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News Notes 1980-1989


Steven Johnson – I‘m still living in Antioch and working at the Public Defenders office in Martinez. It was great seeing everyone at the 50th reunion last year. I’m keeping busy by being the Head Deacon at my church which keeps me busy. See you at Alumni in 2014.
(Posted Nov. 2013)
Gina (Devine) Wahlen – is the new editor of Mission quarterly magazine for Adventist Mission, promoting 13th Sabbath Mission Offerings. She loves traveling and meeting people as she collects mission stories from around the world. Recently, she traveled to the Adventist University in Bucha, Ukraine, where she met with many students, including Anna and Benjamin (pictured). For stories, pictures, and videos, visit www.adventistmission.org
​(Posted Nov. 2013)

CJR Weyhrauch – was married February 11, 2011 to Brenda from Porterville, CA. We enjoy travel to Hawaii, Napa, national parks, and to church. I left the Kiewit Companies where I worked for almost 13 years so I could be back in California. My new company builds power lines throughout North America and I get to visit them all. *Wish I could buy a winery or an apple orchard* I have fond memories of all my friends from Rio and Redwood. “They have no idea how much they mean to me. Hey you guys, remember what we learned here…set that anchor. Life truely is…a vapor”
(Posted October 2011)


Wendy (Davis) Cramer – Things are going good in the Davis Cramer family. I was living in Van Nuys, CA and working for Kaiser until March. I moved back to NCAL and was not there a month before I was back in the L.A. area on a job interview. I have been blessed to be given another job, this time in Los Angeles at UCLA. My husband is still in NCAL taking care of our dog and house, also his mother is in ill health so we felt that he should stay close to her. My 3 daughters are doing good. My grandson will be 8 in October and my granddaughter will be 2 in August. Some of you know that My granddaughter has birth issues, she is doing good, she has her leg braces and she goes in for eye surgery at UCSF for a correction of one eye. If anyone would like to get in touch, I am on facebook. Hope to see you all soon.
(Posted August 2012)

Carrie Knittel – Twins, Amelia Elizabeth and Reese Andrew were born May 21, 2010 weighing in at 3 lbs each to Carrie Knittel and Lonnie Sherman. We live in Everett, WA and would love to have visitors if you’re in the Seattle area.
(Posted February 2011)

Jennifer (Flynn) Keeney – We’ve been living in Southern California since 1996, the last 12 years in Banning. My oldest son is married, but no grandchildren yet, and we have three still at home (16, 18, and 20). I became a massage therapist this year and am having fun working on building my business. I am also studying to become a certified wellness coach, and am enjoying that very much. All this is in preparation for the soon-coming day when my mothering skills will no longer be needed on a full-time basis and my nest will be empty. I always enjoy hearing from \”old\” friends, and invite you to look me up on Facebook. Blessings!

Shari Nash Smoot -In June, 2012 we finished our time in Africa and moved back to the US from Kenya.  Living in Nairobi and Nouakchott, Mauritania were fabulous experiences.  Recently divorced, I’m working full time at Andrews University as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of University Advancement.  I’m also taking classes to finish my BS degree.  My oldest daughter will be graduating from Union College in December.  My younger 3 children are at Andrews Academy, one graduating in May.  I volunteer with the AU Junior Cardinal Basketball teams (all 3 AA children are playing this year) and at the local concert hall.  While life has definitely thrown me a curve ball, I still have a positive outlook and believe that everything works out in God’s plan and in His time.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our next honor year — could that really be 35 years?  Not possible!!!
(Posted Nov. 2013)


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Jaime (Robison) Herman – We have moved to Molokai, Hawaii. Our original idea was to help reopen the SDA elementary school that closed a year ago. The conference is not ready for that, so for now we are renting the teacher’s house on the school property. Jeff is working in construction with a local church member. I am staying home with my girls trying to get used to this warm paradise. It’s a little hot for my thick Montana blood. Our oldest, Jessalyn, is a freshman at PUC. Wow, was that hard watching her plane fly away from us!! Now I understand how hard it was for my parents to watch me go away to Rio. Our next daughter, Josie, is a sophomore this year and we are still trying to get her settled into some program here on Molokai. We are not ready for her to go far away, but she is not excited about home study. We are also not excited about the local high school. I’m doing homeschool with my two youngest daughters. Pray for us. Come visit us…We’d love to have company!! See ya, Jaime (Posted February 2011)

Melody Germany-Wilson – I am so excited! My son (Paris Wilson) will be attending Rio this Fall 09/10 as a Freshman. God is truly good and He is working it all out for me. I can’t wait to hear him come home to tell me all about the wonderful things he is experiencing at Rio. Blessings!

