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Josh Carpio


“It’s my own little escape from reality, my safe space,” Josh Carpio says.


Josh Carpio is no stranger to Rio. Graduating in the class of 2012, Mr. Carpio continued his education at PUC then moved to the northwest to work. During a visit to Rio, Mr. Carpio was offered a job and took it as a joke before realizing that this was exactly the place that he needed to be. He eagerly accepted and has been here ever since.

Almost every time you see him, you’ll see Mr. Carpio with a smile on his face. He maintains the landscape, lawns, and bushes and keeps the campus looking like a vision of heaven. He has traveled the world but the campus’s beauty still takes his breath away.

One of Mr. Carpio’s heroes, former grounds manager Mr. Larsen once told him the story that a student described falling in love with Rio after walking around the campus. He understands that the value of his work is priceless and takes great pride in that fact.

“If I do everything right, no one will notice which is perfect,” says Mr. Carpio.

Mr. Carpio also oversees student workers and teaches them how to find purpose in labor. He enjoys this age group as they bring fresh perspective and appreciates the opportunity to help kids get on the right path through encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Josh Carpio is a down-to-earth individual who likes to have fun when he can and enjoys his time at home and spending time with his family. He is quick to laugh and slow to anger. He really goes out of his way to help anyone, anytime. Mr. Carpio is a cat person, owner of Willow and Mead.


  • B.A. Education