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News Notes 1970-1979


Steve Booska – I have been following my muse studying French Horn at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music extension. I can occasionally be found lurking in the horn section of community orchestras and light opera pits in the San Francisco area. My wife, Amanda Ling, and I are the co-Home and School leaders at the San Francisco Adventist School where I am on the Board. Our two youngest children, Katie and Thomas are in the first and fourth grates there. Daughter Amy recently graduated from UCLA. I’m a teacher in the primary and kindergarten divisions at San Francisco Central Church. My horn playing has almost no economic value so I’m required to apply myself to the management of my law office and practice of law. Amanda is a project manager in Wells Fargo’s IT department. We live in San Francisco.
(Posted October 2010)

Kathie Clayton – I retired from El Dorado County Probation about a year ago, but still work at Juvenile Hall as needed. I live in Camino, CA, but bought a retirement cabin in Idaho I escape to as I can. Helping out with Dad in Stockton and visiting brother Frank Clayton in Germany in November. Scheduled to be a grandmother in February. Life is good!
(Posted February 2011)

Charlynn (Stopp) Long – Looking at the alumni photos and reading about everyone’s grandchildren makes me wonder where the time has vanished to. I would love to have a visit from classmates at my tearoom in Montague, CA. We have been open for 7 years and just a jump off of HWY 5. I work part-time at our local hospitals as an Occupational Therapist and full time at Ms. Lynn’s Tea! The joys of having your own business, you don’t get away to Alumni Homecomings, so you’ll have to stop in to see me and I’ll treat you to tea and some wonderful home cooking! Visit us on the web at www.mslynnstea.com

Diana (Wolgamott) Powell – AluI met my husband Orlo W.Powell at Walla Walla College. We got married December 1972. I then worked to help put my wonderful husband through Walla Walla college, and then dental school at Loma Linda. We\’ve been married almost 37 wonderful years now. We have 6 beautiful children(3 son\’s and 3 daughter\’s)and 2 precious grandchildren. We live on a small horse ranch in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. And have a very successful dental practice there.

Dr. Charles Lamont Millar , podiatrist, passed away Sunday evening, July 21, 2013. He suffered a heart attack at the age of 61 in his home in Hidden Valley Lake, CA. He was preceded in his death by his wife, Dava Bauer Millar (Rio Class of 1971). He is survived by his mother, Dorothy, his brothers, Scott and Brett, his son, Matthew and family, and his daughter, Jacqueline. Funeral services will be held at the St. Helena Seventh-Day-Adventist Church on Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. In Dr. Millar’s memory, donations may be made to the Kahili Adventist School, P.O. Box 480, Lawai, Hawaii  96765.

’70 Chris Mathisen – I have been employed at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana for about the last 16 years in Nutrition and have started to think about ‘retirement’……UHOH!!! I live already where I want to spend the rest of my life, so that won’t be any problem. Some of you might have known my brother, Curt. He was retiring as a dentist and he was in Peru doing volunteer work for those people when he suddenly had a heart attack last June and died at 62. Such a sad loss and far too young.
(Posted Nov. 2013)


Chuachai Temboonkiat – Cherie Hull Foster found Chuachai Temboonkiat’s name online as having passed away.  She reached out to the person listed as his son and this is the response she received      Hi Chérie, Yes, in fact he was my father and yes Cathy Jenkins is my mother! This is true he has since past on from a major Stroke he was in Thailand and re-married. I actually have a half brother in Thailand whom I have not met! My mother is alive and well living in Hurricane. Utah. My name is Daniel Chai Temboonkiat! Chai for half of his first name. I grew up in Long Beach, California and lived there until I was 27 when I joined the Army as an infantryman, I have 3 combat tours 2 in Afghanistan and I in Iraq! My last duty station was Ft. Hood Texas where I met my ex-wife after leaving the service shortly after he passed in May of 2013 my daughter was born on June 25 2013! It’s an odd feeling one life taken and another given being my best friend “aka” my daughter her name is Sarah Lynne Temboonkiat her middle name after my mother’s middle name! I now work with the most advanced cutting edge technology as a quality engineer in a somewhat new field called additive manufacturing or better known as (3-D) printing, mostly aerospace, defense, and some R&D! I live in Kyle, Texas a small rapidly growing town just south of the Capital Austin, Texas! If there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask as I am a completely open person with not one secret! It is awesome of you to reach out in hopes of reuniting with all of your fellow classmates. I wish you well and good luck with your task and hope the day of your reunion is full of forgotten but familiar faces being your classmates! Cheers to your entire class from Daniel Chai Temboonkiat with Chuachai Temboonkiat in spirit!!!!  (Posted April 2019)