Laura (Pettis) Burdick – The kids and I are still living in Lancaster, California. We tried to sell the house last year to move up to Fort Bragg, California but it wouldn’t sell so here we stay. My walk to know Yeshua more deeply has taken us to another church called Oasis Life Changer’s Church. For the first time since graduating college I am truly taking the Sabbath day of rest & doing it on Saturday. We are learning so much & I am blessed to be there. I am still a stay at home mother but stay very busy as all you mom’s know ! The use of essential oils has become a passion of mine. I have become a Young Living Essential Oils distributor, which I love, of course ! I still have so much to learn which is exciting. Since the kids have gone back to school from the Summer break I have started reading the Left Behind series. So much better than the movies. Like many I am closely following what is happening with the U.N. & Israel. I rejoice as Yeshua’s coming draws near. If we are still here April 2012 I hope to see you all at our 30 year class reunion.
(Posted October 2011)


Yvonne Parrish-Levin -My husband Will and I live in Bellevue Idaho and have 6 children all together. We have 6 grandchildren with the 7th due the 1st week or so of November. One fun note: we got 4 baby chicks this May and were going to “just raise them till they were old enough to give to a co-worker.” Well the kids, grandkids and I have had so much fun with them we decided to keep them and they started laying eggs on October 14. Aaliyah, my 5 year old granddaughter, has been the best catcher and tamer of the chickens.  They run to the back door to see if you have a bug for them whenever you open it.  They have been a true joy and live entertainment all summer long. (Posted January, 2015)


Rene (Hicks) Williams – My husband, Wayne and I still live in Dorena Oregon. Both of us work for the hospital in Eugene which is about 40 minutes from the house.We have a mini farm with chickens and lots of fruit trees, I love to paint and can fruit in my spare time. I also volunteer with a 12 step family support group, it has been really wonderful to see the changes in someones life. The past 30 years has been full of up and downs I am thankful for the wonderful friends and staff at Rio for their love and support.

Scott Griswold – Julie and I are still here in Thailand, enjoying life and a chance to help out. Our children are now 17, 14, and 6 along with 23 year-old Cambodian Rotha who’s been like ours for 14 years. I direct the Global Mission Buddhist Study Center. If you want to check out some of what we’ve been involved you can look at www.BridgesforMinistry.org. I’d love to hear from any of you. Our email is The days at Rio were some of the most special in my life. We have a great class with very special people!
(Posted February 2011)

Rene (Hicks) Williams – In 1993 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on June 1 2009 I had gastric bypass surgery, now I am 95 lbs lighter, and the diabetes high blood pressure and high cholesterol are gone. I went from 13 different medications to none. God is so good. My husband and I are enjoying life in Oregon. Hoping to see everyone soon.
(Posted February 2011)

Scott Griswold – We’ve gone from Thailand’s tropical beaches and mangoes to the snowy fields and blueberries of Berrien Springs, Michigan.  It is a bit of an adjustment!  I am now working as associate director for ASAP Ministries, the organization that supports development and gospel work in Southeast Asia that we first went out to Cambodia with.  We are involved also with refugees in America.  We have four children at four stages–elementary, high school, college, and married!  I would love to hear from old friends.  You can contact us through either of our websites; asapministries.org or reachtheworldnextdoor.com  Hope to see you at the 30th–2014!


