 4th. (Not). I am very thankful it wasn’t worse. I enjoyed seeing everyone up at the reunion in April. It was so nice to reconnect with everyone.
(Posted September 2011)


Nancy (Coon) McCoy – I retired June 30, 2013 after 40 years in education. Larry and I moved to Ooltewah, Tennessee in August to be near family. We purchased a home in a senior development near Larry’s parents. I am enjoying retirement.

Calvin D. Knipschild – I became a grandfather for the first time in January 2009. My son Erich and his wife (in Vancouver, WA) had a baby boy and they named him Hudson Riley Knipschild. Now I know why grandparents love to spoil grandkids. ITS FUN!! Linda & I will be retiring at the end of this school year and moving to the Lake Tapp area just south of Auburn, WA. during the summer of 2010. Please feel free to stop by and visit us. Christian Edition will still be performing as I plan to commute to the L.A. area twice a month to keep it going. The Lord has opened to many doors to our music ministry for us to stop singing for Him now. Keep CE in your prayers.

Allison Wright (formerly Martha Parks) – Having just moved to San Andreas, California, I’m happily making a new life and new friends in an area I’ve long enjoyed. The Mother Lode country is full of wonderful activities and sites. Learning about them as fully and effectively as possible, in addition to a full working schedule, keeps me “off the streets” for sure! This represents quite a change from the Bay Area where I lived for 15 years. As a native Northern Californian, I do miss my foggy days and cool ocean breezes! However, since my path forward has changed rapidly and totally, the challenges and rewards are marvelous. Since I can do my travel counselor business virtually from anywhere, my success and happiness are, as always, mine to create without location restrictions. http://www.facebook.com/sealadyaw
(Posted September 2011)

Barbara Kanen – If I’m not to late for your next news letter I will tell you; I’m still at Fortuna, where I always have lived or at least close by a few times. I love it here even though my daughter Janet Waddell, Neller, Jones thinks she will get me to move to KY where she now lives. I know I would miss the weather and the ocean. I am disabled, but I do go down to Tabitha’s our (churches second hand store) and volunteer a few hours 3 days a week. While there I price items that are donated to sell. Because I sit out front while doing this I am able to visit with customers that come in and hopeful witness to those I come in contact with.
(Posted October 2012)

’67 Rick and Linda (Gregory) WilliamsWe are enjoying our work at Loma Linda University.  Both of us work in Student Affairs and we hope to retire within the next 20 years:-) (Posted January, 2015)


Vanny Dye – I’m still teaching school in Sandpoint Idaho.  After 38 years teaching they have asked me to be principal this next year which I have accepted.  So it looks like I will be teaching a little bit longer.  My oldest son Jeremy has moved to Idaho with us and has given me 2 really neat grandkids.  My Youngest sonJustin is finishing up his last year of a nurosugery resident program at UCLA.  God has been good to Vicki and I, we are living on a 55 acre ranch in some of the most beutifull country in the world.  Hope things are going well with you.  God Bless  Vanny Dye
(Posted August 2012)

Frank Clayton – Finishing up the sunset years of my work life doing a 5 year stretch at the US Army Hosp in Landstuhl, Germany, to be a little more accessible to my kids, 15 & 18, who live with their Danish mother in Denmark. Pres Obama kindly buying me a big house near the US hospital, so I have bachelor’s-decor quarters for anybody travelling through Germany, between Saarbrucken and Mannheim, that could use a free B & B. Plan to be here into 2014 and quit being a work drudge at age 64 1/2. Just folk dancing and bird watching as fast as I can while here.
(Posted September 2011)

Darlene (Jantzen) Dragavon – 4-year-club member, Living in Richmond, Virginia, near daughters and grandchildren. Recently took a trip with daughter to England; loved the countryside and hedgerows. Very pleased to make contact with Joyce Dreyer, a friend from Rio and elementary school. We spent an hour laughing at ourselves on the phone. To contact me, send a message on Facebook. If you are holding out on Facebook, get Brad to send the message for you. Embrace life.
(Posted November 2010)

Bonnie (Pumford) Reilly -Hello, Dear Friends. In the last couple years I have taken up a new “hobby”-Quilting!  I truly enjoy it-a very creative outlet and my all-time favorite:). I’m a member of the Wiregrass Quilters’ Guild and my first quilt (Twisted Bargello) has been in two quilt shows here in South Georgia. Now I can’t sew fast enough-haha!  My husband Bill is very supportive and even enjoys an occasional stroll through a quilt shop to help me find just the right fabrics. Sweet!