’71 Celeste (Wolgamott) Price – I’m moving back to Calif next week after being gone for 32 yrs. Looking forward to being “home”.  Now that I”ll be back “home”, I’ll be able to get over to Rio more. I’m moving to the Sacramento area.
(Posted August 2012)

Marie Tilstra Aldinger – I’m still teaching grades K-2 at Fortuna Junior Academy part time, but I no longer have the church secretary job. Thomas (’04) graduated in August from University of Central Florida (in Orlando) with a BA in Spanish and a BS in Sociology. He is still working as a psych tech at the Florida Hospital for now. Jean (’02) and Nathan and some other family members were able to join us in Florida to celebrate with Thomas this summer. I’m looking forward to my 40th reunion this April.
(Posted February 2011)

Randall Beaida – I am healthy, still have my hair although a bit of salt and pepper color, working, married to Etta for the last 10 years with 1 daughter, two stepsons, 4 grandchildren and enjoy living a comfortable life in Sacramento, California. In my spare time, I work in the yard and take lots of photo’s as a professional photographer. My biggest pass time is riding. I take many rides on my Harley to include at least one big ride per year when I take off for a week to ten days. My rides include the California coast from L.A. heading north along the Oregon Coast. I have also enjoyed the western portion of our country to include trips to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. It is a great way to see the sights, take great photo’s and get a little sun. As they say, if I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand. I have not been to a reunion for several years and don’t know when I will. The last time I did go it was great to see many of my class mates. My hope is that everyone is doing well, content with their lives and that 2010 will be a great year for everyone.
(Posted January 2010)

David Hanscom – Hi everyone, I am still in Seattle working full-time. My practice has changed in that I am now working with Swedish Hospital. I am the lone orthopedic spine surgeon with eight neurosurgical partners. They are wonderful people and I am really enjoying not actively running a practice. My emphasis has changed in that I went through the Hoffman process in Napa valley in February of 2009. It is an intense residential eight-day experience that creates an awareness of family patterns and provides various tools to connect with your own value system. My emphasis has switched from being a spine surgeon to finding ways to prevent unnecessary surgery and also create viable alternatives. I am writing a book that is almost completed, “Back in Control—A Spine Surgeons’ Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain.” I have learned to really enjoy working with these patients in a structured way without surgery. The protocol is called, “Defined Organized Comprehensive Care” or the “DOCC” project. My main conflict is to create the time in this transition period to really get the non-operative project off the ground. I have a web site, www.doccproject.com if you are interested in seeing what the project is all about. I am sorry I don’t have the bandwidth to connect with many of you on Facebook. Please feel free to call me anytime you are in the Seattle area and I would love to catch up.
(Posted October 2010)

Dawn Krause – I moved to Baltimore a year ago and am Assistant Curator of American Art at the Baltimore Museum of Art (yea! I finally got out of Development!). I miss Hawaii so much, but I do love my job.
(Posted October 2010)

’71Richard Stewart – I really don’t have anything to report for the newsletter.  I just wanted to let you know that I’m not enjoying “old” age.  Yes, I may have a few health issues which I need to take care of but there are two things that are driving me bats:  I don’t recognize my friends very well and it seems like everyone is sick or dying.  It used to annoy me when my grandmother would come around.  All she could talk about were funerals, surgeries, and other aches, pains, and ailments.  Now I get annoyed with me.  This last Sabbath, I went to church in Carson City.  I really enjoyed the piano music.  Afterwards, I asked the pianist where she came from.  Then I asked her what her maiden name was and realized what I really wanted to know is if she was a year ahead of me at Rio.  She was Laurie Walla Gunby. I didn’t have any trouble recognizing her when I visited the Bishop church a decade ago.  I find it most annoying when I cannot recognize my friends!
(Posted Nov. 2013)


Join the class of 1972 on facebook!

’72 Welcome Faith Church-Shipp – Hello Rio Friends!!

Two questions for you….

#1 – How did all these years zip past us soooo fast?

#2 –  How can I remember those years so much better than other years in my life?

At Rio I worked for Miss Lester in the Register’s office and I would float through the school and pick up attendance slips.  I would see what each of you were doing that day in class …sooooo I will give you an opportunity to float through my life…and get a glimpse of what I am doing…

Married to Jim Shipp for 38 years

Mother of three sons – Jeremy, Joshua & Jacob

Taught First Grade & Kindergarten for over 25 years

Conducts Workshops for students, teachers and parents

Teachs CPR & First Aid to preschool teachers/ camp staff/the regular Joe Blow

Camp Nurse & drama teacher at Camp Nawakwa (during the summers)

Swims laps at Drayson Center & attends water aerobics… when the spirit moves

Becomes a Fairy godmother at local events (Good godmother company)

Kindergarten  Specialist at Redlands Unfied School District

Author of Childrens’ books (Express Books) – Amazon Kindle

Enjoys facebook…finds out about old friends, past students and my family (join us…join us…join us!)

