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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Based on guidelines from our county (Sonoma) and state (California), we have outlined the steps that Rio Lindo Adventist Academy is taking to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff this school year. This reopening plan has been approved by our school district superintendent (Northern CA Conference) and the RLAA school board. We are currently optimistic and moving forward with plans to welcome our students back on campus in August. 

*NOTE: Covid 19 guidelines and regulations change, sometimes weekly. While we have expended effort to be as comprehensive as possible, there is no way to anticipate all possible circumstances that we will encounter this year. RLAA administration and staff continue to make plans for all areas of campus life. We will never achieve a “final” or “complete” list of rules and regulations. As the year progresses and we encounter new guidelines from federal, state, and county agencies we will update this plan.  When a major change is made, we will notify all parents immediately.  For minor changes, we will simply update our plan which will be available on request. 

The main components of how Rio will look different using this plan are listed below.

  • Everyone will wear masks in all common areas.
  • Temperature checks and health screening will be required each morning. 
  • Maintaining 6 feet space between individuals as much as possible. This includes in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and common areas. 
  • Increased disinfecting of all frequently touched surfaces.
  • Cafeteria – Food and drinks will no longer be self-serve. Food service workers wearing masks will serve individuals who will wait in line spaced 6 feet apart. Cafeteria capacity will be reduced with tables spaced out and students will sit at opposite ends of tables. 
  • Athletics – Rio will conform to all CDE and California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) sports restrictions and game/team safety and hygiene protocols. PE classes will be conducted outside whenever possible, locker rooms/shower use will be minimized, and students will maintain six-feet distancing. At this time, contact sports are considered high-risk and are restricted. 
  • Visitor Policy – In order to protect our students, we will be modifying our visitor policy. 
    • Day student parents should drop their student off and avoid interacting with other students and staff. 
    • All visitors must check in at the front office in the Ad Bldg wearing a mask.
    • We are requesting that families please limit their visits to campus. We enjoy seeing families and know that they are an important part of our community, however at this time we have to discourage frequent visits in order to protect the health of our students. Please limit student guests to immediate family members and all guests will need to wear a mask while on campus.
  • Home leaves – Our students come from all over California and beyond to attend Rio. Any time they leave they will be returning to many different communities. In order to minimize risk, the fewer times that our students travel to their hometowns, the safer it will be for students and their families.
  • Distance learning – Our teachers are preparing to switch to distance learning at any point necessary during the school year.

Please rest assured that the safety of our students is our highest priority. We have already started purchasing supplies and making modifications on campus to minimize risks. We care deeply about our students and will follow applicable guidelines in order to ensure that we can have them back on campus safely. We are so grateful for your continued confidence in our school.

If you know of other students who are concerned about their education this year and would benefit from attending Rio, please let us know. We would love to talk with them about what Rio is doing and see if Rio is a good fit for their student this upcoming school year.

If you would like to see our entire reopening plan, please email us.