Cliff Martin – Not a lot has changed with me… I’m finally turned the pages of my book of life. My life as an Ironworker has ended due to my neck injury back in ‘04. I am now the Operations Director of a Lock & Safe company located in Nor-Cal.. Our youngest just turned 7 and my oldest has turned 18. My how time flies… I can’t wait to catch up with all my Rio Family at Alumni this year. It’s been 25 years already… Hope to see everyone from ‘85 there.
(Posted February 2011)


Robert Boggs – joined the Army in 1988 and was active for several year. I moved to the National Guard for a few years, but when 9/11 happened he went back in the Army and have been active ever since. I have completed three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. My work with the Army was primarily transportation, but now that I completed my Bachelors degree in Accounting in 2010 and am now working in Army Finance and living in Calexico, CA. I will be retiring from the Army in a couple of years. I am married and have three daughters. The oldest is a sophomore in college and the youngest is 10 years old. I’ve missed the last couple of reunions, because I’ve been deployed. Hope to make it next time around.
(Posted August 2012)

Tim & Andria (Soulis) Graham – Tim was just accepted into University of Kansas, Lawrence, School of Engineering, Aero-Space Engineering program where he will work on a simultaneous BS/MS with an eye to going to work at NASA when he grows up 🙂 Katie is five now and she and Andria are starting Kindergarten at home in Topeka this year. Don’t know that we will get back for Alumni weekend, between work and school it’s hard to get away in April. We are both on Facebook (with over half the rest of the class of 1986) and really enjoy renewing old friendships there, although Andria is on WAY more often then Tim 🙂 feel free to friend one or both of us and find out way more than you ever thought you might need to know about us and the most photographed child in the world 🙂

Minako Suzuki Ibukuro – Hello class of 1986 I’m here in Japan. I’d like to contact my best friend and roomy Julie J. Help! I miss you all ! Please contact me.

‘86-Mike Mesnard-From the Editor: Met Mike at Oshkosh Camporee this summer where he was representing Union College in the teen area. Mike is still working at Union College teaching humanities and communication. His wife Michele and he have a 15-year old son, Ramsey and Mike is currently working on a kids music program called Mighty Magic Pants, which is fun positive music for kids: http://www.mightymagicpants.com/ (Posted January, 2015)


Chares (Cassidy) Osadchuck – We just moved to Toronto Canada the first of the year to pastor a lovely church with lots of cultures, mostly Jamaican and Russian. After ten years in East Texas, God answered our prayers for a good SDA school and church, and learning how to like snow after being “spoiled” in the mild California and sunny Texas weather. We can rise above our circumstances when we put our trust in Him, and that he’s promised. Psalms 33:21, 34:22. Karis enjoyed her 20 year reunion in 2007 and greets all those who didn’t make it. Come on over guys for the 25th , if the Lord should tarry, it was a wonderful, inspirational time of heavenly reconnecting. Well worth the effort to get there in seeing old friends and a current generation of committed staff, students and families. Keep close to Jesus it can’t be long now.

Wendy Wareham Clemente – My husband, Ron, and I live in San Diego, where I teach lower school music at La Jolla Country Day School. We have two kids — Clara (12) and David (7) — who are both as crazy artistic as can be. I recently finished my masters in Music Ed through Boston University, and my husband just returned from a 14 month deployment to Afghanistan with the US Army Reserves. We just moved to a new house, and are happy to be settling into a family routine again. God has blessed us so much — two healthy kids, a safe husband, and for me, 18 successful years of teaching! Many blessings to all!
(Posted January 2010)

Jodi (Lemon) Campbell – In 2005 I began teaching nursing clinicals for Southern Adventist University. I also attended there and was working on my master’s for nursing education. In 2008, I married Harry Campbell. He is a CRTS assistive technology professional, helping handicap and special needs clients with custom power chairs and other assistive devices. Five months after Harry and I were married, I was injured lifting a patient. It left me unable to finish my degree or work in the profession I love. I had an EMG done to determine where the pain in my back stemmed from and discovered that I had a very rare genetic neuromuscular disease. The whole situation has been complicated and my health has declined considerably. I will never be able to work again. Even though I cannot work for a living, I am “active” for our church here in Cleveland, Tennessee. I am the Personal Ministries Leader and Community Services Director and also play the piano from time to time. Harry and I have two beautiful daughters. Samya is 18 and attending SAU for nursing. Kaitlin is 16, and a Sophmore. They are both beautiful inside and out and excellent students. More importantly, they love the Lord and desire to serve Him. I have very fond memories of Rio and the people I met there. I would love to hear from anyone whom I attended school with. God bless, Jodi
(Posted February 2012)