Creator and participant of Shippsails.com

Watches T.V. shows really, really fast ( I love the new technology which allows this speedy approach to t.v. watching)

Editor of local Nursery School (Redlands Day Nursery) newspaper (Mr. Bohlman would be so proud)

Manages rental property and my parents’ Museum house

Lives in Loma Linda (Come visit!)

Soon to be a Grandma in May of 2014 – Yippee!!!!

O.K…that’s a bit of my life…  It is weird to think of all of us reaching that 60 year old mark!!!  Don’t we feel just like we did in our senior year of 1972?  (Yes, our brains stay young…if only these bodies would follow along too!!)

I still remember the welding class that shouted to me as I picked up attendance slips…. “Welcome!  How’s the Faith?  Been to church?”  Ah….the memories!!!

See you at our next reunion!!!
(Posted Nov. 2013)

’72 Neil Allen – I moved to Colorado about 2 1/2 years ago, because I lost my job in Washington.  I was the Administrator of a medium size, group practice where the doctor-owners split into two camps with one group starting a new practice.  I got caught in the middle.  However, after just a few weeks, I was hired by a practice here with much better pay!  I couldn’t have planned this any better!  I thank God for what He has done and is still doing with my life.

Dan Tilstra – Still living in Orlando, still running my art business creating artwork for Hospitals and universities. Also, took on the job of homeroom 8th grade teacher at our local SDA elementary school. With boys all out of the house, I had extra time, they lost their teacher just before school started, so, when asked, it seemed like a good fit. Never thought after almost 20 years I’d be back in the classroom, but, here I am and enjoying it! Life does have its surprises. Karen finished her PhD about a year and a half ago and has applied the knowledge by opening the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab, a space dedicated to solving problems and challenges that face hospitals everyday.

’72 Dave & Veronica (Millward) Crockett –  We are doing well.  Dave is busy with church activities going into sixth year as Pastor of the Sandy SDA church.  Veronica is busy as a hospice RN case manager and added new responsibilities as Clinical Services Director. Our oldest daughter Allison is an RN in Portland, Jessica an RN in California (with her husband and our two grandsons), Ben a dentist in Sisters Oregon (with his spouse also an RN), and Abe an RN training to be nurse anesthetist in Portland Maine. We plan to be well cared for in our elderly years, if time should last that long. In our free time we’re keeping busy with hiking, snowmobiling, cutting firewood and other chores linked with living in the woods. Really sad we missed our reunion due to commitments, we still remember Rio and all the friends, and love to hear everyone’s news.
(Posted Nov. 2013)

Mike & Lynn (Gibbs) Shepherd – Mike and I will have been in TN for 2 years this next March!  We are loving it. Both our kids and their families live in town now.  Our daughter is due with our second grandchild in March, a boy.  Our grand daughter is a joy and we have her around the house at least once a week!  Mike is a professor now!  As a Residency Faculty he now adds teaching as his main job. He still doctors patients too, but that is secondary to teaching at the Family Practice Residency in Chattanooga.  He LOVES it. I am retired, gramma (GA-GA) and mom and it is fantastic. I am running a Stampin’ up business that is growing. If anyone is out this way, we have a guest room that is available!  We would love it.

Ron Artenian – Living a very happy life in Taylorsville, a small suburban town near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a wonderful wife too! Viki. She works with designers and writes final specs for a custom cabinet maker. They make high-end kitchens for celebrities and folks of means beyond ours. We are both planning to come to the reunion in April. I am looking forward to being in Northern California again.

I’ve been a real estate broker since 1980 and moved to Salt Lake from Las Vegas in 1987. In the 1990s, we handled mostly property management and apartment sales but for the past 10 years I have been working with buyers and sellers on a consulting basis helping them with their real estate investments, commercial and residential.

My two children are now adults. Heather is 29 and attended Rio one year and my son Chris is now 25. Viki and I where married just last year. It has been a terrific year…I’ve been married twice before and I know the difference, trust me! And she is the best! We met at the Southside Church of Christ (a non-denominational, Bible only church). Note: Although there are a lot of Mormons around you would not believe what a liberal place Salt Lake and the Wasatch in general is. Having said that, Provo in Utah County which is BYU territory is one of the most conservative anywhere.

