(707) 431-5100
(707) 431-5100

Connie Schlotthauer

Chorus / Lindaires / Orchestra / Handbells / Drama
Ext. 133


Mrs. Schlotthauer is Director of Performing Arts at Rio Lindo. She graduated from Rio as a four-year student, finding her love of music during her high school years. Her experience at Rio as a student was very positive and she feels honored being here as a teacher, sharing the joy and power of music with her students.

Some of her favorite things are the Redwoods, ocean, listening to music, and chocolate chip cookies. She loves getting Chai tea and driving out to the ocean with her husband, daughters, and granddaughters and hiking along the beach.


  • M.A in Music Education, B.A in Music Education, Level lll Orff, Level lll Kodaly