Dan & Diane Hurst
Dan & Diane Hurst​

68 Dan Hurst – Its hard to believe its been 45 years since the Class of 68 graduatedDianne and I have really been enjoying our retirement.  We enjoy spending time with our five grandchildren and working on our hobbies.  During the summer we spend time at ourcamper in the North Georgia Mountains with several of our retired camper friends.  We have bible study, play games, eat and just have lots of fun. The Lord has truly bless us and our family in so many ways.  Remember to always Keep Christ First in all that you do.

Dan & Dianne Hurst
Hopefully I will make it to a reunion one day.
(Posted February 2013)


Ken & JoAnn (Arregui) Larsen – This has been a very busy year for JoAnn and I. We began our retirement  after spending the last 12 years here at Rio.  The first nine years my time was divided between the cafeteria and the grounds.  The last three were spent in the cafeteia and the last two as the food services director.  In June we moved to Saint Helena to the home JoAnn lived in as a teenager.  JoAnn was excited to be moving closer to her daughters and grandaughters.  She has 3, ages 8 months to 7 years.  After getting settled, we celebrated our retirement with a cruise to northern Europe where we visited 7 countries.  We had a wonderful cruise and after returning home in August, we had to get back to the task of unpacking. In August, my son and his wife were blessed with a little girl so now we have seven grandchildren.  What a blessing.  JoAnn gets to spend some of her time babysitting and I was asked to spend one day a week at Rio taking care of the grounds.  Its nice to stay in contact with the staff and students, at least a little bit.  We look forward to seeing everyone from the class of 69 in April.

Aileen Siaw Butler – Well, as an almost 40-year federal employee working in an office, I would never dream I’d get a call to go to New York for a 30-day deployment but that’s what happened September 5th, Labor Day. Yep, human resources called me to fly the next morning to Albany, NY, then drive to Pomona, NY to help open and work at a DRC (disaster recovery center) in support of the disaster victims of Hurricane Irene. It has been exciting since then to help victims in this area apply for assistance. This town is about 25 miles from NYC so before going back to Cali, hope to visit NYC! Everyone is so nice and I feel I am learning a lot about FEMA’s individual assistance program. Other exciting news this year (the older I get, it doesn’t take much to make me excited!) was the birth of my third grandchild, Stella Simone, in June on Father’s Day, and a fourth one on his way (Nehemiah Glen) December 21st. God is growing our family and I am so honored and grateful for His blessings on our family!
(Posted September 2011)

Brenda (Jackson) Muth – Stan & I just entered our 6th decade! Still live in Paradise, and we OWN our home, so we’ll probably be here forever. I enjoy working as the Registrar at Paradise Adventist Academy and helping students get together their yearbook memories. Photography is a fun hobby and lends itself well to being the yearbook sponsor. Granddaughters are an amazing joy and we are so glad they live in Angwin and are only 3 hours away. Our son, Jeremy, married his sweetheart this last March on the island of Maui, making it a fun adventure for the entire family. (My granddaughter Isabella is convinced we went there for her birthday. The wedding was just incidental!) Love keeping track of old friends on facebook.