Living in Salt Lake is great. We are surrounded by incredible snow covered mountains with all kinds of wonderful recreational areas. Skiing, golfing, hunting, fishing and all kinds of art and entertainment. We have free concerts in the parks downtown all summer long featuring well know headline musicians. Viki and I love riding my BMW K100. Whenever we need to get away and meditate on how we have been blessed, we simply get on the bike and head for “The Church in the Wind”. We have christian friends who also attend. Reverend “Jim” sometimes comes along. I’m not making this up, he is a real minister and we are really members.

I finally learned to play the guitar and love to make music with my friends. I will never be as good as some of you but it’s great to get together with friends, make noise and have fun! Although I am still considered a “Deadhead”, I just haven’t been able to go “Further”. If your in tune, we can discuss it later. If not, don’t worry about it.

If any of my ‘old’ friends (and I say ‘old’ with a smile) find themselves in this area, be sure and call me. We’d love to hear from you. I can direct you and/or accompany you to the best events in the area…music, recreation, auto racing, food, dance drink, etc. This area has unusual and interesting venues. We have the best motor speedway in the country where you can drive professional track in high performance race cars as well as the Bonneville Salt Flats where land speed records are set. At the ski resorts you can ride on the Olympic courses in the summer and ski them in the winter. Like the luge, ski jump and zip line and the like. The last musical event we attended was Lyle Lovett with his Large Band on the lawn at Redbutte Gardens.

I look forward to seeing you in the spring and hearing about your adventures on the dusty road of life. Until then…

Best Regards
Ron Artenian GRI, ePro
(Posted October 2011)

Willard & Louise (Leer) Ciccarelli – This summer we hauled our RV up to Star Valley (just outside of Thayne, WY) where we own a small lot, just 50 miles South of Jackson Hole. We are enjoyed the chance to relax and spend some time fly fishing in the beautiful rivers around thie area (Salt, Snake, and Greys). Two couples, who live in our same resort in SoCal, enjoyed fly fishing with us. The nights were cool (45 degrees) and the days warm (high 70s to mid 80s). Back to SoCal by the 28th of August, because Louise is working for the developer as the Social Director (see www.orarealty.net) and had to be home in time for the Labor Day weekend events. Willard still works at LLUMC in the IT department. In these economic times, we are THANKFUL for jobs. Hope all are well — if you are in the Temecula area, give us a call or find us both on Facebook.

Dave & Veronica (Milward) Crockett – Dave is still pastoring the Sandy SDA church, and I am still working as a Hospice RN. We feel blessed to live in beautiful Eagle Creek, Or., in a very rural setting, (Dave has agreed to the green house, but so far is resisting chickens). Three of our four children also live nearby, in Oregon, and one in CA (with her spouse and our only grandson). Cannot believe forty year reunion is coming up in another year! We feel so young!

Vic Hill – I can still get up in the morning and dress myself. I have all my original teeth, all the plumbing works, and I do not require the use of diapers… Yes, It is a Wonderful life!

Mike & Lyn (Gibbs) Shepherd – Best news of all: we will be grandparents in March! Alysa and Alan Darmody are due March 30th. Happily our son Justin and his wife Lindsey are in Chattanooga so just a two hour drive from Lawrenceville, GA to go see the new family member. We are still in Clearlake so will be burning the airline miles.
(Posted February 2011)


Don Amador – Don has been representing the nation’s off road rights of snowmobiler’s, motorcyclists, and ATV riders for years. This is a link Don recently shared about the work his organization does to keep areas across the nation accessible to the public.
Wash. Examiner Article: The polictical war of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts
(Posted April 2012)

Diana Dokos Hergert – Greetings to all! Our big update is: Our CD is released! “Washed” is now available online, via CD Baby! It’s a collection of old hymns and traditional gospel tunes arranged by our group, Sweet Tidings Gospel Jam. Featured is: Kim Conley (vocals, fiddle), Buddy Conley (brother to Kim; vocals, mandolin, octave mandola, resophonic guitar), Marc Nelissen (bass), Don Hergert (bluegrass banjo and cello banjo), and me, doing vocals and playing rhythm guitar. Website: www.sweettidingsgospeljam.com Otherwise we’ve had some ups and downs re: health and other issues (family and friends). Hoping and praying these will settle down soon. In Feb. we had another good “trip to nowhere” on the Bluegrass Jam Cruise (Carnival ship: Long Beach to Catalina to Ensenada, a day at sea, then Long Beach). Met new friends, enjoyed lots of good pickin’ and grinnin’! We’re enjoying beautiful days with cooler nights before summer REALLY hits and the nights will only cool to, say, 90 degrees. 🙂 We frequently drive up to Oak Glen (apple country!) for some mountain vistas and apple crisp. Looking forward to an upcoming Jam weekend (Memorial Day weekend) as well as Huck Finn Jubilee (Bluegrass festival on Father’s Day weekend) and come August, Summergrass, in Vista (near Oceanside).Hope you are all doing well. God bless.
(Posted February 2011)