Kim (Nixon) Vieten – In January of 2011 my family and I moved up to Tillamook, Oregon. (Yup, it is where they make the cheese.) I am currently working at the hospital in the Rehab department. I do physical therapy in outpatient primarily, but also go upstairs to do some frequent inpatient assistance. Our oldest daughter, Lacey just turned 9 on 3/9 and she currently is in 3rd grade at the little SDA school here. Our youngest, Sarah is 5 and loves her private homecare. She will start kindergarten next year. They both love hikes at the beach and the outdoor activities that we can participate in here. My husband, Richard also works in Rehab at the hospital. This is the 3rd hospital we have worked for in Adventist Health and we are really enjoying it. We live on 14 acres with our 2 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats with the Tillamook River going through out back yard. Due to moving and now trying to sell our house in Willits, CA, I will not be able to attend Alumni this year. It will be my 25th and I was looking forward to it, but we just can\’t do it. I would love to hear about it or even hear from anyone that gets to go or even gets to read this. I hope you are all doing well and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great year!
(Posted August 2012)

Cynthia (Pfeiffer) Walker – We are currently living in Tillamook Oregon. I have been married for 10years, and we have 2 boys, 9 and 10. I am employed with the State of Oregon working in Corrections. Eventhough I work in a very challenging field, I am still able to bring God with me. My husband is a Commercial Electrician and a foreman for windmill companies throughout the US. Our two boys were able to accompany their grandparents to Gladstone and Redwood campmeetings last year and this year. They will be attending a Christian school this year in grades 4 and 5. It is just so amazing how the Adventist world is so small. It seems like where ever we move, we already know someone. God Bless
(Posted October 2011)

‘87 Phroncheska (Thurman) WarmkesselI am currently living in Hornbrook, California and attending church in Medford, Oregon with several other alumni. My oldest son and my daughter live in the area and we are all very active in our church. All three of us are involved with the Pathfinder club as well as the annual VBS program. Kayla (attended Rio ’09-’10) is also involved with the social committee and helps teach the Primary class. Kristopher is a church deacon and assists with the church’s audio needs. My youngest son, Kody, lives in Nevada with his father but is very active any time he comes to visit. Kayla and I also are a part of the local Adventist choir and are gearing up for our annual Christmas concert. (Posted January, 2015)


Kara (Lindsley) Claridge – Married with 2 kids wife, mother, Pathfinder Director & Ceres Church secretary.
(Posted February 2011)

Karen Gomez Vega – God is really blessing us. We started a non profit organization-Ocala Autism Support Network, Inc. 2 1/2 yrs ago. We provide free autism services to families. We have been meeting at our church, restaurants, and bowling alleys but thankfully received funding to open an office and look forward to opening our doors very soon! We hope to raise more funds to open an autism center in the next 5 yrs. Two of my sons have autism and have been the inspiration for the work we do (my friend and associate director has a son with autism and another son with Down’s Syndrome). If you are interested in following the work we are doing-please “like” our page on Facebook (search for Ocala Autism Support Network). (posted Nov. 2013)

Lysa Wright – I have wonderful news! The infection I was struggling with for 3 years, in my brain, is finally healed! After 3 brain surgeries (the first for tumor removal), I am finally cured, and healing well. My hair is growing longer, again, and my strength is returning. Praise God!

I have moved, now, to Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg, and got a job working for Deloitte. I love my job, and the area where I live. The kids (Thomas 15, Becky 13) are having fun doing online school. There are many things to be thankful for, and I AM thankful.

Lysa Wright – I’m going back to school for a bachelors degree in medical imaging, starting with prerequisites this spring. Would love to hear from you all!
(Posted January 2010)

Colleen (Labadie) White – I married to James White, PhD on February 13, 2009 in Maui. We also welcomed our baby girl, Charlotte Marielle on July 23rd.

Carol Putz Zinke – My kids are growing up fast, this year I have 1 in college, 1 in high school, 1 in Jr. High and 1 in elementary. As a single Mom, life is always busy. I enjoy visiting with my classmates on facebook.
(Posted October 2010)


’89 Laurie (Franklin) Parson – I received my Master’s in Nursing from Ball State University in December 2012 and am currently an Assistant Professor in the Nursing Department at Pacific Union College.

Lana (Munson) Young – From the editor: Met Lana and her family at Oshkosh Camporee this summer. They are living in northern Idaho with their kids; 4th and 6th grade and Lana is currently working as a nurse practitioner. (Posted January, 2015)

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