David Metzler – I’m currently completing my 25th year with the United States Navy Dental Corps as a Board Certified Periodontist and Navy Captain (O-6). I received my B.S. Biology and D.D.S. degrees from Loma Linda University in 1973 & 1975 respectively. Following 9 years in private practice 1976-1984(including 4 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 1979-81); I entered the United States Navy seeking residency training in Periodontics. I served as a general dentist at Great Lakes Naval Training Command (1984-85), and aboard the USS MISSOURI (BB-63) from (1985-88). I completed Periodontics residency training at the Naval Postgraduate Dental School (NPDS), Bethesda, Maryland in 1990. I then served tours as Periodontics Department Head and Regional Consultant at Naval Dental Center, Camp Lejeune and with 22D Dental Company 2D Dental Battalion, 2D Field Service Support Group, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. In 1998 I returned to NPDS to serve as Officer-in charge of the Naval Dental Research Institute Detachment A at Bethesda, and as Associate Professor and Chairman of the Research Department. From 2001 to 2004, I served as Executive Officer of Naval Dental Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Currently I’m Acting Executive Director and Dental Representative for the TRICARE Area Office Pacific, located on Okinawa, Japan, and am responsible for administering the TRICARE Medical and Dental Benefit to 180,000 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine beneficiaries scattered from Guam to India and South Korea to New Zealand. In 2000 I authored the SDA Senior Devotional entitled “Jesus.”

My wife of 33 years, Margy, enjoys travel and photography and is hoping to have two travel books published by Christmas time. One on Okinawa and the other on Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor Cambodia. She is a Master Diver and enjoys scuba diving. One day we both are looking forward to visiting Daryl and Lynette Galusha (RLA ’69) in Australia and Margy wants to dive the Great Barrier. Recently she was elected second vice-president of Ikebana International Chapter #10 Okinawa Japan and she is working on her Sensei (teacher) certificate. She continues her study of the Traditional Okinawa Tea Ceremony. Besides being a great wife and mother, Margy enjoys learning new traditional arts and cultures of the countries we visit.

Our oldest daughter, Jessica (1979) is completing her PhD in English at Cornell University in New York and should graduate May 2010. This follows a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte, an M.A. in English from Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee and a second M.A. in English from Cornell.

Our youngest daughter, Janna (1981) is currently enrolled in two Master’s Programs leading to degrees in Public Health and International Social Work at Columbia University in New York. Janna served a 3 year tour in Guyana, West Africa with the Peace Corps following her graduation in 2000 from Boston University with a B.S. in Psychology. She recently was a research fellow doing work in Liberia, West Africa sponsored by the Council of Women World Leaders working with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Part of her work was with the International Colloquium for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security which is a project sponsored by the UN in Liberia. Jessica and Janna were always taught the value of a good education and we are very proud of their accomplishments.

Margy and I continue to enjoy Navy life. Moving to a new location every few years and getting to see the world has been fantastic. Being located in Japan for the past 5 years has given us the opportunity to visit most of the countries in the Western Pacific and Asia. We are looking forward to one last tour back in the U.S. before retirement in 2013. Upon retiring, I plan to play more golf, write more books and stop seeing patients.

Kathleen Ellstrom – I didn’t get to the 40th reunion but have enjoyed the pictures – some haven’t changed at all and others……. 🙂 From Rio I went to PUC like many of us and completed the two year nursing program. I was then hired at Loma Linda University in pulmonary nursing and that started my career in pulmonary disease. I then moved to Utah in 1976 to work in a research ICU where I learned a tremendous amount of pulmonary physiology and research, completing my BS in nursing at Westminster College and MS in Physiologic Nursing at the University of Utah. In 1988 I moved back down to southern California to be near family and worked at UC Irvine and then UCLA, completing a PhD in Nursing at UCLA in 2000. I then worked at Kaiser Permanente to be closer to home (commuting 1.5 hours twice a day is a killer!) – I loved Kaiser but needed to be even closer as I was caring for my elderly mother after my father died in 2002. I’ve been at the Loma Linda VA now for over 5 years and love it. The patients are wonderful and it is an honor to care for those who have protected us. I am director of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (the only certified program in the VA that we know of), manage a patient panel, and do my own research. It is the ideal job!! And working for the government and in health care in this economy is a good thing!

I still keep in contact with some Rioites and Myra Josselyn Peterson ’69 works at the VA also so I see her occasionally. I have fond memories of my days at Rio and the friends I made there! Kathi.