Jim Griswold – Providence, Utah.  Hello from an old Rio faculty brat ’68 – ’73 and beyond.  Certainly a great deal of H2O under the bridge, but I wouldn’t trade my age for anything–except maybe my wife, Catherine’s!   Life has been good to a late bloomer.  Growing up at Rio was idyllic.  I taught English at Campion Academy,CO for 2 years, received some “higher education” at BYU, then decided that I’d rather have my hands in the poop than my head in the clouds, and returned to my nursing roots and the golden years of primary care nursing, then management, and then corporate cluster-mucking. The latter makes the transition to retirement a breeze, having been steeped, stewed and percolated in Personal Irrelevancy.   If life’s a Stage, I passed out and landed in the Orchestra Pit without an instrument; retired, kinda-sorta, and am bequeathed a supporting role for parents and children.  2 kids–one in and one out of the nest.  Mama (Marilee) passed away, gently and beautifully, in January 2012 and Papa (Stan) is busy grooming his 3 acres of trees and other things bloomin’ like crazy in the desert. Catherine, a 6th generation Cache Valley-ite, and I look forward to a “Walden Pond kinda-thingie with Network Access,” but who knows . . . We’re pretty sure this is not the place! Winters here are very winter-ish. You get very regular exercise shoveling high-grade snow, and then get compelling urges to flap your wings and migrate in a southerly direction.  But it’s also as beautiful here as anywhere on earth.  ‘Cept mebbe Rio.  Be so well!  jim g
(Posted August 2012)

Connie (Woolfolk) Schloesser – Greetings from the Far North…31 years here and still loving it. My husband, Craig, and I have 2 adult children and a lovely 7 yr old grand daughter, Jordan Grace. You may be dining on our catch when you order Alaskan Salmon since we continue to fish Cook Inlet for Red Salmon. For fun, its off to hunt during moose season which means an extended camping trip, which is just the best! Some of you met my sister, Terry, during our Rio Days…Terry passed away in April of this year, leaving a very empty place in my life. One day, I hope to visit Rio again…I find it hard to believe I can say \”30 years ago\” to any thing!! Be Well! Connie
(Posted August 2012)


Cherry (Werner) Ashlock – ok………..”The 35th class reunion for 1974 was more fun then I thought it would be! It was nice to see classmates from 35 years ago and catch up with news. We had some characters in our class and it was fun to see that they still remain entertaining. I was most impressed with all the variety of occupations and choices we each made. We are still a cool group of alumni! Those who missed this reunion plan on making it for the 40th. I want to see you and catch up.

Marna (Frye) Carli – I just got back from a 2-1/2 week Maranatha mission to Zambia, Africa… that was AMAZING! We did a medical/dental clinic along with building and a Bible school for the kids. So very rewarding and I recommend this as a way to travel and really experience the culture. The people were so warm and happy. The Safari we were able to go on at Chobe National Park in Botswana was one of the highlights in my life as well as experiencing the Victoia Falls. My husband and I took an extra day and went white-water rafting down the Zambizi river on level 3-5 rapids! I thank God for this opportunity and would wish and recommend a trip like this to all my friends and classmates! Love to all!
(Posted February 2011)

Nancy (Young) Taylor – Aloha Classmates! My husband, Jim, and I live on Maui now. We absolutely love living in God’s paradise! I work for Pacific Whale Foundation in our retail store in Ma’alaea, and my husband works as a Security Supervisor. We have three grandsons, Edward–8, Gabriel–6, and Cylus–1. We feel very blessed to be here and near to the older grandsons. If you make it out here please look me up!

’74 Leslie (Horton) Briggs – Time seems to go by so quickly these days!  So here is the briefest of updates.

Since our last reunion, I have moved from Santa Rosa to Modesto, to Milton-Freewater, Oregon where I am the principal of Milton-Stateline Adventist School.  I’ve been here six years now.  Since I’ve been here, both my children have married, my daughter is making me a grandparent
in February, I bought my first home in April of 2013, and in 2012, I got my Master’s degree from Walla Walla University.
(Nov., 2013)

Rick Spier – Now living in eastern Oklahoma and working as a safety consultant for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.


‘Patricia (Fishter) Fernandez – I want to wish warm greetings to the class of 1975. I also want to encourage you to join facebook. I have had the pleasure of catching up with friends I haven’t heard from in over 30 years, share pictures, updates, and the fondest of memories from our Rio Days.

’75 Tracy Green
Greetings Rio Lindo Academy Family!

