(707) 431-5100
(707) 431-5100

Jonathan Rios

Assistant Boys Dean, Soccer Coach
(707) 547-7016


Dean Rios serves as Rio’s Assistant Boys Dean. No one knows Rio like Dean Rios knows Rio. (Say that ten times fast!). Dean Rios graduated from Rio in 2014, after he studied as an international student from Mexico. Through the ESL program, young Jonathan learned English and grew in his musical abilities. Now, nearly a decade later and a college degree in theology under his belt, Dean Rios is excited to serve and give back to the community that taught him so much. One of the things that inspires Dean Rios is knowing that the young people here at Rio are the present and the future of our church, country and even world. What they learn here has the power to impact and change the church/country/world. Dean Rios helps out with all aspects of dorm life and enjoys building strong supportive relationships with the young men. He also coaches soccer and lends his guitar skills to the praise ministry.

If you know Dean Rios, you can usually find him making music on his bass, guitar, or voice. He loves worshiping with others and practicing his instruments. Dean Rios is an avid soccer fan and will never miss seeing a game played by his favorite team, the Mexico national soccer team.

“I love seeing young people encounter God and develop a closer relationship. There’s nothing that makes me more excited than seeing a young person on fire for God and wanting to get closer to Him,” says Rios.


  • B.A. Theology