I hope everyone and everything in all of your lives are happy and healthy. Our family has been enjoying our time together as Covid-19 wreaked havoc all around our world.
Rio Lindo Academy prepared all of us for these last days events. We are to press together and pray more for our Satan controlled and dominated world and the people and families in it.
Be mindful of others and remember others in your daily prayers. I find excitement in my days and our family has grown so much with spending our entire days together.
The togetherness is growing stronger and stronger intertwined with LOVE and God’s daily blessings always fascinates me with childlike wonder and discovery.
Seeing like through our children’s and grandchildren’s eyes is so beautiful. Jesus is coming so soon and I am thrilled I am alive hopefully to see and experience all of His glory which is magnificent!
Over 20 years I became a Pastor and with that fabulous title it came with non stop baptisms which I love when they finish their Bible studies after a time period. Baptisms are so exciting and I add flair to it to make the Lord Jesus Christ so proud.
All of us have our callings and mine have been more than one. The Lord always keeps my plate full and full of excitement. It thrills me to serve the Lord and bring people and their families to the Lord. Awesomeness.
I challenge all of Rio Lindo Academy Alumni and present students to send Thanksgiving and Christmas Care packages to our U.S. Military men and women abroad.
The holidays are most lonely for most of them. You can contact your multiple charities in your city or town for details. We send care packages every month and it has been such a blessing for our entire family.  Also, send an encouraging note also to send a little LOVE them during the holidays.
I enjoy my podcast meeting new friends in Christ and sharing my faith and love for those not of any faith too. We do have a good time letting our hair down.
After all “we are our brothers and sisters keeper” like it or not!
Until next time. I love hearing from all of the gentlemen in our class and other all the other Rio Lindo Academy Alumni classes reaching out to me over the years through my multiple social media platforms. Love ya to pieces!
Keep spreading God’s love and our faith it make our world more beautiful and kind!!
Be your own kind of beautiful!
Sincerely in Christ
and in HIS Service,
Pastor Dr. Tracy Green, Ph.D.

Cyndie WalkerI’m living in Salem, Oregon now and I’m working as a Systems Analyst for the Oregon Department of Transportation – DMV Division.  I have two granddaughter aged 7 and 8.  My husband Ed and I are enjoying life closer to our families. (Posted January, 2015)


Marla King – Hello Fellow Pilgrims! Anyone out there out of debt yet?  Better hurry!  We have just fulfilled Revelation 17 #8 which is of the 7th head!   Life has gone to full time study groups and Bible studies so I live solely by faith. I would not trade living now for anything!  I am sure that if you start walking with a neighbor they will begin to feel so good physically and so loved by God who lets them know through you what time it is from the Bible,   that you cannot keep them out of church!  (It is time to call this “the last generation”)  May God be with you as you move into the final stages of this world’s history! (Posted January, 2015)

Darla (Schlotthauer) Maydole – I now live in the small town of Janesville California. Don and I have been married for 32 years now. He is a Correctional Officer at a local prison. We have three grown children. Two boys and a girl. We also have three grandchildren. Two boys and a girl. We love our quieter life here.

Jim Meyer – Hi everyone, I seem to be living more and more of my life online now. Things are going well as I have recently: won the Irish Sweepstakes, helped a serviceman in Iraq find a place for some of Saddam Hussein’s currency reserves, and lastly, heard that I have an inheritance left for me by the former King of Liberia and it is waiting for me in a Nigerian bank account. My health is fine as long as I keep taking the little blue pills. A hacker has taken over my facebook account so my apologies if you keep getting strange emails from me. Maybe it is best if you look for my updates here instead of on facebook… P.S. if thoughts of this update recur in your memory for more than four hours please seek immediate medical attention.
(Posted October 2010)

Betsy (Stimpel) Mayer My husband’s ministry, Keep the Faith, has a branch in the South Pacific that operates Highwood Health Centre. In addition to running a residential CHIP program, it also provides depression recovery and lifestyle counseling, as well as community health programming. I spent a month there last year volunteering and will go back again for a month in Nov/Dec this year. (Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, that is late spring/early summer.) The health center is located in the beautiful “Black Spur” of Victoria and features some of the world’s most beautiful tree ferns and eucalyptus forests. Kookaburras, flocks of parrots, wallabies, and koalas are our neighbors. Highwood Health Centre accepts volunteers of all types. If you are interested in getting involved in a rewarding mission experience in a beautiful setting, contact the ministry on their webpage www.highwoodhealth.org
Nov. 2013)

Mark A Remboldt – Presently Treasurer of the North Pacific Union of Seventh-day Adventists, living in La Center, Washington, which is a short distance from Portland, Oregon. Life has been good to our family, with my son, Anthony, soon to graduate from Walla Walla University, and our daughter Amy, in her Junior year at the Portland campus of Walla Walla University.
(Posted February 2011)

Gerri Smith – Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m still involved in my church, Living Water (in Henderson, of course).  We just purchased a piece of property and are hoping to break ground by this Christmas for our earthly church home.  We have been looking at this property for about 3 years.  When we first looked at it, the price was about $1.75M; a year later it had dropped to $750K.  At that point, we decided to pray and hit the fund raising even harder.  We wanted to be able to pay cash for the land and own it outright.  A little over a year later, we do.  You see, the price had dropped again:  $350K.  We paid cash and had money left over to begin the developement process with the City of Henderson.  This has been a total God-thing.  Now we are working on getting our building fund back up to begin building Phase 1:  The classrooms and the multipurpose room.  If you would like to know more about Living Water, please visit us at http://www.bringone.org/

Connie (Gallno) SunderlandHope all is well. I have fulfilled a life time dream. I am now a teacher in Frederic,Wisconsin. I am teaching in a one room school. I have nine students. 2 second graders, 1 third grader, 3 fifth graders, 1 sixth grader, 1 seventh grader and 1 eighth grader. Am told last winter was the worst one in years and that this winter is suppose to be worse than last year. I am praying they are wrong! I try not to worry about the temp. Have had a snow and a 22 degree F. morning or two. Everything is crazy learning new curriculum, new computer programs and everything that comes with moving. I praise God everyday for His presence and blessings, and this wonderful opportunity of working with young people! I don’t have a regular story for you, but you may use anything I have written, just do a great job editing it! God bless, Connie (Posted January, 2015)

Tim Teske – My oldest son Jason Teske graduated with a bachelors in Business marketing from Sac State and just started Law School in July 09. My youngest son Jesse Teske will graduate Sac State in December 09 with a bachelors in Business Management.’76 Marla King – Hi Friends, Isn’t it great having teenagers? What people are missing who never took the plunge of parenthood! But it sure takes alot of wits and backbone! If any of you parents are getting sore swimming upstream against the currents of our world, just give me a call and I’ll give you a pep talk! A life of faith is the most amazing and exciting. Yes, I am STILL a Literature Evangelist and loving it!! What is so amazing to me is that I never had so many bills but I also never had so much money to meet them! It just goes to show, you cannot out-give God.

Cliff Tillman – Well I am again visiting my family here in Redding for the Hoildays. Am having fun with the grandkids they are growing up fast. hope to see my classmates from 76 at the reunion in April.
(Posted November 2010)

Cynthia (Pryhorocki) Walker – I thought I’d bring you up to date as to where life has taken me over the past 18 months or so.  I WAS living in Rancho Cordova, CA and working at Delta Dental of CA as a contractor for Hewlett-Packard.  Since then I’ve moved to Keizer, OR and now work for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) DMV division in Salem as a Senior Programmer Analyst supporting their mainframe system.  I’m married to my soulmate and best friend Edward as of April 2000.  My two sons David, 34 and Jason, 32 both live in Washougal, WA.  I have two granddaughters…Scarlett, 7 who lives in Gerber, CA and Faith, 6 who lives in Washougal, WA with her daddy David.  After living in the Pacific NW for 25 years and then moving back to CA I promised myself I would never move back, but here I am.

Carl (Johnson) Zumwalt – As many of you know, I had a kidney transplant in April of ’01. Give God the glory, He has held me up and seen me thru many bumps in the road. I am reporting that after 9+ yrs., it seems that most all is leveled out. With the exception of the flu now and then, I am doing extremely well. Additional note: my daughter (Jenn) is in the army and currently assigned in the blazing desert of Baghdad. Keep her and her unit in your prayers.
(Posted February 2011)


Dawn Lindquist HolbrookOur son John, is church planting in the Philippines near where he grew up.  Since his graduation from college Tim and I have moved to a small town at the foot of the Smoky Mountains where we hope to stay for a long while!  We love the woods, the mountains, and our church.  I am working in the county hospital where I enjoy meeting local people and becoming part of the community. (Posted January, 2015)

Julie Meller Narducci – is now Director of Alumni Relations at La Sierra University. Unfortunately La Sierra’s Homecoming weekend is the same as Rio’s, so… “Sadly, I won’t be able to catch-up with friends at a Rio Reunion for a while.”
(Posted October 2011)

Steve Reeves – Hello friends and schoolmates, Greetings from amidst the peaceful pines of Feather River Canyon (near Paradise, CA). Lee Ann (Ogle ’78) and I moved here to this quiet mountain spot from Napa Valley in 2000. Next year we’ll celebrate 21 years together and 10 years of marriage. What a blessing! Our lives are full and we try to focus on counting blessings. One of our greatest joys these days is that of being young grandparents (to 3!). We’re also busy with our work: Lee Ann’s bookkeeping practice continues to thrive, and Cruise Club (the nation-wide discount cruise travel agency which I founded with two friends/partners) will celebrate 20 years in business next year. The Lord has blessed the music ministry he called me to a decade ago (www.stevereevesmusic.com) and Manna Records has just released the 5th of 7 albums that I signed with them to record. When we’re not busy with work, music and visiting kids/grandkids, we love to travel (mostly by ship, of course), boat/swim/waterski on nearby Lake Oroville, and spend time at the coast in the RV. It’s been a long time since Rio, but those years and the time with our schoolmates will always own real estate in our hearts. We’d enjoy hearing from you if you’d care to write (feel free to send an e-mail through the link on the website). Wishing you God’s rich blessings.

’77 Ben Hamel – Is living in Harbor Springs, Michigan. I’ve been working as a nurse for over 20 years. August 22, 2014 I lost the love of my wife, Tamara June Hamel. She was a dentist and we had nine wonderful years together.


Link to Class of 1978 Website: http://web.mac.com/jgbeitz/classof78/Welcome_.html

Cindee Andres On a typical day like today, I ran the business taxes, ordered pig semen, bred a couple of goats, negotiated sales on 2 cars, took my youngest child to her PSAT testing, bought a bathtub, tiled a bathroom, and took my son and his fiancé out to dinner.  I also talked with 2 of my 3 out of town kids who are busy growing heart cells and dancing ballet.  Just a typical day hiding out in Southern Oregon.  May all your storms bring rainbows. (Posted January, 2015)

Gary Arnold – My family & I have been invited to a little town above Marysville, Ca. There is a lot going on in this town that we want to take part in. (Health retreat, home schooling, and other events plus country living. My is family already Expresses enthusiasm.

John Battenburg, is Head and Professor of the English Department at the American University of Sharjah, in the UAE. He is on leave from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA where he serves as Director of International Education and Programs and Professor of English. His wife Miranda is Resident Director for CIEE, an international consortium for study abroad at the American University of Sharjah, and he has three children in college and in high school.
(Posted October 2010)

Tom Nivison – I graduated from Milo but spent more time at Rio so I consider Rio my home school. Lived in Santa Clara County most of my life then moved to Citrus Heights, CA four years ago. I’m single. I’ve worked for Hewlett Packard for 28 years. My son Robert is 27, my daughter Nicole is 24, both live close and are among my best friends. My hobbies include racing autocross, anything on the water, 4 wheeling, camping, hiking, biking, snow sports and riding Harleys. I used to lead a couple different nonprofit groups but now I prefer to just participate. I love Rock and Country Western music and dancing to country is a definite passion. I attended Rio ‘76/77 and part of ‘77/78 and would enjoy hearing from anyone that attended the same time. Life is great! I hope yours is too


Jeff Badger – After 16 years of service to Central California Conference’s Soquel Camp Meeting Grounds, my wife Debbie and I bought our first home and moved to Evergreen, Colorado, located west of Denver up in the rocky mountains at 7500′ elevation. I am working at the historic Georgetown Loop Railroad, a steam powered tourist railroad in the gold and silver mining district of Clear Creek County. I am the shop superintendent and a locomotive engineer. http://www.georgetownlooprr.com/ Debbie is currently attending nursing school in Denver and we will be celebrating 30 years together this October. Soquel is still in good hands with my sister Jannell (attended Rio in 1980) and her husband Todd Gallemore as managers along with our youngest son Jeremy and his wife Megan as assistants. I look forward to hearing from my classmates and friends and our upcoming 35th Alumni in a couple years. Blessings to you all.

Jackie Martin – My daughter, Brooke (now 30), and I have moved back to Willits, CA. Both of us were laid-off in 2010 and were unable to find jobs in the Sacramento area; however we did start a house cleaning service there and worked way too hard for a year cleaning other people’s houses (NEVER again)! After much prayer and struggling, we decided to move back here with family. Within the first two weeks we both landed good jobs! God is good! I am working at a fuel company, doing my usual bookkeeping/ accounting work. I guess everybody will need gas for quite awhile, so this job should be safe. It’s not a Christian company, so this is a challenge for me: to show everyone God’s love and grace without being in-your-face about it. Already, after two months, the swearing is less and I’ve never said a thing about it! Just by me not swearing has had an influence on the other employees. Amazing, huh?!?!?! Turned 50 this year. What a shocker! How did that happen and where was I? I still FEEL like I’m 35 (according to my daughter, possibly even 5 some days, but, hey, she’s biased). I now have an AARP card. It does my heart good to know that I do NOT qualify for any other “senior” discounts for another 5 years! God bless for another year ya’ll! (Posted October 2011)

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